Grip-X Ice Cleats Demo

Grip-x® Ice Cleats are the toughest ice cleats
I sell. They’re great for people who work outdoors, for maintenance crews, utility crews,
EMT rescue, police, fire departments. They’re also great for outdoor sports. They’re also
great for hunting, ice fishing and hiking. And they’re good because they’re not only
good on regular roads and sidewalks. They’re also good for going off road on rougher terrain.
Grip-x use Jordan David’s patented Dual Density™ design, And what that means is that the upper
is thicker where it needs to be for wear and thinner where it can be thinner so its easier
to put on your shoe. For example the sole is thicker. And that serves two purposes.
Again, for wear obviously and also keeps the spikes in place.They’re thinner in the middle
so they stretch easier. The heel has their patented Dual Tab Pull System™ so you can
use both hands to pull it back over your shoe or boot. You’ll notice there’s a ridge there
that goes between the sole and the upper part of your shoe that keeps it from slipping down.
It’s also good because the middle here is thinner and there’s no spikes so that you
could climb something. You could climb a ladder if you wanted to. The tread is extremely aggressive.
It’s good in snow, packed snow, ice, mud and slush. And because the upper is so durable
it’s good that it has replaceable spikes. To replace those spikes all you do get a screw
driver and pry that ring up and pop a new one in and push a new ring over the top. It’s
very simple. They are tungsten carbide spikes so they’re long-lasting. And overall it’s
a very, very well made, durable shoe traction device. Here I’m showing a Grip-X® on a typical
winter boot. You want to be sure that when you put it on that the cleats are centered.
They’re 2 mm tungsten carbide cleats. And I want you to notice something that’s very
important. And that’s the heel spike. You’ll only find that on Jordan David ice cleats.That’s
an important spike because as you take a step the first thing that’s going to hit the ground
is your heel. So you get traction right away. Other traction devices force you to walk a
little bit flat footed. It’s one more thing you’ve got to remember and one thing that
you might forget and cause you to slip. They stay on your boots really well. As you can
see you can’t really pull them off. Nevertheless, I do recommend using the Velcro® straps.
It’s an accessory you can buy. They’re very inexpensive. But sometimes when you walk through
a deep snow particularly a wet snow it can work its way underneath the back and it could
slip off. And they’re just too expensive to lose. And I’m going to show you a clip in
a second about how they go on. It’s actually about AltraGrips-Lite but it works exactly
the same on the Grip-X. Hold the strap so that the shiny side is up. And then you bring
it around between the heel tab and the heel. Bring it up through the slot. Bring it around.
And it fastens. I’m going to do the same thing the other side. Now you can see I’ve done
the same thing on the other side. We’re going to position them so that they crisscross.
And I’m going to show you how that looks on a boot. Then you put the AltraGrips on your
shoe like you normally would. And now you have those Velcro® straps and you simply
wrap them around like that. And let me fix that a little closer. And now you have something
else to hold it on the shoe itself. You can see how it goes on there. And I would just leave them on the shoe because
it’s just one more thing to keep them from coming off. And sometimes they may be too
long you can always trim them. But I would only trim them to the largest shoe size obviously.
Very simple. I would, like I said, really recommend getting the Velcro® straps. Now
for the companies out there that are ordering these know that when you’re ordering these
the size chart is based upon fitting over a work boot. But there is an alternative way
if you want to see if ah you get the best size for a particular pair of shoes or boots.
Measure the length from the edge of the heel to the tip. And in the case of these boots
it’s 13 and 1/2 inches. Ah, what you want to do is select the size on the size chart
of the Grip-X that’s approximately one inch shorter than the length of your boot or shoe.
And again in this case it’s about 13 and 1/2 inches so I’m going to look for the Grip-X
that’s approximately 12 or 12 and 1/2 inches long. And as we can see if I look at the XXL
size it’s approximately 12 and 1/2 inches. So when look at the size chart I’m going to
have the length of the different sizes there so you can check to see and get a pretty good
idea if that particular.. what size you’ll need… for a particular pair of boots or

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