Guessing Cheap vs Expensive BOOTS! (Cheap vs Steep)

– No.
– They fart when I walk! – Let me sniff the other foot. – Steve wouldn’t do that. What’s up, you guys, and welcome back to Clevver Style! – We are so excited, because this week we are bringing you guys another episode of Cheap vs. Steep. How cute is that? – Last time we did this, we ranked sweaters from what we thought was least expensive to most expensive. – Yeah, but we failed miserably. It was really bad, we sucked. (buzzing) What? – This isn’t Revolve? (grunting) It was really hard!
– Yep. – This week, we are doing boots, and we are gonna be ranking
three different brands: ASOS, Steve Madden, and Stuart Weitzman, and we are going to be trying them on and pairing them to what we think is the least expensive
to the most expensive. – Who is Stuart Weitzman? – What do you mean? – Rich people shoes.
– Does Forever 21 sell him? – No.
– No. – Kay. The prices of these boots
range from $46 to $795 dollars. – What? – I just. To wear that on your feet? – I’m ready. – Can I just look at it? Do you really want me
to put my foot in it? What if I get sweat all over them? – You didn’t bring socks. – Yes I did. – She didn’t bring socks.
– She never does. – Don’t put her in the
Stuart Weitzman’s, Bridget! – But you guys, don’t worry,
we’re not gonna cheat. Just like last time, they
covered up all the labels, so we won’t know which shoe is which, and they’re also gonna kinda blindfold us and do a little “Cinderella”
try-on situation so we can’t see it goin’ on, ya know? So, goin’ all on feel. Honestly, I feel like I’m
gonna be kinda good at this because sweaters I’m like, eh. It’s kind of whatever, but with shoes, I feel like I know.
– Tell the quality? – Guys, I have confidence. I feel like we can do it.
– Yeah! – We’re gonna be better this time. I want us to get it right this time. – Kay, then we definitely shouldn’t listen to anything I say. – We’re so excited, though, because this time, we have
a special little shoe cam, so you guys can play at home. So, comment below what you guys think. If you guys think we’re so wrong when we think they’re expensive, and if we’re right when they’re cheap. We don’t know, let us know. So cut to the shoe cam, cause I’m definitely
shoe-in away over here. – These are Amazon. – Ooh!
– I think they look fancier. – Than that, anyway.
– Think I cut my toe. – I have a headache. – All right, you guys, should we go try on the first pair of shoes? – Let’s do it. – Let’s do a little snap magic. Ready?
– Right, okay. – One, two, three. (snapping) – Shoes on! Okay, you guys, this is our first round. We’re doing your standard black bootie. I’m tryin’ to feel how it feels. – I know, I almost need to dance a little. – But I don’t know what
I would compare that to, you know what I mean? I only wear things that
are under $100 dollars. – Well, here’s the thing. So, mine feel a little stiff. I can’t tell if that’s a
sign of expensive or cheap. – I mean, if I’m just going off looks, yours look cheap. – Mine do?
– I didn’t use my zipper. – They’re too shiny. – I don’t know! Also, I feel like it’s hard
to look, can I sit down? (laughing) No?
– Okay, so. – Okay, I just need to inspect. – To me, yours look the cutest. I just feel like mine feel ASOS-y. – I’m trying to look at the stitching, cause that’s also a dead giveaway if it’s expensive or not. – Oh yeah, you know it’s real
leather if it has stitching because there’s only
so many parts of a cow they can stitch together. – Did you go to school for shoe leather stitching?
– There’s something about. – Leather couches have a lot of seams. Russ, back me up. Am I right here? No, I’m wrong. Okay, great.
(beeping) – Mine feel a little stiff
on this part right here. Wait, let me get the shoe cam.
– These kinda feel expensive. – Not gonna lie.
– They feel a little stiff. – [Madeleine] Right here. It’s harder to move around. – If it were cheap leather,
it would be super flexable. If it were fake leather. Cheap stuff is bendy. – I don’t know, you start
to convince me other ways, and I’m just gonna go with my gut here. – Can I smell your foot? – Yes. – I don’t know, mine smell more. – I think yours are expensive. – Mine?
– Yeah. – This is so stressful. Every time I always think one thing, and then you guys make me feel another. – What do you think about yours? – I just feel like ASOS. – I don’t know, but I also feel like they’re tryin’ to trick us. – [Drew] I don’t know. – Y’all, smell mine. – Give me a shoe. – Smell mine. – Nice and soft. – Watch my skirt, watch my skirt. – Wait, now I’m confused. – Right, because it smells like money. – These could be ASOS, too.
– These kinda seem expensive. – Now.
– Oh, see. – I’m on the opposite – It smells like a expensive shoe store. Smells like Nordstrom. We need to try this, because last time, we did everything Drew and I thought, and we were wrong. – Yeah, I could see this one weirdly being expensive, though. – This one is Zara, this one’s Forever 21. – So, that’s Forever 21.
– For sure. – I think let’s give Madeleine this round. Madeleine, put us in order. – Okay.
– Oh, dear. – Okay, but I really don’t
think I’m Stuart Weitzman, I’m just gonna say that. – I just don’t like being, I don’t wanna be wrong again, so. – We’ll leave you at Stuart Weitzman, but what if I’m wrong? I think you’re a Steve Madden. – Okay.
– Kay. – Again. Whatever, whatever, whatever. – Determined.
– This is a really intense. – Game for us, but we think, I think, we think maybe I am ASOS. – I’m apparently Steve Madden, maybe. – They’re not committing. – I have no idea, but
I guess we’re gonna go with Stuart Weitzman, who I
still don’t know who he is. (dramatic music) (buzzing) – Yeah.
– All three are wrong? – [Announcer] Madeleine, you are ASOS, and those were $46 dollars. Drew, you are Stuart Weitzman. Those are $330 dollars, and Loryn, you are Steve Madden, and those were $90 dollars. – What, these aren’t even. – To be fair, that would’ve been hard cause they both had the
suede kind of vibe, so. – Roll the clip where I was like, “Leather has a lot of stitching!” You know it’s real leather
if it has stitching. Drew’s shoes had the most. – Stitching.
– Stitching. – [Madeleine] $46 for these? They’re not comfy. – They look like $46 dollar shoes. – Do they, though? – They’re so shiny!
(laughing) – But that’s a style! – Is it?
– Yes! I hate when we’re wrong, it actually makes me really annoyed.
– It’s really upsetting. – All right, listen! The stakes are high, we’re off to a bad start. We have to get one round right. Let’s do this again. Three, two, one. – Ah, shoes.
– Whoa! – [Loryn] Okay, all right, wow. Those look so cute. Okay, so this round,
we’re doing snake skin, which is really on trend. – Faux snake skin. (grumbling) – Those are so cute. That has to be the expensive pair. How do they feel?
– Have to be. – I do feel like mine
feel the most expensive, look the most expensive. – They feel the most expensive? Have you worn ours? How can you say that? – Oh, these are good. Feel that. The wooden heel does add a nice flair. – A lot of stitching! Lot of stitching.
– Lift the leg up. – Leg up. – Oh my god! – Let me sniff the other foot. – I don’t know, Loryn, now I’m confused. Look at this.
– What? – This doesn’t look that expensive. – Oh! – See what I’m sayin’? – This has six different types of snake. – It’s definitely my favorite pair. – Hopefully no snakes died for this shoe. – No, cause don’t they shed their skin? Mine feel amazing. – Really?
– Yeah. – They feel secure. I feel structured. – And your last pair felt really good.
– That one felt good, too. – [Madeleine] What about the heel? The heel looks a little cheap. – But I like the shape of it, but the heel does look
cheap, you’re right. – And then what about the seams? – [Madeleine] Also, it’s
obviously fake yellow. – How do yours feel? – Terrible! – Really?
– Oh, these are the worst! – [Loryn] They’re like socks in a boot. – Was there any zipper on them at all? – No! – Sorry.
(beeping) – This is what concerns me. The sock thing feels
like what rich people do. – And the bottom? The bottom looks expensive.
– Like Balenciagas? – Aren’t those just big ol’ socks?
– The ones that look. – [Drew] Okay, I think
mine are the cheapest. – [Madeleine] I think yours are ASOS, yours are probably Steve Madden. – [Drew] Those need to be Stuart Weitzman. – Yeah, cause like. – [Drew] I’d pay the most money for those.
– These are the most unique. – [Loryn] But I don’t know, those feel like Steve Madden to me. – They look like Steve Madden. – They look like Steve Madden. They look like something that he would do to try be trendy. I just have a weird feeling. I think those are ASOS. I think those are Steve Madden, and I think these are Stuart Weitzman. – [Drew] Do you wanna decide? – I’m praying for us. – I feel like I’m not in the right place. – I thought I was
supposed to be over here, and now you wanna put me there? – Madeleine, make the executive decision. Should we switch or not? – I don’t know, I hate those the most, so I would say put those there. – [Drew] The zipper does feel hella cheap. – I think we’re okay. – Okay, let’s just leave it alone. I’m ASOS. – I am probably wrong. Steve Madden. – I think I’m Stuart Weitzman. (dramatic music) (buzzing) – Oh wow, god. – [Announcer] Drew, you
are ASOS at $64 dollars. – Okay.
– Okay. – [Announcer] Loryn,
you are Stuart Weitzman. – You were right! – [Announcer] $575 dollars.
– Ha, thank you! – [Announcer] Madeleine,
you are Steve Madden at $136 dollars. – I knew it. Those are Steve Madden!
– Listen. – This is the whitest girl shoe I’ve ever seen.
– No, I love those. – I love those.
– And you, Drew. – And you love white girls. $575? They fart when I walk. – Also, they feel cheap.
– Do you hear this? – And they’re ugly AF. Yeah, you were right, you were right. – I’m not high-fiving y’all. I was right, we coulda had a round. – [Madeleine] At least we got this right. The sweaters, I don’t even
think we got one right. – We didn’t get a round right. We got a sweater correct. – I wanna get a round correct.
– All right, all right. – We’re gonna get the next round right. – Okay, snap away, Loryn. – Here we go. Three, two, one. (snapping) – Whoa!
– Okay. – I like these. – [Loryn] I have no clue
what we’re gonna do. – Okay, you guys, this
is our combat boot round, which I hope to bajeezus we get right because I love me some combat boots. – I don’t think I’ve
ever worn combat boots, so I’m gonna have to go with
what you guys think here. I just don’t know. – I feel like I have the weight on my shoulders of the world. I wanna be optimistic, but I’m just so.
– This is really hard. – Traumatized.
– At first look. – None of these look expensive to me. Or cheap. – [Drew] I disagree. – Mine feel like Zenan. – Which look expensive just based on look? Right now? – Based on look, I think
mine are expensive. – Mine feel a little meh. – [Drew] Yours feel stiff, Madeleine? – Mine feel a little stiff. – Here’s what I’m gonna say. The only thing I can tell by look is that these look like something
Steve Madden would make. – I agree.
– Sure. – That’s it, that’s all I know. Those, maybe, are a little weird, which feels kinda ASOS-y. Those do look nice. – [Madeleine] And they
have a zipper on the side as well as the laces. Mine just have the laces. – I feel like, Drew,
you’re the combat queen. – Don’t call me the combat queen. I don’t think I am. I just really like combat boots. – You do.
– I like those. – So, you’ve worn a lot of combat boots. I feel like you’ve got
the upper hand here. – Are they comfortable? – They’re really comfortable, and they’re really well-made I feel like. I’m not gonna look at the bottom, just gonna inspect the top. – What do we think about these laces versus you and I both have the shoelace kind of laces? – [Loryn] Those are the
most expensive looking laces I’ve ever seen.
– Are they? – These look cheap.
– These are like plastic. – Yeah, yours don’t look. – Oh, so maybe yours are ASOS. – I think yours.
– Mine are Stuart. – I do, too. – I think yours are
Stuart, but what are mine? – I don’t think Steve Madden
would make a shoe like that. – This is the thing. – I just don’t think they would. – Call me crazy, I think yours are Stuart because those are fugly,
and they look like something Stuart would make, no offense. – [Madeleine] Oh, no. – But these are really fricking cute, and they’re well-made. I think these are Steve Madden, and I think those are ASOS. – [Loryn] I don’t think
Stuart Weitzman’s clientele would buy these shoes. – I do. I feel like.
– Really? – I feel like old ladies. – But look at these old laces.
– Old ladies would wear those. – These laces are kinda like
your dad’s gym shoe vibe. Is that rich or not rich? – I don’t know. I don’t usually buy
shoes without her skinny. So, I feel like they’re expensive. – All right, listen. We’ve gone with what Drew wanted. We’ve gone with what Madeleine wanted. – Your turn.
– What do you want, Loryn? – Here’s what I think. – Yes. – You think I’m? Okay. – You think I’m Steve? – Steve wouldn’t do that! – That’s what I think.
– No. – You might be right. Cause these are really frickin’ cute. – If anything, maybe Steve Madden. Those are definitely not Steve Madden. I just don’t think he’d
made a design like that. I think only ASOS would
do something that weird. – Steve would never. I am ASOS. – I am Steve Madden. – And I am Stuart Weitzman. (dramatic music) (buzzing) – Shit. – [Announcer] Madeleine,
you are Stuart Weitzman at $695 dollars.
– I knew it! – I knew it! – That disgusts me. You disgust me, Stuart!
– I knew it, they’re ugly! – [Announcer] Loryn, you
are ASOS at $62 dollars. And Drew, you’re Steve
Madden at $140 dollars. – Guys, can we just talk about the fact that the shoes on my
feet are $695 dollars. They were stiff to get into, and the laces are so whatever. – And they hurt your eyes. – I look like I’m about
to walk on the moon. Maybe that’s why they’re
rich people shoes. – These are cheap, but I was just like, I didn’t think Steve
Madden would do those. – I feel like we coulda done that! I’m mad at me. – Okay, we have one more round to get this right. Three, two, one. (snapping) Okay guys, we are back
with our final round. I feel good. We’re gonna do some thigh-high boots because we all feel pretty confident that we wear these a lot.
– Yeah. – Can we talk about mine? Mine are some very confusing. Look, here’s the thing,
we couldn’t get them past my heel, the zipper. – Which is such an
expensive brand thing to do. – [Madeleine] This does feel like a Stuart Weitzman rich shoe. – It’s a weird design I’ve never seen. It doesn’t even fit you. You put it on your head
and be a bee keeper. These 100% look like
some Steve Madden boots. – These are one thousand
percent Steve Madden. – It took three people to get them on. They’re comfier than any of
the other shoes I’ve worn. – So, Drew.
– ASOS. – These are ASOS? – These are thin and trendy.
– I’m into these. – I mean, I love ’em. Cheap does not mean bad.
– Right. – [Madeleine] The zipper does
look a little cheap to me. – They’re super cute and they’re not tight, ya know? – [Madeleine] You guys, is
this the first round we might? – I think we’re done. We’re done.
– We got this. – Stuart Weitzman, Steve Madden, ASOS. – Okay.
– Yep. – Oh my god, we’re
gonna get a round right. – This has better be right. – If we’re wrong, there is a new right. – Yeah, I like that.
– What she said. – We’re not wrong, you’re
wrong, Stuart Weitzman. – I am ASOS. – I am Steve Madden. And I’m mad about it. – And I am Stuart Weitzman. (dramatic music) (dinging) (cheering) – We did it! We did it! – I’m happy where I am right now! – I couldn’t even get these shoes on. – [Announcer] Drew, you
are ASOS at $87 dollars. – Wow. – [Announcer] Loryn, you are
Steve Madden at $300 dollars. Madeleine, you are Stuart
Weitzman at $795 dollars. – I can’t even get this on. – You’re like, half-wearing
$800 dollar shoes. – That’s wild. – This is literally my rent. – Your rent is $800 dollars, can we trade?
– No, it’s more. – It’s more money. – It is the first expensive one that I thought was cute, though. – [Madeleine] Shoe cam. These are the most expensive
shoes I’ve ever worn. – They really work unzipped, I don’t know. – When they’re Topshop jeans. – Go fencing in them. (sighing) – Okay, guys. We actually did it, kinda. Once out of four. I’ll take one out of four any day. – Yeah, I mean, unfortunately, we’re
probably gonna do this again and get a couple rounds wrong. – You take it back! Take it back right now! – Okay, we’re not thinking about that. We’re not thinking about that.
– This is better than sweaters – Because we got one right. So, what else should we do that we could get more right with? – Ooh, like purses, maybe? – Purses, jeans? – Jeans.
– Jeans. – Jeans would be hard! – Jeans would be really hard cause I have no clue. – What store should we do, cause I feel like we knew
Steve Madden when we saw it. – Yeah.
– So, that was super helpful. – Right.
– Mm-hmm. – If you guys liked any of these shoes, we’re gonna put all the links
for them in the description. So, go check those out. – And if you have $800 dollars
to spend on these shoes, then we should be friends. – Get ’em. – Plot twist, don’t do it. – But you can’t have Loryn’s legs, I’m taking that one home with me. – I’m gonna need, can somebody saw me out of these? – Guys, if you liked this video, like, subscribe, hit the bell please, and we’re gonna take these home for us. – Bye!
– Bye. – Taking all of Loryn home. Sorry, Sean. – I’ll take the left leg. – Why are we running? Why are we running? (upbeat digital music)


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