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[Music] hi guys my name is Eddie I’m your host and I hope you’re doing fantastic today so this is the second video of the Amazing Grace Vanderwaal for today she is from New York originally I guess and we just watched her you know first video like she was 12 years old and first time on Got Talent and you know very shy girl and very unconfident you know she she wasn’t sure that she’s going to make it and here we are going to make the huge jump to a recent show that you recommended me it’s called life from sleeper room what does it mean I don’t know where a sleeper room and she she performed you know I saw it it was like a show of half an hour maybe more and I should perform with a couple of songs but I see the whole you know performance maybe I will you know cut it and see not all the videos are really high quality I hope that this one is and that video is called stray stray and and I think that it was it was recorded with a fancam I’m not sure but anyway this is one of her latest videos so it might be no more popular now and yeah it’s my attract more viewers so it’s going to be like jumping and then of course I’m going to go back and you know watch many other stuff of her because yeah she is officially you know one of the winners I don’t know how to call it like she is in the team right now and yeah yeah she will get her place in my rotations for sure I haven’t been investigated too much her channel is she doing covers is she like have I saw that she has official channel but is there materials like like Angelina Jordan she’s just you know singing covering and putting it in our official channel or not so let me know yeah and send me links sent me recommendations what’s next and it’s very interesting I saw a couple of you know same songs but different performances like hearing the slippery room that I saw this song but because of the recommendations I chose specifically this one and of course that we can always go and see the other one later and maybe compare you don’t like you know comparing and this is difficult with with her because she’s a very unique but yeah we can always compare grace to grace right and yeah guys as always if you like this kind of content if you’re new to my channel consider subscribing and also leaving a like and yeah comment tell me what what do you think what you think about me about Grace and yeah all this and without further ado let’s get right into each [Music] one I can explain know how my heart yearns and how my insides turn and how much it’s worth from the weeklies my face turns before you return to the world and down floor but I’ll keep holy mean oh say no but you keep [Music] run away in the dark is where I’ll stray I got a ride song but I wanna feel I keep getting it all wrong [Music] think it out write it out whip it out start all over war and I’ll keep on me oh say no we all keep running in my plane I wanna run away in the dark as well [Applause] the way I used to move the way I used to oh I’m gonna feel the way I still move the way I used to oh oh but I keep only see I keep saying I wanna get away in the dark I keep seeing Oh Oh we’ll keep crawling I wanna kill us [Music] in the dark is well stress I want to feel the way I used to I’m gonna move the way I used to feel the way I used [Music] I want to feel the way I used to [Music] well what’s life [Applause] she looks like she still doesn’t believe herself the whole song she was right into it and her voice got so much more mature I know this big jump you know for me to sing her now but it got stronger it had more confidence in it and you got more mature so also you know her performance how deep did she go you know she was right into this song and if if she performed in the auditions with the original song so I guess this one is original too and there were similarities in the style between between that song and the other one she sometimes you know she she’s like singing and it is rhythmic one universe and the other time she’s just like stopping and the tempo is very low she’s practically speaking and I think that maybe it’s a pattern I don’t know I have to hear a mole of her but anyway she she looks much more mature tell me is this band it’s like her own band that she performs with anywhere what is their name or just the name grace wonder well or maybe it’s just occasional players that accompany her singing there they didn’t show how large is the audience but you know guys for sure she deserves I can see her easily you know perform in places with much much bigger audience and for me I don’t know I see a me revealing haka and I don’t know how did she manage to so quickly you know go that that fast but she performed in big concerts big big concerts and of course this is different style this is great like rock music voice but unique different I don’t know this is just you know right unique not like you know maybe maybe we can talk about Courtney had wind that is also unique but this voice is less you know explosive and all these and less of deeper you know more assault music and it’s like a mood for a certain mode this is this is just great great performance yeah guys I will wrap it up here and I want to thank you for watching this video with me really enjoyed it and I hope that I’ll see in the next one bye bye [Music]


  • Grace writes all her own music. She does an occasional cover. "Stray" is about writing songs, only to throw them away. She wants to "feel and write" like she "used to." She is most proud to be known as a "singer/songwriter." She has performed in every type of venue from small clubs like "The Slipper Room" in New York City, to stadiums and huge arenas. She was the opening act for Imagine Dragons NA tour last year, and opened for Florence + The Machine this year. She stars in Disney's upcoming "Stargirl" movie for 2020. She will embark on a 22 city tour in August. I will get to see her live!!! She won AGT at age 12, then embarked on an amazing journey. Here are her accomplishments since:

    Won America’s Got Talent
    Won Radio Disney Award for Best New Artist
    Nominated Acoustic Music Awards Best Female Artist
    Won Teen Choice Award Next Big Thing
    Won Billboard Women in Music 2017 Rising Star Award
    Nominated Radio Disney Awards Best Song that makes You Smile
    Nominated MTV Music Awards Best Push Artist
    Won MTV Europe Music Awards Best Push Artist
    Won Japan Gold Disc Award New Artist of the Year.
    Two TOP 25 albums
    Three NA tours. Opened for Imagine Dragons, Opened for Florence + The Machine
    Stars in Disney’s “Stargirl” to be released in early 2020
    Sings on soundtrack for animated movie “Wonder Park”
    Billboard magazine named VanderWaal to its 21 Under 21 list of "music's hottest young stars" in three consecutive years, 2016–2018
    Variety listed her in its "Young Hollywood Impact Report 2017".
    She is the youngest person ever included in Forbes' 30 Under 30 Music List.
    Fender signature artist for the ukulele. Two produced in her name.
    Songs used in TV commercials – Honda TV commercial, Windex TV commercial – “Story of Lucy,” Sony commercial – "Beautiful Thing"

  • A beautiful personal universe ! Aurora and Grace : same fight for love !

  • Another thing to note in Grace's career, is that like Angelina Jordan, Grace is not being pushed on Radio or other places to "explode" on to the scene. Grace has demanded a "normal" teen life again, after spending over a year writing, touring and working with nothing but adults. She said that when she got home she felt out of place with her teen peers, and couldn't relate. So, she stopped the home schooling and went back to high school. Grace says she has two lives. One as a performer, and one as a regular teenager. Grace turned 15 in January. Grace is very much in control of her destiny. She is signed by Simon Cowel's Syco Music and records for Columbia Records. If you want to get to know the "great kid and musician" that Grace is, watch this interview on the Zach Sang Show from this year. Grace is way beyond her chronological age.

  • She has opened for florence and the machine and imagines dragons. She has performed for big crowds many times

  • Here is a cover of "In my Blood" done better than the writer of the song.

    and this one, with only her singing without back up.

  • Here is another cover by Grace. River

  • Another good performance from a small N.Y.City venue is "My Mind" by Yebba (Abbey Smith)

  • Grace writes her own songs she does a few covers she has had two albums in the top 25 on the billboard charts she has won 5 music awards including billboards rising star award she is a fender signature artist for the ukelele they made two ukuleles in her name her songs are used in TV shows commercials and movies she is on billboards 21 under 21 for three years in a row on Forbes 30 under 30 for music all of this without mainstream radio play yet her songs are downloaded millions of times on streaming apps like spotify and I heart radio I tunes and such

  • It's her band this was a small launch party for the song stray back in February she has a tour coming up starting August 10th she did 5 shows with florence and the machine a few weeks ago and did 39 shows with imagine dragons last summer and before that her own tour she is comfortable in large areas as shown with her time with imagine dragons and she is comfortable with small venues like the slipper room her last album just the beginning is a fantastic album and a great place to start with some more reactions her song moonlight is about a friend of hers that was going through depression better life is s song she wrote for her brother going through a drug addiction the best song on the album is darkness keeps chasing me live versions of that song are mind blowing

  • Hey Eddie I know you do singers but this girl is boss dancer please react.

  • Grace is no joke she toured with Imagin dragons. She also is leading role in the movie star girl it's a block buster.

  • Here are two fan clips of her show opening for Florence at the American Airlines Area in Miami last week 6/9/19. Shows a more animated Grace then her intimate Slipper Room performance, which was beyond super.
    "So Much More Than This"

  • Good reaction thanks to reacting to Grace , she is special, react to her song Darkness keeps chasing me live on MTV roof top , she wrote this with Micah Premnath when she was 13

  • Eddie, you asked about the band. Her guitarist and back up vocalist is Melissa Doughertry. Melissa is a music teacher, author by day, and a rock star by night. She has been with Grace since just before Grace's North American tour with Imaging Dragons. She's shared the stage with the likes of The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White, and Pearl Jam. The fantastic drummer is Ben Masters. Ben is a Los Angeles based drummer. Ben has worked not only with Grace, but also many others. Ben has performed/recorded at Carnegie Hall, Capitol Records, Madison Square Garden, The Forum, and Red Rocks Amphitheater. Ben has played on National Television on The Late Late Show with James Cordon, MTV’s TRL, and The Today Show. Ben has been with Grace longer than Melissa. And thanks to James Thomas below, the current keyboard artist is Nolan Frank. Singer, and songwriter most famous for his work with artists like Justin Bieber, Sabrina Carpenter, and Noah Cyrus. His debut single as a solo artist, "Smoke & Liquor," was released in 2017. James provided his name, as I couldn't remember it 🙁

  • Grace started her channel to show her covers , the originals came later , I don't have a link but her cover of Shawn Mendes" in my blood" on Elvis Duran radio show

  • you should do more reactions to Disturbed a couple good ones are A reason to fight and the light please and thank you

  • Please do more grace vanderwaal videos 🙂

  • I only see this video of Grace from you.
    here's some live events

  • Grace has been on tv a number of times

  • a very good command thank you in 2017 she opens with jason mraz the special olympics with i,m yours and close it on her own greetings from the netherlands also good is valerie acoustic from billboard

  • Nice reaction. Care for a bigger venue, Grace played? Here´s Austin City Limits 2017, prior her release of Just The Beginning: or this is Madison Square Garden on her JTB tour: Believe me, she can definitely rock an arena.

  • My favorite song of hers that she wrote under 30 minutes when she was about 13. A studio production.

  • As you say, "unique." Unlike most female singers, she has a voice and style which are instantly recognizable. I think it's almost inevitable now that Grace will be one of the great singer/songwriters of our time.

  • I would suggest you react to the song lungs 🙂

  • Just found you. You reacted to Grace Vanderwaal Stray. If you would like to see he range you need to watch he cover of Shawn Mendez's "In My Blood" live on the Elvis Duran Radio
    show. Amazing rendition and makes it her own.

  • If you really want to know Grace go back where you last heard her at America's Got Talent. Start with the song Beautiful Thing (if you've already saw her audition). I advise you not to skip the judges comments.
    There is only 3 more songs that she performed after the audition song (I don't know my name). She wrote and composed all of those. If you take my advice it will be like watching a movie, but it's real life. You will get to see a 12 year girl go from obscurity to becoming a millionaire, and professional songwriter (at 12.. she only picked up the ukalale a year before).
    There are a few of us, who search around and follow those who react to her.
    BTW , thanks for checking out Grace. Please do more. (Liked and Subbed)
    ✌️😎 Peace

  • You forgot to mention youngest person to perform at Austin City limits

  • Where is your reaction to Grace's audition?

  • She has many songs and maybe 2 more coming out in 2019. She just acted in a movie that fit perfectly for her, called Star Girl and we are waiting to see it.

  • Grace is a unique artist and only fifteen , won AGT at twelve wrote all her songs that she performed. Truly a prodigy with immense potential
    . Her song writing and melodic bridges can compare to great song writers 3 times her age. She delivers her message directly into your heart like a sledge hammer. She is truly one of a kind. Enjoyed your reaction and will check out your platform again thumbs up it is a simple song but truly profound in its meaning and emotional content

  • This was the first time she performed STRAY for an audience. It is an original.

  • It's a room where people go to sleep.

  • You know, there is a source called Youtube; you should check it out.

  • Linda música parabéns Grace vanderwaal

  • Grace is a natural live performer. Anything she does live is worth watching. My favorite may be her rooftop performance of Darkness Keeps Chasing Me. The story is that she wrote this song in half an hour at the end of a recording session.

  • Lots of good points in your reaction, like her varying the pace, even stopping. She was criticized for that by music teachers as a child, but she's always done what her gut tells her. The musicians are friends she often performs with: Nolan Frank, Melissa Dougherty & Ben Masters (L to R). They each have interesting careers. Would love to see your earlier reaction video, don't think it's on your channel now. Thanks for this one!

  • This performances was the FIRST time she had performed this in public.

  • Glad you reacted to this….she has much more out there. This is her band.

  • Take a look for a review cover of River

  • You do not even have to react to this. Just watch the whole thing. I believe she was 13 when she won this award. Shows a great kid with a bright future

  • No Angelina does covers, Grace is a songwriter. She won AGT in 2016 because of the 4 songs she wrote. Many people try to compare her to other teens singers but she is known for her brilliant song writing plus unique vocals
    The explosive voice your talking about is probably her " Escape My Mind" and "So Much More Than This" songs I gave you this one because it is a concert where you can see how many people there is but there are better videos

  • You need to do SOME research WORK then maybe you won't stumble around so much

  • As a singer/songwriter she is a genius.

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