Hans wants the Cute Man | Sample Room #2

At Vat19 headquarters. There’s a roomful of products just waiting to be featured in our commercials We call it “the Sample Room” Oh hey Hans, doing a cross promo today? Oh, what you got in the horn? fish broaching, Vinegar on orange Fanta? That’s good, no? No, that’s the opposite of good Hans. You try it, you like it. oh, oh, ah! Smells like pickled Band-aids, how can you drink that stuff? Mine tongue vas replaced, ze Bows and zev war. What war? Ze war on fashion. That’s not a thing Hans… You can’t tell but I’m blinking at you right now. Hans what product do you need? ahhh… ze Cute man. The cute men… you came to the wrong ah club here Hanz. Ze tiny, cute man. ohhhh, the Cue Man! Cute man… Cue man… Cute man… Need to go back to Rosetta Stone on that one. *sigh* Alright… Here you go. Stick it in ze boot. Stick ze tiny, cute men in ze boot. Need to find a different way to say that Hans… Vat19.com


  • *stick it in ze boot

  • Who saw Redford 0:41

  • i didn't really get the rosetta stone part, any help please…?

  • the q man changed colors, from black to blue, also changed position…

  • His accent tho 😻🔥😩

  • It is cute

  • *reads * is Hans gay?

  • Isn’t that Joey Graves?

  • "Stick ze tiny cute men in ze boot" – Hans Gretel 2014

  • Don't let project zorow get you

  • mmm pickled band aids

  • 0:41 did anyone notice redford

  • “My tongue waz replazed” 🤣😂 WTF, How can you get a tongue replacement

  • So hans from vat19 is gay..

  • Hannnnnssssss

  • Tiny CUTE MAN IN the boot

  • it’s official hans is gay and i love it

  • Hans is my favorite vat19 character. Anyone agrees?

  • I see Red Ford in 0:41

  • The CUTEEE men

  • Stick it in ze boot

  • Who saw red ford

  • A

  • Hans is my fav character from vat19

  • Why does Eric have to be the room manager

  • Derrrrrr merrrrrr

  • Hans wants the cute man I'm right here Hans

  • This is my favorite video

  • So is it pz headquaters

  • I think han's can not say cue man

  • He is rocking those magnet glasses

  • The captions are wrong it says CUE MAN instead of Q Man

  • You are soooooooooooooo Cool!.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Heheh

  • Did any body else see Redford in the background

  • R.I.P Eric

  • Why have Ricardo when you can have ze boot

  • When Hans walked in he was gliding

  • Love your vids

  • The intro was adorable 😀
    Eric being a drumer XD

  • Joey is so attractive oml

  • How do u eat that discussing stuff that hanzgrettel drinks?

  • The q man is cute

  • He’s gay!

  • Cute man. They are cute man.

  • There’s a stick man in my boot


  • I was worried it was gay.

  • I mean he sucks in german but im german and i can speak good englisch

  • “Ze Ball of ze boar”

  • The sneak peek of Redford was excellent

  • Its not huns its joey

  • Hans?!?!?!?!?!

  • 0:39 Redford in the back😂😂😂

  • 😍🙃🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😍🙂😃

  • Remember when Eric used to work at vat19

  • Eric he was calling you the tiny cute man

  • In 0:41 I saw Eric, known as Redford!

  • 0:42 did anyone else see Redford?

  • Why do we keep this guy around?
    (Looks outside and sees legion of screaming fangirls)

  • Closest thing we will get to another Hans Greek song

  • 2 percent of the comments are about the vid

    98 percent of the comments are about how hot Joey is

  • Sigh I miss both Eric and sample room

  • My mom always says put the tiny cute men in the boot

  • Put zee tiny cute men in zee boot

  • Eric is the best!!!!!!!

  • We miss you Eric

  • "Stick ze tiny cute men in ze boot"

    Hanz gretal


  • Hans makes me think about wether I am actually lesbean. ;-; Now I'm not sure if I'm lesbean or straight or bi or pan-
    i jUsT dOnT kNoW aNyMorE!

  • Any body see red ferd

  • Stick ze tiny cute man in ze booth
    I sell replays


    Want more? Like ze comment!

  • What’s the currency? It all free lol

  • what type of sorcery is this Hans disappeared instead of walking away If you look at the little crack between the door and Eric's head he doesn't walk passed he just vanished 😱😱😱

  • Vinegar and orange fanta 😂

  • 0:41 Redford

  • did anyone see redford

  • What does stick it in the boot means?

  • Hans is supposed to be German right?

    The accent is spot on 😂

  • Hans is so funny

  • What’s the name of that drink? Vinegar and orange Fanta?

  • 0:41 Anyone else see Redford?

  • Hmm I like hanze

  • when are joey and hans gonna come together

  • He sounds swedish! 🇸🇪

  • Let’s get down to business..


  • Oof

  • Vat19.com, available in ze boot.

  • All we need now is someone named Fritz

  • I just replaced my tongue

  • I miss Eric :c

  • Is hans German? XD

  • You gotta make more of these

  • who saw the pass back football in 0:21

  • In Ze BoOt ThE CuTe MaN GoEs

  • OOO 2019 December recommendations really brings back memories , true nostalgia

  • Es ist einfach lustig wie der Typ wo Hans spielt einen deutschen Akzent nachmacht

    In Englisch: Its just funny how the guy who plays Hans just re-creates an German accent

  • Das good
    Stick in the boot
    I have z german accent

  • Watching this in 2020 😂😂😂

  • 0:41 you can see Redford in the background

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