H5 Blade: World’s Best Electric Skateboard?

In today’s episode we’re riding the world’s
thinnest electric skateboard the h5 blade from the outside the h5 blade looks like
a regular longboard but don’t be fooled inside this skateboard is a thin
flexible battery that powers motors in the back wheels that’s right this is an
electric skateboard now Electric skateboards have been around for a few
years most likely you’ve seen one in Casey Neistat’s videos but modern electric
skateboards are big clunky and weigh a ton the h5 blade looks like it’s made to
break that trend and be an electric skateboard people actually want to use
let’s take a look at how it does that in the box you’ll receive the 37 inch blade
drop through deck a remote control a t-wrench and chargers for both the board
and the remote the boards deck is made of ten layers of Canadian maple and one
layer of fiberglass in total only 12 millimeters thin which means it’s not
only light but also flexible bending for a more comfortable ride it’s got a 3.5
amp per hour battery which gives you about two to three hours of ride time
per charge and with two 480 watt motors on the back wheels the board can reach a
max speed of around 25 miles per hour as for the wheels they’re 3.5 inches in
diameter so they can even handle some rougher terrain and they’re completely
replaceable using the board is simple hit the power button on the bottom of
the board then turn on the included remote control you can control all the
board’s functions with this remote control it has a control wheel that you
use to control speed and braking and on the side is a switch to toggle between
high and low gear I found riding the h5 to be simple and a lot of fun it was
fast but it didn’t get out of control and it was able to handle all the
surfaces we tested on and took corners really nicely one thing I liked about
the board is that you could ride the board manually as well I often found
myself pushing off manually then when I built up speed turning on the motors and
riding electrically from there one thing to improve would be the brakes the
brakes feel really abrupt almost causing me to fall off the board if not careful
but understandably it is nice to have such responsive brakes in case of
emergency after using the h5 for a few days here are my final thoughts as I’ve
said before the h5 blade feels like a regular longboard that just
happens to have a motor in it which i think is a great thing but for a guy who
doesn’t often ride a skateboard where would it fit into my daily life with a
range of about 9 miles it wouldn’t cover my full commute to work but I probably
could save 30 minutes riding it to the subway instead of walking while I think
anyone can ride this electric skateboard I don’t think it fits everyone’s
lifestyle that being said if you are in the market for an electric skateboard I
think you should definitely consider the H 5 blade it’s thin it’s light and it’s
powerful all at a price tag one third of the competition thanks for watching this
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  • Great video guys! Looking back is it still worth it?

  • Just purchased my h5 blade board and can't wait to recieve It…Teamgee supporter..

  • how to pair the remote with the board?

  • Great video ?, watch this https://youtu.be/JBYOEkDlhag

  • No, i ve one teamgee h5, the remonte is already dead after only 6 mounth. No my teamgee is a rolling brick

  • Too much delay for the brake, at least one second, it's dangerous

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