Hard Truth: The Boots-On-The-Ground Rule – Dating Filipinas


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  • My wife and I both really enjoyed your video. We have several friends in Thailand who have been hurt being in a long-distance relationship with a foreigner, or who think they are in a real relationship. These are unusual times, where time spent online is considered equal to time spent in person. If you talk to two women, one with a 6 month online relationship, and the other who dated someone for 6 months in person, they will both likely say they have had a boyfriend for 6 months. My wife and I met in person, and dated for a couple years before we married. It’s hard for us to understand the online dating scene.

  • You really can't see someones true mannerisms and non-verbal cues on Skype. There is an entire life that you can't see behind the camera. It is naive to think that it is more than just a pen pal type situation.

  • I have been living the Philippines 4 months this trip, with my first trip January to March this year.

    I had my passport and plane ticket before hitting the DIA and filipinocupid websites. One thing I noticed was that 80% of women on these sites were scammers. I limited my conversations to texting and sharing photos. Seems that video tugs at heart strings.

    I chatted this one woman who said she had a boyfriend in Croatia and that they were in love, etc. I asked when they were last together, she said NEVER!!! It was just a fantasy.

  • You know why the Philippines is still a developing country? It is because caribous don't take their MSF classes seriously.

  • I ended up 8 months of chatting with a man who requires me being a submissive woman, I can't be friend to any other men which is not an issue for me.I dont know if we both wasted our time.i invested so much emotions and connection. it was a full of confusion, soul draining on my part..

  • i live in thailand and thai girls are real savvy about vacationers promising they are going to move to thailand. real savvy. filipina’s haven’t figured this out yet?

  • Have a shot every time he says 'boots on the ground'.

  • Excellent

  • Hence the reason to just meet a pinay after you land….or perhaps the day after you land….lol
    Or in my case…become friendly with a filipina expat ( thailand in my case)… when I move over to the Phils, I'm sure this pinay friend I've known for a few years…..will have a hook up or 2….never hurts to have backups…lol

  • Henry, You are right. I had a distance friendship for a long time until i met her in person. that was the first day that I really began getting to know her.

  • So much wisdom. You've shared this in videos in the past and I'll guess you say it all again because folks are still asking. Thanks for the patience… 😉

  • Hi Reekay! You are the only native american  vlogger I can understand perfectly.(as a guy with only average english skills).Congratulations and thank you for your great Videos.

  • So, what's worst? The guy who chats up a girl over there for years, keeping her hopes up but never delivering; or the guy who comes, impregnates her, leaves, and she never hears from him again?
    There's lots of talk – and videos – of the lousy Filipina scammers, but no one ever discusses the SOB expats. This was somewhat a step in that direction. Thanks Reekay.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are many lonely men in the west who neither the means or intentions to travel to the Philippines. Girls if a westerner hasn’t been to the Philippines to visit you with in 12 months dump him!

  • The guy who had his former friend check out the girl he eventually married shouldn't have done that in the first place. If he really wanted to know if she was genuine, he should have gotten his plane ticket and found out himself.

  • Boots on the ground, It's only fair. .

  • You make a lot of sense Reekay..

  • There are advantages of having instant gf after arrival not waste time on dating site while in the Ph ..

  • Good advice as usual Henry. Thanks.

  • There's NO friends when it comes to woman and money….period ….the guy living the Philippines owes nothing to the dreamer in the states …those are just the facts of life… hopefully lesson learned but tought it , it will be repeated again …

  • You are the first YouTuber I listen to living in the Philippines and I enjoy your videos but I did not take your advice and I did it the opposite way and it is much harder. We talked for about a year-and-a-half everyday on video and I just went for 11 days to visit her. The visit was wonderful everything was just like it was on video but I did do this the hardest way possible by getting on the dating site first. Now I'm in the situation of having to figure out how I can go for an extended. Of time because I don't get paid for the time I took off to go we don't have vacation. I'm a long way from Social Security as well so that aspect has to be figured out but I do plan on living there permanently. Also another thing that makes it hard is I still have one child that's four years from being grown so I permanently cannot move there until 4 years from now but I can just visit so I'm doing it a very hard way of doing it

  • I Agree 100% , you have to meet in person, to see if you have a true connection- chemistry, I have talk to girls online for months, then met them in person in the Philippines and in 5 minutes, realized it’s not going to work out, you really need to meet in person ,I believe that 100 percent.

  • All's fair in love and war. Well.. maybe not war. That has some rules.

  • That “friend” was a douche, for stealing his buddy’s gf, but the other guy was also a douche for not meeting the girl. Hmmm.

  • I’m in the very same situation. I would like advise and help is anyone has experience. First I have a business in the US and I can’t leave. I’m in a “relationship” with a Filipina girl and I treat it like a real relationship. She says the same and has me on FB as her BF and profile pic and all that. I’m not crazy to think the situation doesn’t have its pitfalls. I’m aware they can only have so much of a connection and they can only put their life of for so long and they can’t pass up opportunities while waiting on you that might not happen. So I expect there might be some loyalty early on but it won’t last it it drags out. Also I realize they could be looking for other opportunities for the start. I understand that and would do the same in their shoes. I don’t want to know about it but I realize it could be the case. But I also realize they wouldn’t keep in contact with you if they still didn’t prefer what you had to offer they just can’t put all their eggs in one basket when so many foreigners never show up.
    With that said, I want to bring her to me in a couple months and she is seriously all in from what she says and I believe her. Does anyone know the process on how to go about this? She doesn’t have a visa so that will need to be taken care of and I’m not sure the best way to handle that. Then there is flight. What’s the best and cheapest way to fly her to East coast of the US? A quick glance says its minimum $2000 range for round trip. One way doesn’t change price much. Is it cheaper to buy in her end than mine? How hard is it to get a permanent immigration visa or what’s the best way to go about making this happen? We have talked a little over a month all day every day and mostly video chat. I don’t think it’s a scam because the encounter of time and the little I have sent suggests it’s unlikely to be a scam but that possibility is always there. You can only know someone so well long distance. So I would rather not just send her lots of money to trust she will do the process on her end. Fact is until they make a commitment or investment in the situation the possibility of a scam is always there. Until she comes here(commitment) that possibility is there no matter how unlikely it seems and how great things are going. Anyone have advise on how to go about the visa situation, immigration situation, and travel situation, or just advice in general I would greatly approximate it! Thank you!

  • Once again, your videos are well presented and soooooo true.

  • I really like your videos!!

  • Great, advise and perspective Reekay. Hence a bird in the hand is worth two or more in the bush. Keep up the good work.

  • Another great vid,,, and conversation topic,,, I think your exactly right on the subject,,, don't be put off with the exceptions tho,,, there will be hundreds contacting you saying about themselves and how wrong your assumptions are,,, but your exactly right,,, when the truth hits home,,,???.

  • One of your best advice videos to date. Absolutely solid advice, not only for the foreigner, but for the Filipina too. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon.

  • I also had a long online relationship with Salma. Problem is she didn’t show up at Jollibee’s in Manila like promised.

  • Romantic love is often overrated.

  • Ladies listen real truth here many of you Filipina waste time waiting for a dude who is never going to ever see you at all . You must see this sooner than later do waste your time with a man if he has no plans life is short ladies. Most guys have child support, still married don’t make enough money, can’t get a passport all they want is short term in between your legs !!

  • Good topic thanks Reekay

  • ReeKay, 💯 …..I have been blessed and do it alittle different….I met my filipina in May on FC…went to meet her in July now today we are waking up in Bangkok headed to Phuket to continue our 2 week vacation. Yes I’m listening to you while on vacation haha. Always appreciate your words and I pray guys take your advice and any filipina listening…..really listen.

  • I think many of these types, have created a fantasy relationship for themselves. Why would someone give these women false hopes, knowing full well they don't have the means to travel to meet them?

  • This explains pretty well. Thank you so much for this sir Reekay. 😊

  • One of your best and most informative videos Reekay. Good for beginners or as a reinforcement to others. Thanks.

  • Thanks for your comments. When is the best time to fly to the Philippines?

  • You are talking to me. I have been talking to one my age for 2 years.

  • the girl wants you to stick to them, yet theres no guarantee they are going to stick to you. more often than not all it takes is another guy throwing money and theyre gone

  • Excellent presentation … I have been through this process and can confirm each point you made and agree completely. Unfortunately I did not have this info prior to my experience..haha

  • I met a young girl in Panglao from Bohol province who just arrived there on a work experience program through her school. I asked her if anyone she knew was dating any foreigners. She said her friend had a foreign boyfriend who was supporting her and paying for her school. I asked if they had ever met in person, she said no.

  • Spot on good advice bro. Common sense should have told ppl this.

  • Yes, Yes,Yes – I totally agree with you and I have made similar comments on other channels. Stay Away from Dating Sites until you are in a position to do Justice and Due Diligence to a Potential Relationship. Be in the Philippines First, before you contact a Prospective Partner. Even if that particular situation doesn't work out, there are other immediate possibilities available and if all else fails – The least you've had is an overseas holiday. Don't lead some poor girl on if you're never actually going to follow through with any understandings or promises. On the other hand, you may very well be not the only person she is "Communicating" with, Especially IF SHE'S PRETTY!!!, pretty women are always "Popular" Anywhere in the World. She could quite easily have at least 1 local partner, with an existing understanding that, If she can hook a Westerner, that local guy will have to go on the "Backburner or outright Get Lost. Be aware of exactly what you are getting in to before you commit or start sending money.

  • Wisdom is where you find it. 30:33 Just because someone got their feelings hurt isn't proof that a wrong was committed. Applies always.

  • The premier expression here is; "Talk is cheap". Hey ReeKay, you and Selma were wearing matching purple clothes ohh what a nice looking couple; – lol ! I been watching your channel for years, nice to see your still at it. Maybe some day in the future our paths will cross and I can treat you for a beer. But, who knows life is unpredictable; – Cheers !

  • Excellent advice.
    I hope the online expat guy you also mentioned in one of your earlier videos has calmed down from losing his Filipina pen-pal to your expat friend that was already in the Philippines. hehe

  • Good point….from a biblical perspective..Jacob waited for 7 years to meet Rachel….of course she was worth it….Hard to find Honesty & integrity in Today's women…Trust issues Surface in Every culture…..Indonesia has marriage material girls.

  • For better or worst, why don't Filipina women just stick with Filipino guys since they are so loving and caring

  • Excellent video…several points well pointed out. Definitelty has given me food 4 thought.

  • Aaahh Hmmm I do not know how to say this politely – But YOU are worth more than $35 an hour consult fee. Great fact scenarios setting up the problem and a high definition analysis and with a solution, a specific course of conduct outlined, keep up the good work you do and I know a medical biller that you might want to hire. 🙂

  • I'm very greatful for this one! I'm 1 1/2 months way from taking my first trip to the Philippines. I've been struggling with many of the issues you touched on, the kind of person I am, my feelings and emotions and what to expect from the young lady I'm expecting to meet. Stringing her along for so long was so inexcusable! Thank you for all the good advice you've shared on your channel. This vlog in particular was very timely and useful to me.

  • Not only is it unreasonable to have her wait two years or never, It's cruel! Really shows the quality of what the guy is all about. Salamat Reekay!

  • Good stuff…more than stuff……much food for thought s

  • Fellas,
    Once again, Henry has hit this one out of the park. Boots on the ground shows her you are serious. IF you are a GOOD man, you can easily FIND a GOOD Filipina. So don't start the process if you are not ready to pursue it to the end. I chatted with my wife four months before we met face to face. Three years later, we were married. As Henry said in one of his videos, "They are ready to give you their loyalty, their faithfulness, their love, their care, 'til your dying day." These GOOD Filipinas are the majority of the ones you can meet when you are boots on the ground. I am truly a blessed man.

  • Reekay, I agree with you 100 percent. When I was in my 20s I spent time talking on the phone with a woman I had never meet. After a week or 2 she was telling me that she was in love. She got upset with me because I told her I do not believe that I could ever fall in love with someone who I had not meet in person. Needlessly to say this was not well received and we did not move forward. I do believe that it would have been wrong for me to say anything else but how I truly felt. Take care of yourself and try to have fun, also always be true to yourself.

  • It really seems obvious yet it needs to be said because so many people do not live in reality. If you are not actually committed to someone then why should they be committed to you.

    This also applies to after you date for a reasonable amount of time. If you are not willing to commit to marriage with someone then don't be surprised if they move on. If you think that you are just as committed to someone you are not married to and nothing would change after you are married then why not marry them? It, in fact, is actual proof of the commitment. Unless of course you are just leaving that one option open. Translated that means you are not totally committed.

  • The " hard truth " hurts.

  • Very well said my friend

  • Any guy that chats to a woman from the other side of the world on the internet for months or years thinking the woman should be staying loyal to him really needs his head seen to the one between his ears. It would be naive to think how she should be so loyal and committed to some stranger on the internet she has never even met he may well be taking care of her financially at the same time there will be a Filipino guy taking care of her other needs and I don't blame her. Good video thanks for sharing.

  • Everyone is completely delusional. "I've been skypeing for 2 years, is she cheating on me?" that's a relationship? or "after skypeing for 2 years my Boyfriend….." Huh?

  • I made it though the whole video — I liked it

  • The other thing is the expat can probably go through a day, a week, a month or more without being confronted with another option. Whereas the Filipina may get "Noticed" or maybe even hit on weekley, daily or maybe depending on where she works – it could be multiple times each day that some expat is chatting her up. So I ask myself if it's even realistic if you are there in person to go around and pee on the bushes to claim your territory?

  • It takes time and personal investment. When I visited the Philippines I finally met someone my last few days of my 30 day visit . I chatted for a few weeks online and the arranged to visit for another 30 days – then another trip for 60 days – then got an srrv visa and arranged to relocate to Philippines – only then did I have her move in.
    And yes in the beginning I was one of a few online boyfriends she had who would visit once a year for a vacation.

  • Great advice. Most guys are chatting with their fantasy. They know they will never go.

  • Half of the online guys that can't visit are married.

  • most times i like your videos but this is like the stupidest one . you talking about people chatting for years without meeting . really both people are screwed in the head . i am in dumaguete and although i am looking to move here . i am not with anyone . basically get your own shit together before looking …

  • Henry , you talk a lot of good sense, always, I agree with you totally and I,ve been flitting around Asia for 30yrs, seen it, done it, paid the price and am still here in Agusan Del Norte.

  • Interesting video!

  • So, in a similar fashion, here's what happened w/me:
    I met a Pinay online. Told her I was coming over to see her in 6 weeks. We'd never seen each other face-to-face. We made plans. In the meantime, she attended some social and a FAT OLD MAN (FOM) asked her to marry him. They became engaged and he gave her a 1/4 carat diamond. BTW, the FOM was a retired USARMY truck driver. I, on the other hand, am a VERY physically fit professional working in a much higher salaried Cybersecurity profession. So, it probably wasn't about the money, beyond whatever threshold she was looking for.
    She never said anything to me… until I arrived; with a 1 Carat diamond in tow!
    So, she tells me then. Even though I said I was "on the way", she didn't trust in that.
    I spoke w/her, an auntie, her mother and grandmother. They were all in favor of her telling the FOM she just made a mistake. She didn't want to b/c she didn't want to hurt him. I tried the angle of his lack of a healthy lifestyle and said to take a LONG look at him, b/c that's fully 1/2 of the genetic material that will go into making her babies.
    Then, I upped the ante. 1st, she has to LEAVE to go to the US to marry him. I told her family, that since I do not have any living family members, that I was moving there. I then offered a 250,000 to 500,000 Pesos wedding party. Said if she did not use all the money, it could be gifted to her parents. Eyes opened and ears perked! Still, she determined that she could not break the engagement. I tried to explain that an engagement does not mean that she BELONGS to him. It's not like he's holding her title.
    Long story short, the family was up in arms, she still married the FOM and left for the states. Now she's not happy w/her choice; she misses her family and only goes back to see them every 3-4 years. While I'm still single, I have been with one of her friends that I met while I was there trying to talk some sense into her. I've been going back and forth from USA<->Cebu for the last 5 years. Getting ready to retire now. Saw "her" the last time I was there and could feel the daggers in my back.
    She got what she deserved: A FOM for a husband and 2 FAT YOUNG BOYS. They just LOVE playing video games w/their "daddy". And yes, I did add salt to her wounds while I was there, with backhanded compliments on how her "beautiful" little boys look exactly like their FOM daddy's mini-me copies!

    And so, not knowing the culture, it's difficult (for me) to say whether or not I was right to even pose that alternate choice to her before she jumped off of the cliff and married the FOM.

    Not only that, but I really still wonder, "BIRD IN THE HAND" or otherwise, would it have been so terrible, or even wrong, if she HAD gone the other direction and told the FOM of her mistake, and then married me? In the USA, engagements are broken all the time. In fact, things can sometimes cause the split right up right up until the day of the wedding.

    Questions, comments… RUDE noises?

  • A Long term online "relationship" or Connection even if they can never get it together can still be a blessing and not a waste of time for her. Many filipinas who are single moms have a damn hard time to find a Partner and Chance is very little. But even many single filipinas who are OFW seem to have a hard time finding a mate in real life. Often the foreigner will support them financially when they need it, I'm not Talking About scams now. Also older filipinas seem to have no Chance to find a mate. I know so many of them and they are so desperate and helpless. Also many filipina moms who are seperated from their husbands and can't divorce him, find it a Blessing to have a foreign online Lover, even though they can't get it together in Person. It is very hard for filipinas even from 30 years on to find a sincere Lover. So for them it's better to be in an online "relationship", than none at all. I'd say.

  • I would like to share my experience with 3 girls a met online . We started chatting up 3 weeks before my arrival in PI. I was so looking forward to meeting them when I arrived. Upon my arrival , 2 of the girls were working for a massage place and were only trying to get me as a customer. The third girl flaked out and didn't even want to meet in person . Turns out my online experience was a fraud and a complete waste of time.

  • Great video! I hope the women that watch this video take your advice. They need to drop the deadbeats they are speaking to and realize there are better opportunities. I am by no means rich but I travel to the Philippines quarterly. Even if you only made $15/Hr, two weeks worth of pay checks is enough to get you over there. An additional paycheck is enough for a hostel or Airbnb, plus spending money to explore for a week. As others have said, "If there's a will there's a way." However, I would imagine that many of these people who string along others are totally content with doing just that. I imagine they just enjoy the thrill of having a person to chat with. Too bad it's usually at the expense of another. Keep up the great vids Reekay!

  • Americans who fail to go to the Philippines fall into three groups (I) Individuals who lack the finances for this endeavor (II) who will NEVER make it a priority to make this happen and (III) who are just not serious. All of these types string these poor girls along. Anyone who asks me about my journey I tell them up front, "It takes money and commitment, if you are not willing to put forth the money and commitment then don't bother" I researched 6 months before I decided to pull the trigger and I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. Once I pulled the trigger I was in the Philippines in 3 months met my girl and now I will bring my fiance to the US. Ths Journey has been 1 year and 5 months and the paperwork and expenses are not over! When asked if it is worth it I always answer "I wouldn't be doing this if it was not".

  • Very well said, great pragmatic advice. It has to be fair for both individuals.

  • “A connection is not a relationship”. Concise way to look at it and I tend to agree with you. For some it produces a high that tends to satify a need they enjoy getting met, but to grow we need to risk being rejected by visiting in person.
    Making a connection is simple, but developing a relationship is more complicated.

  • Very good points! Even after meeting in person give it time…time… and more time. It takes time to get to know one another. Don't jump the gun. You may get lucky, but if you rush it most likely you will be super sorry.

  • A world of respect for this man. He is high class, mature and professional. His presentations are carefully thought through, easy to understand and practical. He deserves to be earning big money as a counselor/instructor.

  • Yes you have to meet in person. Online your just friends if you want it to be more then that. Get off your ass and go meet. I can say 100% there is no need to start looking online untell you have your trip booked and then and only then start looking online. But really the truth is there is no shortage of women, just get there and get out and about you will see.

  • My experiences with online dating a little different. Met 2 girls online. Chatted a week or so(was already in the PI) then I arrived as planned in Davao. Soon as I landed nothing but crickets. Never met either of them. One went to the province the day I arrived and one chickened out coming into town to meet me. Westerners aren't the only time wasters on the dating sites. There are a lot of ladies not really looking to meet, maybe just trying to start an online thing and get money.

  • I agree. Unless, u r physically knowing u will be in th Philippines u r wasting both of ur time, emotions etc on each other. If u don't put a ring on it their is no obligation to another.

  • I started watching Reekay to late, sad to say, I have done everything wrong, I am hoping to be there for Christmas but not sure yet, The past 1 1/2 years The first 6 months I talked to one, I broke it off because of her lies, one year on the 2nd, I have caught her in lies now twice. I no longer feel the attachment that I did before her 2nd round of lies, In a video chat I saw a mans arm, he had on a red shirt, She told me it was the goast of her dead husband, that was her 2nd tall tale but it did sound better than the first. Reekay, How should I get out of it? Yes, I will do as you say, Please keep the video`s coming.

  • We need to import more Filipinas to America.

    I can’t keep taking $4000 business class flights there. It’s expensive.

  • There’s nothing wrong with having an online relationship that starts to grow towards becoming a physical reality.

    The problem is when you have to deal with this bullshit immigration laws in the USA that make it so that you virtually can’t invite someone here on a tourist visa in order to meet them and the only way to realistically bring them here is on a K-1 visa or a modification to a marriage visa.

    The Philippines is 9000 miles away from here and it costs me no less than $5000 to travel there because I fly business class and if I go there I’m going to stay for at least a month which means renting a condo that’s going to cost about $15 per day or a hotel that’s going to cost about $30 per day.

    16 hours of flight time.

    I can’t simply invite them here because the US government damn near refuses to give tourist visas to Filipinos.

    So what does that mean? Unless you are an ex pat who meets of woman in the Philippines and lives with her long enough for her to become your wife and marry you there, it’s extremely difficult to bring her back to the United States of America and marry her here. Furthermore you wouldn’t want to get married until you’ve known her for a while and it’s very difficult to be there long enough to get to know her unless you actually work there.

    Because of these laws and because of the exchange rates it’s simpler for a western men to actually go to the Philippines and they’ve basically turn that place into a meat market.

    Plenty of Filipinos are on line looking for western men and starting relationships with them on line even when they have relationships going on physically in real life. Unless you are there with them in real life it’s a terrible idea to bother to start a relationship with one of them.

  • Speaking from experience, having been functionally poor(lots of debt) and chatting with a girl overseas for a matter of months, if you are serious in your heart about making it a real relationship, you WILL figure out a way to make the trip.  You make arrangements with your job, borrow money from family/friends, sell some stuff you probably won't need in the future, and GO.  In my situation, I took the plunge and went there after 4 months of online chatting(of course, I knew her through some of her family here whom I trusted before starting to talk).  I went there, saw her daily lifestyle, met her parents & family and made a commitment for marriage before I left.  Went back 6 months later, got married.  Came home & filed immigration.  Went back six months later & had honeymoon there in VN.  About a year later went back to bring her to the U.S.  We have been married for over 6 years now & both have the true love of our lives our 2 & half year old son. It was(and sometimes still is) very hard communicating(not just language differences but in perspectives of culture expectations), but it was worth every sacrifice for me…

  • Everything he says is true, EXCEPT if the expat she's chatting with is sending her money; in which case her ass better wait as long as it takes or until the money stops.

  • Reekay, you as usual are right on with solid advice. I met my Asawa through a International Dating Company (a minor miracle) as most of that business is fraud. I sold "Tours" with that company and I told hundreds of clients "Don't write letters to pictures of beautiful women you are not ever going to actually meet! You develop a fantasy about a 'Relationship' you really don't have!" Wait until you are actually in the Philippines and she is sitting in front of you and you have hands to hold and eyes to look into then it is real (or not) but you will know if there is chemistry or not. Until then do not waste your time or her time.

  • “Absence either makes the heart grow fonder, OR go yonder” is what my mother told me many years ago.

  • It’s true and kinda funny how filipina’s change their status based on a chat mate that got serious “online”
    It’s true that the guy had no “dibs” on a girl he met online and the never met in person. That guy basically was a virtual “wing man” for the his friend in PHL.
    Great advice, wait until you get to PHL, stay for a while and really get to know girls, you will see how it is. It’s so funny that guys play this game with LDRs that never evolve.

  • Reekay your boots on the ground caught me off guard but boots on the ground in the US? My Filipina is there I have not seen her yet but was planning on December but now that’s up in the air because I was recently introduced to a good friend of mine his Korean girlfriend who is here in the us has money and her own career her friend wants to meet me because my best friend talks about me and this woman wants to meet me? We have tried to meet before but it was timing. This Korean woman is 28 no kids not Americanized has her own career just bought a please and wants me to come to her friend birthday dinner next Saturday? So as you said about boots on the ground this woman is already here in the US I don’t need to spend any money but I don’t want to hurt my Filipina who I have never seen yet? This woman is set to move in her home December 1,2019 and has told my friend she wants me because she assumes I am like my friend ? So I have a situation on my hand I have reverse boots on the ground here I would not need to worry about finance anymore?

  • I may say, what you have been telling "also" counts the other way around. Nobody is doing wrong talking long time to each other without seeing or meeting in real life. I DO agree real life situations only are REAL potential relations. Boots-On-The-Ground-Rule should be (imo) we can be and want to be "friends" bot not lovers or husband/wife explicit situations. So nobody gets hurt, nobody has to be jealous or whatever deeper emotions. I truly believe all depends on what "both" people communicating really want.

  • I met my girl on line 4 months chatting then went there she met me right away and I was completely lost left my diabetic medicine in the taxie I was just a mess ,didn’t have a clue how to survive there. With out her I would of ?…. I agree with rick on some of this like don’t get connected seriously but do connect with someone to help u get around until you understand your environment.after that then get serious if it’s the right girl. Ps we lived together for 6 months their back home now but I diffently going back she’s like no girl I have ever met u won’t find that here in usa.

  • This happens to me lol i have online ex bf who ive been talking for like a year and a half then im like so confuse if hes really coming or what and then this friend on mine from america which id my ex too told me that hes gon win me back, he pay a visit to me in manila and then i realize i like him so the story short he became my bf and i broke up to the guy ive been talking to for a year and a half did not regret the decision i made

  • boots on ground, sounds like a war

  • Found your channel because I was doing research for my upcoming trip, been watching your videos for days before deciding to finally comment and say keep up the good work. Sadly I only get three weeks vacation a year (and only one week at a time) due to my company's fear of high turnover rate. One day I hope to expatriate somewhere in Asia, but going to take a while at this rate since I've so little vacation time.

  • I think this is a public service announcement that every potential expat needs to hear

  • I thank you I like your videos little long-winded but maybe because it's off the cuff I'm not scripted I met a wonderful Filipino we were talkin for 3 months however I am going to meet her but she will be with me 2 weeks the last two weeks of a five-week trip and she's also wondering what I'm going to be doing the first 3 weeks I made a mistake telling her my complete itinerary making me feel guilty

  • You have some interesting stories. Boots on the ground, good lesson there.

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