Halloween Songs for Kids with Blippi | Trick or Treat Nursery Rhyme

Every 31st of October
there is a day where the people all come out
onto the streets and like to play. All dressed up in customes
in all shapes and every size. It can be a little spooky
but no need to close your eyes. Halloween, Halloween, I just love Halloween.
Halloween! There are so many things
that you can be for Halloween like a fireman or Superman,
or even a gently bean. You can wear a mask,
a wig or maybe paint your face. You can even dressed up like
you are an astronaut in space. Halloween, Halloween, I just love Halloween.
Halloween! Hey, you know me! Yeah, Blippi!
But I’m actually dressed as a construction worker. Do you like my outfit? I love Halloween because you can
dress up as whatever you want! Oh, look!
My friend Shae, wow. He’s dressing up as so many things! He’s going through the same problems
I was deciding what to wear for Halloween! Do you know what outfits those are? Yeah, they are all superheroes! What are you going
to be for Halloween? Halloween, Halloween, I just love Halloween.
Halloween! You can go door to door where some
grown ups and your friends say, “Treat or trick. I’d like some sweets,
pretty, pretty please”. Fill your bag with candy
and tally is nice and full but don’t eat it all at once
or else you’ll be miserable. Halloween, Halloween, I just love Halloween.
Halloween! Trick, trick or treat,
trick or treat, trick, trick. Trick, trick or treat,
trick or treat, trick, trick. Trick, trick or treat,
trick or treat, trick, trick. Trick, trick or treat,
trick or treat, trick, trick. Halloween, Halloween, I just love Halloween.
Halloween! Wow! That was so much fun watching and
listening to my Halloween song with you! I love Halloween because
it’s that one time a year that everyone dresses up
as something fun. And you get candy. I like candy a lot. But make sure you don’t eat tons
of candy at once because like the song said,
“or else you’ll be miserable”. So much fun. Hey, if you haven’t decided what
you want to be for Halloween yet, you can be me! Go to Blippi.com
for my t-shirt and glasses! Or if you like to dress up throughout
the whole year you can do that too. I like playing dress up. Hey parents, if your child
loves my videos you can head on over to Blippi.com
cause this video, along with many others,
are available for digital download. That means you can put on tablets,
phones and watch on the go, wherever, with no cellular data
or wifi needed! Alright, thanks. Bye!


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