Yooo what’s popping loyalist welcome back to
the channel this is dom z and t AKA glitch guru in today’s GTA 5 online
video i’m gonna be showing you guys the Krampus outfit transfer glitch you will
need to have a Krampus mask or a christmas mask in order to do this
glitch the stocking works as well but to get started we’re gonna go into our mel
character we’re gonna do a male to female transfer so we can get the
checkered board outfit on our female from head to toe so the very first thing
I’m going to do the very first component on our male character that we need is
this great t-shirt this great two-tone t-shirt you guys will be able to find
this t-shirt under the section baseball tees and it’s a great two-tone tee so
once you have that component back out we’re gonna move on to the next
component so for the pants I want something like with long legs on my
female character so in order to get that we’re gonna go into the short section
and we’re going to put on the square boy’s shorts that’s going to give us a
long leg checkered pants on our female character once you guys have those
shorts we’re just going to back out we’re going to move on to the next part
so for the sneakers we’re gonna go into normal sneakers we’re gonna go all the
way down and we’re gonna get the black sneakers the air is there we go once we have that we’re
gonna go over here to the glove section accessories and we’re gonna put on our
light woodland tactical gloves now I’m not sure if you absolutely need these
gloves but I believe they are merged gloves so I see a lot of people use
these gloves to merge outfits and transfers so one last component if you
guys want to transfer a hat as well over to your female character or your male
character we will need to buy the Hat component so the Hat component for this
will be ash Fedora and then you guys will need to merge the Hat with a mask a
Christmas mask so i’ma head over to my apartment to do the telescope glitch
what you guys want to do here is just run past the telescope hit right on the
d-pad and then press and hold the touchpad down quickly and then your
interaction menu should open up like this without getting pulled into the
telescope from here we’re just going to go to style accessories and we’re gonna
find that hat that we just purchased the ash fedora and when we walk away from
the telescope and back out of this menu the Hat will merge with the mask that’s
the only way that we can bring hats over and the transfer is if we merge them
with the Christmas Mass guys so if you didn’t know that now you know so from
here all we have to do now is just go to the time trial start the time trial up
and swap characters also if there’s an event going on in your session you don’t
even need to go to the time trial all you guys have to do is just make sure
that you can see that counter and the event is actually started and you guys
can just swap characters so there was no events going on in my session so I went
to the time trial I started the time trial up and then I’m just going to
press pause and go to swap character and then I’m gonna just choose my female
character now all right now that we chose our female
character to come online with you we’ll see that everything that we had on our
male character all of the components did in fact transfer to our female character
even the Hat which is really cool this outfit is really dope I had no idea was
gonna turn out this dope but I really liked it I wanted to have something that
was just like this so I kind of put it together in my mind I did a little bit
of experimenting with some of the other components for the female but I didn’t
like the checkered alphys that I was getting so if you guys want to get this
outfit right here follow this video step by step I’ll also try to post the
components for the outfit that I had on when I went to go swap characters that
suit jacket was really cool I think so I’ll try to post that in the description
below also I’ll post a link to where you guys can go and get a list of the
components for male to female and female to male so I’ll have a link to a website
in the description below as well so you guys can check that out I would do a
checkered outfit for the male character but I’m having a lot of trouble bringing
outfits over from my female to my melt I believe it’s the Krampus mask that I’m
using I believe if you have the same mask on both characters you will not be
able to transfer outfits somebody correct me if I’m wrong but I did read
that somewhere I was also trying to unlock all of the Christmas masks but in
order to do that we need to do a gender transfer glitch or a gender glitch but
that’s patched right now as well I’m still able to hit that one part where
you can change your character into a male or female but you can’t actually
select it so that wasn’t working so we can’t unlock the Christmas mask right
now sadly but hopefully soon somebody will find a transfer glitch or a gender
glitch so we can do that but that’s it for this video you guys I really hope
you enjoyed it as always I’m trying to get this channel to 100,000 subscribers
and I need each and every single one of you guys watching to share this video
with a friend tell them to subscribe let’s try to get this channel to seven
thousand subscribers right now alright but please help me help you you guys I
keep bringing you these great GTA 5 online videos until
Tom this is your boy glitch guru officially you also one tip when you
guys get outfits like this make sure you switch your outfit and then switch it
back after you save it switch to a different outfit switch back so it saves
force the game to save but we out peace stay low


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