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Cheap Thrills. [MUSIC] All right, camera guy, come on, let’s go. Dude, are you getting the sign? This sick sign. What’s up family, it’s your boy Nate,
aka Tabasko Sweet. I’m IG verified now, so
I get to make more videos. I’m still shredding the DIYs,
don’t worry, but today I’m [BLEEP] some
[BLEEP] up with Donut Media. This is my life, and it’s boosted. [MUSIC] All right, camera guys, it look good? Sick. I’m here with my boys at Donut Media. Got James and Dan here. You might remember them from
when I was on their show, Hot Lap, racing around on that track. I’m doing this for
you Cheap Thrills fam, let’s get it. About to go GTA 5 in this [BLEEP]. [MUSIC] By the way,
I still never got my Applebee’s gift card.>>We got that for you.>>I hope so. Got a little unfinished business. Excuse me family. Anyway, my boys here are going to help
me build true hypebeast dream machine. Now I know you guys saw my DIY when
I turned my Nissan into a Ferrari. Back in the day of the Savage Roam. But that’s as far as my technical skill
goes with customizing cars outside of Grand Theft Auto. I’m here with some real experts today.
>>Yeah, nobody ruins cars like us.>>Gang. I don’t really know what they
mean by ruining cars but they are about to help me
make a dream come true. My vision is about to
become real life family. We are about to swagger boost this. All right, now picture this guys, a
vehicle that is also a highly fashionable super expensive men slide.
>>It’s brillant.>>It’s the embodiment of your boy. Of my legacy,
the most important thing I’ve ever done is this.
>>It’s the most important thing you ever done, yet.
>>Damn, you hear that. They’re gonna slam the Rigg family. Let’s get it. So for the Cheap Thrills fam that
don’t already know what it is. I mean, who are you? What do you guys do here?
>>My name is James, I’m the head writer of
a group called Donut. We make car videos for the internet. And we kinda saw like,
car culture is sort of intimidating and not super welcoming so we just wanna
be those positive dudes who are like, yo, come on in.
>>You’re speaking my language right now. I mean, the High Beat scene,
people are hell of unapproachable. I’m trying to bring streetware to
the people within positive voice.>>We got new shows every day of the week. And it’s the show called Up To Speed! [SOUND]
>>Yeah, ever heard of it, family? Pimp my boys show.
>>I hear about cars a lot but I’m not great at working on them. So we flew out a ringer. This is Dan.
>>Yeah. Dan, you’ve been back
there this whole time? Let the Cheap Thrills
fam know what you do.>>I mean, other than watching Cheap Thrills,
90% of my time, I race cars. I do stunts. And when the Donut boys need to
thoroughly break something or make something glorious,
they bring me in as the big guns.>>So, you’re basically a surgeon.>>A specialist.>>A specialist surgeon.
>>Damn, well it looks like I’m in good hands,
family, about to be a fuego alert. Let’s get it. So I brought my boys here a Donut, this
busted ass Toyota I got off Craigslist. We got it all primed and
white ready to go. SInce we already maxe this iconic black
fuchi think i want this truck to be all white going god mode, family. All right, so
what’s next what do i got to to do to give this whip a new lease on life?
>>We already started painting it but we figured that you’d want to finish her off.
>>Sweet. Your boy knows his way around a spray can. Let’s finish this bad boy. [MUSIC]>>That’s good coverage
>>Get it on thick. All right,
I need you to paint the wheel and also the tire.
>>All white? Just lke the sandel. Max authenticity. I like where your head’s at my guy. [MUSIC] So you do a lot of car customizations,
what’s the craziest custom job you’ve ever done?
>>One time we took a full-sized van and we decided to make it into a convertible.
>>Damn, that’s fully unhinged. You’re like exhibit, my guy.
>>Yeah, we head you like Gucci sandals so we turned your car into a Gucci sandal.
>>Shout out to Exhibit. [MUSIC] So when we’re done with this thing,
is it gonna be like street legal?>>I’m saying 30% chance of that.>>30%, I mean, your boy can take those odds. And I’m already
a registered flex offender.>>[COUGH]>>James, you okay back there, man?>>[COUGH] I’m all good, my guy.>>Boy’s got baby lungs. All right, we got this thing all white,
looking very holy. Paint is technically dry. Now, what’s the next step?
>>We’re gonna take the roof off.>>Whoa, sick. We got to get this roof
looking like a no show. I’ve raised a couple of roofs before but
I’ve never taken one off. How do we do this?
>>Well normally, in this situation for a project like this you need multiple
specialty tools, time, skill, dedication, but you helped us out by
buying such a [BLEEP] truck. So this one just lifts up.
>>Woah.>>It was held on by one clamp. [MUSIC] Are you okay, Dan?
>>Everything’s fine. [MUSIC]>>Now it’s a boat.
>>All right, so the roof’s removed now. I mean, so what are we thinking? Like the strap’s gonna like
come back over the back here?>>No, dude, you don’t walk backwards. We’re gonna take the whole
roof off with a saw. We’re gonna get rid of the windshield,
get rid of the rear view mirrors, paint the inside white. Then put the strap over us and
we’re the little toesies, easy.>>Woah, what? That’s fully unhinged family, so we’re the toes?
>>Yeah, dude we’re the little piggies bro.
>>You guys are going full freak mode. These little piggies
are about to the market. Let’s [BLEEP] get it family.
>>We, we, we all the way home my dude.>>You hear that family? We’re about to get boosted. This thing looks pretty solid,
how are we taking this cap off? [SOUND]. What? You guys mom’s let you use power tools?
>>Drew some handy cut lines to make this easy for you.
>>Damn family they got like legit power tools here, I mean I’ve never
used one of these things before, but this is what I’m here for family. [MUSIC] [SOUND].>>My arm’s tired.
>>You got safety goggles, or->>I don’t think you need them, bro.>>All right, [BLEEP] it, I’m doing this for
YouTube Thrills fam, let’s go. [MUSIC]>>All right,
this is my first time using power tools. I mean, I’m definitely not scared or
anything but we’re about to get it.>>So, squeeze the trigger, constant force all the way across.
>>It’s like a glue gun.>>It’s just like a glue gun.>>Just like a glue gun.>>Basically a glue gun with a machine gun sword on the end of it.
>>Sick.>>Yeah, [LAUGH].>>You got this, buddy.>>All right, doing this for you Cheap Thrills fam. [NOISE]>>[LAUGH]>>He went a little crooked but we’re okay.
>>I think it’s perfect.>>Well, your boy cut a perfect line. Couldn’t have done it without
my coaches Dan, James.>>We’re so proud of you right now.>>Looking out for me. [MUSIC]>>I don’t know what these guys are doing. These guys are about this. This is some real big bro hours. I’m learning so
much from my boys right now. Damn, you guys got your
own Donut skateboards? Super Deluxe, what are you doing? Where is my skateboard?
>>Merch game, strong [MUSIC].>>My god. Still connected right here.
>>Surf’s up. [NOISE] [MUSIC] Look at that, this is a great day. I’ve got verified,
I own a convertable, what’s next now? What do we do?
>>Flipflops are flat, we got wheel wells to cover. I got you the latest in hinge technology.
>>Zip ties, these guys have got swagger boosts for
days. These guys are full of surprises, I don’t
know what they’re gonna throw at me now. As you can see,
we got our flaps fully hinged, and this car is looking fully unhinged. I mean, these are like suicide doors for
my wheels. So what’s next my guys?
>>We’ve painted the interior so it matches the flop. We’ve installed some state of
the art safety equipment so we won’t cut our arms up. And now we’re gonna move our attention
to the rear of the truck cuz flip flops aren’t hollow and we got to give this truck some soul.
>>I think what they’re sayig is they wanna top the flop, family. So, what is this stuff anyway? What are we working with here?
>>Nothing but the best. We got corrugated plastic, helps with
weight reduction and aerodynamics.>>Very clean. [MUSIC] You’re right in there, dude?
>>Yeah, feels good man. Roasty, toasty. [NOISE] [MUSIC]>>Dan, you still in there?
>>I think you can come out now.>>Thanks buddy.>>This flop is officially topped. What do we got next?
>>It’s time to get the strap on.
>>Strap on.
>>I thought you guys are talking about some freak [BLEEP] but,
not that I’m judging.>>We made you this gift. It’s a one to one scale
replica of a Gucci strap.>>Are you getting this family? Seriously are you getting this?
>>These two colors were right next to each other at Home Depot.
>>It’s as if they wanted you to bootleg some Gucci. I’m about to be strapped, family. [MUSIC]>>So go right up to the very
edge on the back, and then we’re gonna tilt it down
a little bit in the front. Just for authenticity’s sake.
>>Dude! My God, it’s a sandal!
>>My dreams are coming true today, family. I mean,
this is exactly what I had in mind. [MUSIC] My God, this started as a truck,
now it’s freaking drivable sandal, family. This is Floco, family, this is next level, I’ve never seen anything
like this in my entire life. [MUSIC] All right,
this car is looking fully unhinged. My boys went ahead and got the two
green stripes in there, time for the final touch,
this last red stripe, let’s get it. [MUSIC]>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>This is the greatest peel and reveal of all time, family. Donut Media, you’re wild for this one.
>>Now for the finishing touch. [MUSIC]>>Max authenticity, my guy!
>>You want to do the honors?>>I would love to.>>Let’s do it. [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH]
[BLEEP]>>Damn, this is the most iconic truck of all time Guinness book of world records, where you at we just made the biggest
Gucci flip flop in the world. My boys at Donut Media, holding it down,
doing it for the Cheap Thrills fam. Thank you so much Dan, James. Now this is not a fire drill this
[BLEEP] is some serious heat. [MUSIC]>>The only thing left
to do now is drive it.>>You heard the man, somebody get me those keys. Now normally I like I’ll give a walk
through for this type of thing but I’m at a loss for words family. I mean this is a fully functional
hype beast dream machine. Guys, you wanna do the honors
of the walk through? I mean,
I don’t even know what to say right now.>>So first, we laid down a custom shape of white paint, full respray,
from front to back. We’ve got these really trick wheel
covers that turn over the super custom, one-off, never before
seen all white tires. Moving back, you can’t help but
notice the lack of windshield and the slide cover portion of it.
>>Now that’s precision, attention to detail.
>>And the classic green, red, green which carries it down to the door. And as we move back we had the to no cover sole of the flipflop that
not only provide shade but aerodynamics and wind noise reduction.
>>You could live in that, dude.
>>Mom, I’m moving out. Yeah, I’m moving into a flipflop. It’s a giant Gucci flipflop. I’ll tell you when I get home.
>>And moving on to the back, my favorite detail,
the piece de resistance. The classic Gucci logo. Now normally it’s indented into
the side of the sandal, but we’ve just decided to go with a gold today
to commemorate this momentous occasion.>>Boy’s gonna stay shining on them. All right,
well there’s only one thing left to do. We’ve gotta drive this thing. [MUSIC] Actually, you know, this is way
too much responsibility for me. You drive us James.
>>Dan’s a professional driver, I think he should drive.
>>Nah, dog, this is your project.>>I can’t handle that. Nose goes.
>>Fine.>>Before we whip around in this thing, you guys got to get fitted. So, here’s a token of my gratitude, some custom made foot guccis.
>>I will cherish these for the rest of my life.
>>This may be the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Thank you. They slam my rig,
they got this whole beater truck boosted. It’s time to flex. Boosted.
>>Boosted.>>We did it family. This is the moment of truth. Dude, you guys, thank you so
much for boosting this whip.>>Dude, thanks for coming by and letting us boost.
>>I love boosting.>>You hear that family? Boosters gonna boost. Boosted. [MUSIC]>>My God, you can’t see anything! [LAUGH] God! [MUSIC]>>This thing is next level. [MUSIC] You guys, thank you so much,
this [BLEEP] was insane. I mean, we had tons of people looking at
us, we’re breaking necks, breaking ankles. Look at this thing,
it’s the most legendary flex of all time. I feel like Lil Pump,
Bad Baby, and Future combined. How did you guys feel? What do you think about this thing?
>>It is turning heads. It’s terrifying in intersections. It’s breezy. It’s beautiful, and we only got hit in the
face by rocks twice, I’d say it’s a win.>>Thank you guys for helping me make the DIY of a lifetime. I mean,
this is groundbreaking [BLEEP] here.>>Anytime you wanna make a car into a giant piece of street wear, hit us up.
>>Careful, cuz I might actually
take you guys up on that. This is some real fuegisimo
brotherhood [BLEEP]. Now if you’re sitting at home and you’re tell me you [BLEEP] with cars,
and your not sub to these guys yet? What are you doing? Don’t be a zero, family?
>>And make sure to tune into this week’s Up to Speed with me on Donut Media.
>>Do not sleep, family. Well until next time, stay boosted family.
>>I love you.>>Gang. [MUSIC]


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