Harvey’s Hundreds: The Cash Shuffle

– What’s your name? – Marianna. – [Steve Harvey] Marianna, where you from? – Rancho Cucamonga. (audience cheers) Oh my god! – Who are you here with today? – My mom! Hi mom! Hi mom! – All right, you want to win some money? – Yeah! – All right, turn around. Let me tell you how this is going to work. I’m going to put ten
pictures up on this board. One of these pictures is you. All you gotta do is
match these pictures up. Every time you match up a picture I’m going to give you 100 bucks. – Woo! – I got 60 seconds on that clock. You match up all 10 of these pictures, you’re going to walk
out of here with $1000. (audience cheers) All right now, flip them over. Scramble them up. All right, now listen. This is how this works. I want you to call out
two numbers really fast. I’ll flip them over. They match, I’m going to give you $100. – Yes. – If they don’t match,
remember where they are and call out two other
numbers really fast. Every time you get a chance
to call out two numbers, call them out quickly. The more pictures we get revealed, the better your chances
of matching them up. I’m going to be helping you out, the audience is going to help you out. Your time will start after you
say your first two numbers. Go. – Okay, two and five. – Two, five. – Ten and seven. – Ten and seven. – Twelve and five. – Twelve, five. – Six and five. – Six, five. – Two and six. – Two and six. – Okay, one and seventeen. – One, seventeen. – One and five. – One, five. – One and five, okay. Seven and fifteen. – Seven, fifteen. – Okay, yes! Twelve and eight. – Twelve, eight. – Oh my god, oh my god. Okay, twelve and– – Seventeen. – Seventeen and – Seventeen, three. – And three. – I like that. – Yeah! Okay, twenty and eight. – Twenty and eight. – Ten and sixteen. Eight and ten, eight
and ten, eight and ten. Oh my god! Okay, four and fourteen. – Four, fourteen. – Oh god. Four and twenty, four twenty. – Come on, girl. – Oh my god! Eleven and nine. – Eleven, nine. – Oh my god, eleven and eighteen. – And thirteen. – Eleven and thirteen. (Marianna screams) (audience clapping) Yes! – Playing pretty good. She was playing pretty good. Three, four, five, six, seven. All right, you want this
seven hundred and go home? (Marianna laughs) Or you want to try to win eight hundred? And this is how I’m going to do it. Flip over number fourteen. If you match it, if you
match it you win this. If you don’t match it, you lose. – Okay, I’ll go. – You gone go? Sixteen. – Yeah, sixteen. Sixteen. – Sixteen. (Marianna screams) – Yes! – All right, you can take
this eight hundred and walk, or you can match up the last two. If you match it, but I’m not
going to flip over nothing. – I’m going to walk away. – You’re going to walk away. – Yeah. – Eight hundred, that’s the way to go. You got eight matches. You just won eight hundred dollars. Thanks for playing, Marianna. We’ll be right back, everybody.

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