Happy Dave Opens a Step-Into-Cash Boot Camp in Antigo

Dave is happy because Dave banks at CoVantage. And when you bank at CoVantage, you step into more cash. Dave heard CoVantage is growin’ and helpin’ more folks save money. So, he decides to open up a Step-Into-Cash Boot Camp for ’em. Here’s Dave’s top-qualified first trainee: Happy Dave Jr. Learning to save early is important. So is learning how to do this. Don’t spend it all on chicken nuggets. Cash boots have an intoxicating effect. Hey, where’s this kid’s mom? If this was a dance battle, well, let’s just say Happy Dave probably wouldn’t be winnin’. That’s one happy cash-boot camper. You wanna step into cash and be a happy guy, like Dave? Maybe you should do your banking at CoVantage Credit Union. Get a CD or somethin’ there.

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  • retarded.

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