alright and then these came along and
we’re a bit like is that it’s not a thing are we okay with this hey guys
it’s Cassie welcome to my channel if you’re new welcome back to my channel if
you’re a seasoned member of the 2102 crew and you know how we get things
poppin over on this channel so we’re talking about these bad boys yes we are today’s
topic of conversation we’re gonna do a run through review of the princetown GG
blooms slipper so if you’re interested keep on watching being very honest with
you I wasn’t about this life I was about this backless slipper life no I’m a
sneakers gal this was very much outside my comfort zone however I am not mad
about the fact that I wandered out of it now these backless slippers are a bit of a
weird one because now it looks like bedroom slippers now it looks like house
slippers the you wear click-clacking slip slidin across your home and you
know just love in life but let’s take this to the streets let’s take that
level of comfort to the streets they come in the pink flowers and all over
the original GG canvas print they are leather they are coated leather so if
you for any chance wanted to wear them in the rain these would not go weird and
then they have this like a strange little inch I guess
heel it’s not going to give you much height but if you’re struggling it’s
something I have worn these quite a lot it seems so size wise I am a size 39
generally I have these in the 39 and I think that they’re perfect however some
people might want to go a half size bigger because some people are weird
about having the back of their foot directly on this bit some people want it
a little bit more in because they find out a little bit more comfortable I for
one don’t care I’m fine with my back heel touching the edge I don’t care I
love these I think these are just the epitome of like casual chic that’s what
I’ve been pretty happy with these and I have decided to
review on them now most people would think that these are very spring summer
shoe and definitely they are however I don’t really like wearing them in the
summer because I feel like my feet get weirdly sweaty in them TMI I’m sorry but
this is what we live for in this channel we like honesty at any cost but I love
these as an autumn moment yes denim jeans and these I’m gonna insert a
petite fashion show of me wearing these and how I style them and all that
shiznit but they do give it like a weirdly smart vibe to outfit but not a bad
way so like you could very easily wear these with joggers you can wear a
completely very casual look with like joggers very basic nothing too exciting
and top these off they give like a really smart vibe that is also very
aesthetically pleasing I am a fan the other thing that might
annoy people is that the little horse bit does make a little bit of noise I
can’t see the front of these wearing away eventually however if you were to
take these into Gucci a they would fix them for you but also if you just have a
local cobbler of somebody the fixes shoes around you before I guess that
point where it’s wearing away at the leather you want to get somebody to
replace this little mouth that is generally I think that these were a very cute chic buy if
you want to add just a little bit of a twist just a little bit of a smart twist
the other thing is that guys you could get away with these at work I have
gotten away with these at work on numerous occasions because guess what
bidness at the front and they don’t ever see the party at the back half the time
no one’s looking that close they look chic as hell those are my thoughts on the Gucci
Princetown GG blooms slippers why are the names so long Gucci guys I hope you enjoyed my review as always if have any comments about these or any comments in general
leave them down below I’ll reply I wanna see you and like this video if you
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2102 crew up I put out videos on Wednesdays and Fridays if you like luxury you’re gonna
love the rest of them and guys have an amazing morning afternoon or evening
wherever you are in the world and I will see you in the next video

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