Hand Sewing Leather How to Hand Stitch Handmade Knife Sheaths with Leather Craftsman Bruce Cheaney

Hand sewing leather you can use nylon or polyester hand sewing thread which ever you like the best the thread i will be using is polyester C.S. Osborne number 517 harness needles hand stitching leather is the best way and is very strong first I hand stitch the loop on the back of the knife sheath I use a C.S. Osborne stitch groover to put a groove in the leather to protect the stitches from wearing out marking the groove so I can hand sew the loop on the back side of the knife sheath I use C S Osborne six inch wing dividers to mark the stitch length which is 3/16 knife sheath clamped into the stitching horse the thread is cut at 30 inches overall length and the needles are attached to the hand sewing thread by running through themselves a couple times C.S. Osborne awl and awl haft for punching the holes find the center of the thread leave a little bit of a loop at the back push the needle through the leather and also back the other thread back so the needle won’t run through the thread once you get going it is pretty much repetition until you get to the end good even steady pull Thank You for watching this leathercraft tutorial on hand stitching and sewing leather Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Thanks

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