Hear Buzz Aldrin tell the story of the first moon landing

I am Buzz Aldrin. And I was the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 11. Five, four, three, two, one, zero. All engine running. Liftoff! We have a liftoff. 32 minutes past the hour. Liftoff on Apollo 11. Tower cleared. Roger, Eagle’s undocked. Roger, how does it look? The Eagle has wings. Rog. Looking good. Roger, Neil. Everything looked normal when we separated. Little communications problems with Earth. But then when we got to the point of lighting the engine for powered descent. Eagle, we got you now. It’s looking good. Over. Roger, copy. Neil said I think we might be a little long. Well, how could he tell that? He had some lines marked on the map, and looking at the watch, or clock that we had, we
were. We get to a point looking down where we’re going want to yaw around. And let the landing radar begin to correct the knowledge that the computer had of exactly
what the orbit is. Eagle, Houston. Have to yaw around. Angle, S-Band pitch minus niner, yaw plus one eight. And shortly after that happened we began to get some program alarms. Give us a reading on the 1202 program alarm. Which interrupted the displays. Now the displays to the crew from the computer were pretty basic. There were three registers of a lot of numbers. And you had to know what each one of those meant. But now they were blanked because we had this program alarm. And so we asked Houston what the problem was, if we’re still go on that. After a few minutes they came back and said, Roger, we got you. We’re go on that alarm. We continued down but it tended to distract a little bit but we were still a good landing trajectory. As the lander gets down to about 500 feet. The commander, nobody has ever really maneuvered and checked the response of the landing craft. And so all the commanders agreed that at 500 feet they would begin to manually control toward what looked like a reasonable landing spot. And everything still appeared to be OK. And I could see, and Neil also wanted to avoid, a crater that was in front of us. Forward, forward. Good. When we were at about 100 feet. Now, Neil is looking out the window and manually controlling and I’m giving him the numbers of the altitude, the altitude rate or descent rate, and the speed over the ground. 40 feet down. 2 and a half. Kicking up some dust. Four forward. And I keep updating with that information. 4 forward, drifting to the right a little. At about 100 feet, there’s a light that comes on that’s the Fuel Quantity Light. And about that time the capsule communicator, Charlie Duke, says, 60 seconds. OK, 100 feet, 60 seconds. We better ease down is what I’m saying. But I don’t want to disturb Neil by saying ‘hurry up, hurry up.’ Lights on. A little further, 30 seconds. But we’re 10 feet. I figured we got it made. When the landing gear is just about to touch, there are probes that come down about five, six feet. And as soon as they hit the ground they will bend. It’s supposed to bend. And that sets a microswitch and it lights a light in the cabin, and that’s when I said, Contact light. Of course Neil is looking out the window and controlling it, but that’s the first indication of actually touching down. And then we actually touched down with the four gear and I call out a few things that we need to do like shut off the engine. OK, engine stop. We copy you down Eagle. Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed. Roger, Tranquility we copy you on the ground. You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We’re breathing again. Thanks a lot. So we touched down. And I think the estimate, not because somebody put a dipstick in the fuel to see how much was left, but it was calculations and information onboard. We probably had about 15 seconds of fuel left. OK, Neil, we can see you coming down the ladder now. There’s really no place on earth that we could simulate a gravity of one sixth of what we have here. So there really wasn’t a great simulation. Because of that we were scheduled at the bottom of the ladder to just hold on and sort of see what it was like under the gravity. Okay I just checked getting back up to that first step. It’s uh, this side hasn’t collapsed too far. Neil went down first and he did things and I could see him through the window. OK, I’m going to step off the LM now. He had no trouble at all just moving around. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. So I knew that there wasn’t gonna be any trouble for me to move around. About a three-footer. Beautiful view. So, we proceeded on. Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon. July 1969, AD. Walking was relatively easy. I demonstrated several means near the end of our stay on the surface in front of the TV camera. And that was planned up here, if we had the time. And it looked to people back on earth as if I was just having fun but I was really doing something for people to observe the ease of mobility. So we went through the countdown. And. When the call came from Earth You’re cleared for take off. I had planned ahead what I was going to say. Roger, understand, we’re number one on the runway. Now, when the lunar module takes off it’s about 1g. But that’s six times the gravity so we leave pretty, pretty rapidly. The ascent engine is fixed, so it’s a rather sloppy feeling, but it’s what’s expected, there was nothing wrong. And when the engine cut off we were in a good orbit.


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  • Another perspective: @

  • Uncle fairytale.

  • Come on, isn't it sad that Michael Collins, the 3rd member of Apollo 11 crew, didn't have the chance to walk on the Moon? How would you feel if the other 2 walked on the Moon but you didn't?

    Also, the reactions of Armweak and Bozo were very uncharacteristical for people — especially American — who supposedly made such a big step in the name of humanity — no joy at all but rather some stupid phrases instead. I would expect screaming, crying, and rolling on the floor. Oh, they were emotionally strong, serious, self-controlled, cool people …

  • Damn Propaganda …Science Museum, my snow white ass….Liars and decievers on the masses….

  • Another fun fact. JFK's homosexual lover was named LEM.

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  • The deception. “The Moon flies through Earth’s atmosphere,” says Igor Baliukin of Russia’s Space Research Institute, lead author of the paper presenting the results.

    “We were not aware of it until we dusted off observations made over two decades ago by the SOHO spacecraft.”

    The space shuttle and the International Space Station both orbit Earth within the thermosphere

    Which means thats why they practice in pools of water because we live in water vapor not a vacuum of bullshit. You train in the environment you will be exposed to. Look at the vacuum chamber and there doors not this thin flimsy tin cans of modulular NASA crap.
    Then the moon reflecting it's light, awfully not bright enough and where is the water? After all the moon pulls water vapor and vapor condenses into pools of water above which means an upside down ocean or dome aka exosphere.

  • Always drunk ! I met Buzz who looked liked like Light years away from being sober at the Shipwreck restaurant in NJ he responded yes there is aliens, back in 2007 on the Howard Stern Show he said No there are no Aliens or UFOs but Buzz was absolutely sure there are Aliens when he came back from the moon… Buzz is all over the place and I decided that he knows the truth ! There are Aliens

  • Awesome!

  • Buzz IS FULL OF BS. NASA and it's moon missions WERE ONE GIANT LIE TO MANKIND

  • Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

  • 3:55 look how he presses his fingers in his left hand. He's nervous. It's a way he made to restrain his nervousness.

  • Buzz himself admitted to be lying when he said to have seen UFO in his "travel". He's not trustable.

  • We love ya Buzz! A hero always.

  • Cool story bro.

  • I have a question: How did you get the images showing the spaceship landing if you were still in the ship?

  • Liar!

  • If it was 2019: WhY DoEs It HaVe To Be A mAn!? SeXiSt!

  • Buzz: "Ahem, well, you see it's like this… we gets ourselves a soundstage off in some remote area, probably Arizona, we compartmentalize everything pertaining to the 'mission' so that the left hand hardly knows what the right hand's doing, do a mock-up of what we imagine the moon looks like… of course, a lot depends on the lemming-like personality of the American people toward following blindly and not questioning… well, you see where I'm headed, here, right?  By the way, that will be $100,000 for the interview, thanks!"

    Interviewer: "Would you swear to that on a bible, sir?"

    Crickets chirping

    Buzz: "Wanna buy a moon rock, son?"

  • a man with his famous ego a t shirt and old jacket??

  • Hey…..anyone see the kids from " The Explorers" in their Tilt O'whirl fly by @ 9:15?

  • If people went to the cinema to watch Star Wars with the premise of having real space footage, many would believe it.

  • …how many terms do you think Kennedy would've served, had the American public had a say in the equation?

  • Shouting Muteness (Madness) is still coming here with his imbecilic comments. It's quite obvious there's a mental issue with him to the extent he evens clicks his own like button under his brain dead comments. Now that's sad.

  • For anyone wanting to know how to see the Apollo Moon Landing Sites here's how you do it. Download the ACT-REACT QuickMap site first off. Then do a search for the actual Apollo 11 / 12 / 14 / 15 / 16 and 17 landing sites. An excellent site is How to See All Six Apollo Moon Landing Sites – Sky & Telescope. This is one of the best Internet sites that gives these. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has produced astonishing high resolution images of vast areas of the Moons surface.

    I've actually found one of the landing sites as of now. It's the Apollo 15. It takes a little patience and practice but by memorizing the features of the targeted positions you can finally zoom in (maximum) and actually even see the marks the Astronauts have left on the surface and even the LEM base which stands out as it's reflecting sunlight. It's the LEM base that you'll notice first off.

  • These “astronauts” jump and play around like an unaware child. We don’t see someone doing it on the top of a building. “Trained”, not at all. Liars, sure.

  • 😂

  • There are too many idiots here, just for the saké of insulting people that have accomplished much more, than they themselves Will ever do.

  • This is a joke. They based the distance on their "watches"? The "program alarm" blanked the screen? Seriously? It's like an unpaid app with ads. How someone goes to an extremely dangerous place with trash like that? Impossible.

  • They calculated the distance for the landing based on their watches. Madness! Seems like a running marathon in a training camp. What do they think we are?

  • This Fuzzy Aldrin is so comical, the way he tells his lies seems a teacher of kids.

  • Let's look our watches, they will tell we can be landing on the surface of the Moon. Just a sec, mine is too modern, it won't work out, it has to be a NASAs one. Mr. Watch, how long to land on these rocks?

  • Shouting Muteness

    You clearly have less in your skull, than a cockroach. Go and get an Earth-globe. Then take a photo of it from 3 meters. On that photo, you Will see all the Continents of half the globe.Then, take photos from 2 and 1 meters. You Will now see less and less of the Continents, the closer you get, even if you still see the whole globe.

  • Amazing achievement by WONDERFUL NASA

  • How was the gravitational effect on the moon , Mr Aldrin ?

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  • Randomiserad Silicates

    I think it’s all of those things. Plus, that they feel superior in some weird way.

  • They're amazing

  • His narrative is the same as a Sci-fi movie. There are the "difficulties" along the journey but they get it safe and happy to tell the story. It's all fictional.

  • Hmm buzz your so gullible how much they still paying you to tell ya same ol shit story..

  • Any chance of going back these days and proving beyond doubt with the technology we got?. Or is ther a problem with that "Housten"

  • Yea this is all bs nobody has ever been to space the whole idea of space is a 2nd law of thermodynamics violation which means space doesn't exist unless Earth has a container due to the fact gas pressure needs a container that is the definition of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, in this day in age photos and videos can be easily manipulated(they do it all the time in movies and have done it well before the 70s) so all you have to go off of is a free Mason telling you "bruh trust me we went" lmao what a joke

  • One small step for man , one giant leap for mankind ! The statement will be remembered for life !

  • I was very interested to get my son , Aiman to get joint the NASA Agency intending a course in aeronautical science until completed there on to attend trainings in astronautical till he was qualified to become an astronaut at NASA ! The Agency kindly support till success will be much appreciated & remembered for a longer time ! Thank you .

  • Giant lies require giant coverings.

  • Buzz Aldrin: How you can read a liar through his body language.

  • One small step for man, one giant lie against humanity. Nasaholes

  • But there was no visible stars? I call Bullshit.

  • See through astronauts, grainy images, the astronauts said they couldn't see any stars, I call Bullshit.

  • This was shot in area 51, not on the moon.

  • One small step for man, one small step in the studio.

  • There’s an ongoing spiteful and vindictive believers cursing everybody else just because they’re finding the truth about this lie.

  • How to make a lie believable? Make it up with pseudoscience. They will say, “it’s true, it’s NASAs science”. No, just unproven theories as pseudoscience.
    It’s a faith system.

  • It’s all about realities. Just as a schizophrenic sees inexistent things, if one believes it, it’s true! The Moon landings are entirely supported by it.

  • That picture quality of them on the moon is much better then my iPhone

  • The van Allen belts didn't exist back then🙈🙉🙊

  • It Amazes me that people truly believe we went to the moon. When you do your research you’ll realize we cannot even get to the van Allen belt of radiation not humans anyway. If there was anyway to get to the van Allen belt and 69 Shirley we have the technology way more advanced 50 years later.

  • Ole buzzy boy is a Freemason liar. Wake up and realize real lies.

  • Damn , Buzz is a drug lord now.

  • Roger taunquility . . .

  • Jfk got bullet in head in front of police station for veto of operation northwoods domestic falseflag fake terror plot that included blaming russians when nasa blew itself up. Me n my dad at cape kennedy watched apollo 17 launched, no idea who was in it, didnt see it go more than 20 miles. Now my dad is a real jet pilot who thinks hes an astronot on mars with matt damon, my dad is buzzs age. Youtube Ciatube deleted my apollo moonwalk video, actual nasa video of astronot hit on head by studio lighting n camera crew running around without spacesuits, 1.5M views, banned n censored.

  • Freemason No truth here…nothing to see. Okay Buzz…how did ya get passed the the radiation belt and back? Answer….speak up Buzz can't hear ya!

  • Buzz Aldrin here is begging on his knees for you believe it’s all true. That’s why they make this acted “interview” begging you to believe it.

  • So Star Wars also had 6 movies and going to 9. “6 Moon landings” in the studio, no big deal.

  • It’s true ok? Here, look, the “man” is talking about his experience. It’s the proof we have.

  • Why is he always looking at his side, seems someone is prosecuting him. His lies?

  • Good actor and shameless liar!

  • Filmmakers, a team of researchers and pseudo scientists, public relations, propaganda, advertising and marketing, disinformation agents plus a barefaced, then you have NASA.

  • Using the LROC Quickmap I've found the Apollo 12 Landing site. You can even see where the Astronauts have walked around including walking to the Surveyor probe within a small crater. So that's two Apollo Landing Sites I've found so far. The other was Apollo 16. I quickly realised that you need perseverance and patience . The one thing that you soon realise when doing these searches is how vast the Moons surface is. And to see the base of the LEM you must zoom in to maximum (50 metres) The resolution at 50 m is poor but it's good enough to even see the surface disturbance (tracks ect)

  • In a world of mads, sanity is craziness.

  • stop asking Buzz to talk about the moon expedition, his words are preparing his final destiny to the most horrid parts of hell where he is going

  • We only see Buzz vomiting his lies over himself, the camera, the interviewer, the museum… He's made of lies from his cells.

  • They used a very long Telephone LAN line in those days. They was tough in them days, if there was a hole in the space ship, they would plug it up with gum, and keep goin! Didn't worry about no Van Allen Belts, they held their breath! Those were good times!

  • He looks like after moon landing became alcoholic no wonder with those stories..!

  • Who filmed them taking off from the moon ? Can One little camera film them and send the footage back to the space shuttle which is flying off at Mac 1 ? Was that possible in the 60s to do ?

  • Grandpa please dont lie… its ur last chance to tell truth

  • Buzzed on too much Red Bull. Without competition from the Soviets, our space program fell short of our dreams.

  • Fact: retards saying that we havent landed on the moon yet are just envy because they havent learned anything from school and never got to astronomy classes

  • I wish for everyone that doubts the moon landing, to get punched in the face by Buzz himself.

  • 15 sec 0f fuel left if the were running out fuel before they landed so how they got back ? someone please answer that

  • Man I wish we had this amazing technology they had back then now!!!! Buzz is a masonic alcoholic wake up people!!! You HAVE been LIED to!!!!! Wake up!!!😎

  • Those were wishful words (the last comment).

  • A regular human can’t trespass what was taught him his entire life. The brainwash is been done in their parents, they born in the settled system. Schools are an effective machinery draining all the personality.

  • This lie is like a trial, in one side the criminals and the other, the innocents. Criminals will try to distort the reality with fake theories and pseudoscience, but keep being LIES! NASA only lies!

  • This isn’t the 60s anymore. The super American hero doesn’t fit today. The American supremacy is in its last times. Stop with this lie.

  • When you are lying you have to use your body parts to establish the truth…same here.

  • Do you know that the moon is on earth atmosphere now, it wasnt 50 years ago lol ..nor the van allen radiation belt because all Apollo missions went right thru it ..they couldnt see stars from space and you can see them from earth jajajajajaja what a JOKE .

  • Ten Minutes of Lie Stories

  • 😣

  • Believers have all the arguments sustained by NASA. “According with NASA”, NASA did this”, “NASA went there”. It’s a religion to them.

  • NASA tries to confuse us with their theories and pseudoscience to get us in a web of confusion. Just like a spider tangles the victims.

  • Ok.

  • Just found a 'top notch' video of the mighty Saturn V Rocket that had 8 launches out to the Moon sending with it 24 Astronauts, All those launches had three men crews. 12 of whom walked on the Moons surface.

    Type in (UTube Search The Ultimate Saturn V Launch Video with INCREDIBLE SOUND !!!) Then play it with the speakers turned right up or use headphones. You'll get some idea of how shattering the sound of these rockets were.
    It was an incredible achievement of engineering way back in the 60s. An awesome monster of a thing which drives home the fact as to how heroic and , well fool hardy crazy those Astronauts were. All but 2 of them were military personnel. The courage they had to be willing to get into the capsule on top of this beast of a thing when anything and everything could have gone fatally wrong is, even today astonishing. And Buzz Aldrin was and still is one of those crazy heroic men.

  • Just found 'top notch' videos about the fake Moon landings. The ODT TV channels has interesting videos about it. it's a good start.

  • Lies, that's the spirit, the spirit of NASA.

  • Buzz is lying.

  • they are like Columbus even more

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