Guess The High School Superlative (GAME)

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– Okay, so let’s bring in
some Mythical crew members… – Woman: Yeah.
– …who are recipients of high school graduation
superlatives. Josh doesn’t
understand the game. – That’s fine,
neither do we.
– ( laughter ) – Okay, Josh, here’s
how this is gonna work.
– Yeah. Please. – In high school–
– Yes. I’ve heard of it. – Right.
– Yeah. You got voted as– aw, man, I can’t
explain this. – See? It’s not me.
– It’s tough. – There are things called
“high school superlatives.”
– Superlatives. And that is a way to describe
what you think will happen to someone, or some aspect
about their personality that is especially
notable– It’s a prediction
of recognition. And not just a prediction.
But I guess it is a
prediction. – Of recognition.
– It’s usually,
“Most Likely To…” But sometimes it’s also like,
“Best Personality,” – or “Meanest.” It’s what I got.
– “Most Likely To Murder
Somebody.” And we’re going to
try to match these superlatives – with these individuals.
– Right. And if you don’t get one,
we’ll give you one. – Thank you.
– Don’t worry. Okay. I still don’t understand,
but we can still just do it. Okay, the first one
is “Most Likely”– Just go in there. Let’s do the thing where
we lay them all out because a lot of times,
we get locked into things. So we got “Most Likely
To Be a Comedian.” We’ve got “Best All Around.” We’ve got “Best Car Runner-up.” Somebody had the
second best car,
which goodness gracious, they were getting desperate
throwing out them superlatives,
weren’t they? And “Most Likely To Be In
A Pantene Commercial.” – ( sputters )
– Oh, really? – Oh…
– Go ahead and hold that. Oh, you know what?
Nope. ( sing-song )
Kevin had long hair. Ooh… The “Kev-ster,”
with his volleyball outfit. I bet I had longer hair. – You also had long hair.
– You had long hair, too. – Real long hair.
– Yep, I did. – Oh! Curve ball!
– Were you on the
volleyball team? I was in the
marching band. – I am right about
the volleyball, right?
– Yes. – Right, because we saw the–
– Yeah. – And you were wearing it,
and it was baggy.
– Yep. Mm-hmm. – And your hair.
– Yep. – Pantene.
– Yep. He said “Yep.” – You have to have
everything else.
– Wow, this is– – Wow!
– I think John is the
“Best All Around.” – He’s just like–
everybody loves John.
– Wow! Okay. – I agree, he’s better
than all of us.
– All right. You don’t know how
the game works. – I’m sorry, Ellie, you’re
“Best All Around.”
– Thank you. – I think that–
– Now. But in high school… – it was John.
– I’m gonna cry. – Uh, Ellie–
– This is not us – saying anything about–
– It’s fine. – I guess it kinda does.
– Uh, Ellie– Ellie is very
effortlessly funny. Shut up.
Stop. And I could definitely
see people, “Oh, she’s
definitely gonna be a comedian.”
I mean–don’t you
think that? – Don’t you think that?
– Yes, she’s effortlessly
funny. – But she’s also–
– She’s “Best All
Around Funny.” But she’s–I’m sure
she could’ve been in
a Pantene commercial. And you know, she ain’t
got the second best car.
No way. – So, I–
– Or the third or
the fourth. She’s way down
there in cars. Rhett doesn’t want
me to cry. Take the “Most Likely
To Be A Comedian” for now. But I’m a girl.
Right. But you know what
I’m saying about John? Has John ever made
an enemy? Has John ever
gotten in a fist fight? Has John ever
teed anybody off? Has John ever
made a mistake? – No, but when I think
about John–
– Socially? I think of a guy
having, like, almost a great car. He seems like
the kind of guy that would drive around
a pretty awesome, but, not great car. Who had the frickin’
best car? I mean, they must
have wrote that. – Let’s give this
to Kevin, right?
– Yeah, I think so, – because we know he
had long hair.
– Right. Right. These could be switched.
Definitely. – ‘Cause I could see–
– I think all of yours
at your high school were funny, and this
was one of many.
So they were – just having lots of fun.
– You know what high school
I went to? – What?
– I went to Lancaster
High School. – You think they’re
having fun there?
– Oh! – Do you know where
Lancaster is?
– Yeah, yeah, north of here. – Mmm.
– It’s in “Funland” County. That’s not untrue. Funland County. Josh, you’re a good–
you’re decent all around. I don’t–you said it
with so much more enthusiasm for everybody else. Like, “John, you’re
the perfect person,” like, “Ellie you’re”
and then it’s just, “You do nothing,
right?” – You probably have
a car that–
– I don’t own a car. – I drive my girlfriend’s car.
– But this is high school
we’re talking about. The car that you had
in high school broke down and you never
got another one. – I’m not gonna–
– “Best Car Runner-up.” – Why do they even put that–
– What do you have to say
for yourself? I’m just enjoying
listening. I’ve dug a hole so deep,
there’s no way I’m getting
out of this. I feel so uncomfortable.
And it’s your fault. Okay, um, I’m just gonna hand–
switch it any way you want. – I want this to be on you.
– Do you want me to take it? You can’t make them do it.
What’s the point of the game? Do you want to choose
which one you were? – No, I’m talking to you.
– Oh, you said “Let them do it.” I thought you said “Let them”
instead of “Let him do it.” Let him do it.
I think is what I– I don’t know what I said. I think– I think we may be
completely wrong on
every one of these. That’s what’s hitting me
right now. – What are you gonna
switch it to?
– I don’t know. Well, the safe bet
is to give her Pantene. – Okay, I feel like–
– I think Josh could be– I feel like I’m having
a weird psychic moment. – Will you just let me
make the switches?
– I already said you could. I don’t believe
it’s psychic. I think that’s Josh.
Oh! John. John’s the life
of the party. You think I had
a crappy car? – You still got the
second best car.
– That’s cool. So in order to
reveal these, instead of them
speaking up, the reveal is gonna
happen via a high school photo, not necessarily
from the yearbook,
of the person. So let’s
start with… – Let’s start with
“Best All Around.”
– Who is “Best All Around”? Who is “Best All Around”? – ( raucous cheering )
– Link: I was right! John Warder
and Skylar Hurley! Rhett: “Skylar”? – Link: Look at that huge tie!
– Ellie: Wow. Link: Does that tie turn into
a red carpet that Skylar
walks on? It was loose,
you know, casual. You definitely would’ve
gotten “Best Tie” if that was– Longest tie. ( overlapping chatter ) – See? I was right!
– You were right. You know what? ‘Cause
psychic moments are
not a real thing. That’s what we just learned.
They don’t exist. Let’s go with
“Most Likely To
Be A Comedian.” Who was that? – Rhett: Ellie!
– Ellie: It’s me! Rhett: We were totally–
our first instincts
were right, man. – Aagh!
– Ellie: I don’t have
picture of the yearbook, – but that’s a picture
of me as a boat.
– ( laughter ) See? I’m so funny,
I’m so quirky – Effortlessly funny
as I mentioned.
– Thank you. Yeah, it took no time at all to
build a boat. We were completely right
the first time, because– – We?
– Ah, no! – With this one.
– Yeah, you said that. And “Most Likely To Be
In A Pantene Commercial.” Kevin, let’s see it. – All: Yes!
– ( laughter ) – Link: Lancaster.
– John: Wow. – Kevin: Yes.
– Ellie: Bleak! That’s a cursed image. Link:
Like a surfer-boy shot. There’s a lot of room
up there to be memed. – I’m just sayin’.
– Ellie: Or a album title. Kevin: You can see how cool
I think I am in that photo. Rhett: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah. You never look
like you know – that you’re being
– All: Oh, wow! – Link: Oh, gosh, she’s happy.
– ( laughter ) – Ellie: Is she okay?
– Rhett: Did you tell
her to make that face? – John: She got runner up.
– Kevin: No, but she is
my ex-girlfriend. – She still in Lancaster?
– Okay, we won’t talk
about that. – I don’t know where she’s at.
– Okay, and finally “Runner Up Best Car.” – ( laughter )
– Ellie: Yeah! Josh: It was a ’95 Taurus.
I bought it for a dollar
from my friend’s dad. I smashed the back windshield
with a shot put accidentally and didn’t replace it
for two years. It didn’t break down
and I never got a new one. I didn’t renew the plates
for four years, and then finally,
a cop pulled me over and was like,
“We gotta take your car.” – ( laughter )
– I was like, “That’s fine.” And I just did.
And it’s sitting somewhere
in a lot. This is the saddest
story I’ve ever heard
in Good Mythical More. – ( laughter )
– Right? – We had some great times–
– Who got “Best Car”? – Oh, Reef Benzworth.
– ( laughter ) – Of course he did!
– Was it a Benz? No, it wasn’t.
It was a BMW, yeah. – Benzworth drove a BMW?
– Oh, Reef had the coolest BMW. I think I was an ironic vote. – ( laughter )
– We also– we were gonna
murder out the car ’cause that was the thing
back in the day, where you’d, like, paint it
matte black and all this. So we had sanded down,
me and my friends, half the car. Got lazy ’cause we found out
it was really hard. And so we had this
half-sanded down car,
no back windshield. When it would rain,
I would have to shut, like,
the back doors – with a blanket in it
and stretch it across.
– Getting sadder. And what’s saddest,
one day a weight-lifting chalk
exploded and it was just, yeah. Well, the moral of the story
is don’t trust your psychic
intuition. Okay?
Don’t change your answers. Always go with
your first instinct. We’ve said that many times
on this show, and we’ve violated the rule.


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