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Why Sharp Dressed Men Love The Goodyear Welt
[0:00:00] Anytime you start to talk about quality footwear,
you can guarantee that the words Goodyear welted are going to pop up into the conversation. But, what exactly is a Goodyear welted shoe
and what advantages does a Goodyear welted shoe have over the Blake stitch or bonded
shoe? That is the subject of today’s video. [Music]
Gentlemen, throughout this video you’re going to see some great-looking Goodyear welted
dress shoes. If you want to grab any of these, I’m linking
to them down in the description and you’re going to find them over at Thursday Boots. The paid sponsor of today’s video and a
sponsor I’ve worked with for over two years. So, if you already own some Thursday Boots,
you know these are some of the best made most comfortable and some of the best deals on
the planet when it comes to Goodyear welted footwear, guys. They’re using the tier one leather out of
the United States that has no blemishes that looks great. So, yeah, right here the upper I can spend
a lot of time a lot of money on the materials here. Then, I looked at the practicality of the
sole. They’ve actually not only have the rubber
right over here, but then they’ve got this rubber right here going through the leather
and they got layers of leather I can see right in here. Overall, an amazing construction at a great
price. And that’s what I want to stress, Nolan
and his company they are committed to offer you guys high quality shoes. I’ve met these guys in person, they are
the real deal. I’m linking to them down in the description. Go check out and support Thursday Boots. Now, to start this off let me quickly explain
the difference between bonded shoe construction, Blake stitch construction, and Goodyear welted
shoe construction. The first type of shoe construction I’m
going to talk about here is the bonded method and this one that use an adhesive to attach
the upper down to the sole. You’re going to see cement, you’re going
to see glues, but they’re using no stitching to connect the upper down to the sole. This is going to be the least expensive form
of manufacturing. They are basically producing disposable shoes. Now, there are some advantages. It can produce a very lightweight shoe. So, for combat boots for running shoes, this
is probably the type of construction that you do want to go with. Next up, we’ve got the Blake stitch method. And this is a huge step up in quality from
the bonded method. We’re not using glue here, we are actually
stitching the upper down to the sole. Very common in Italian dress shoe manufacturing
because it enables you to create a very slick looking dress shoe of high quality. So, try to imagine this as links in the chain. With Blake construction, you’ve only got
two links and they are directly connected to each other – the upper and the sole. In Goodyear welted construction the welt is
the key. The welt is directly sewn in the upper the
welt is directly sewn to the sole, but the sole is not directly sewn to the upper. We have three links in the chain and the upper
and the sole are separated by the welt. All right. I know what you guys are thinking, how does
that small difference in construction why does that matter why does that make a difference? Guys, let’s get into the three reasons the
Goodyear welted shoe has an advantage now over the other forms of construction. Now, the first advantage is going to be weather-resistance. So, if you’ve got snow if you’ve got sleet
outside you’ve got rain, it is something with Blake-stitched shoes, oftentimes wearers
will complain about their feet getting wet. Why? Because you’ve got the upper directly connected
to the sole and what’s connecting them is that thread. That is your only line of defense when it
comes to a Goodyear welt construction. Again, just the way that the shoe is made
the way that the insole lies in there and the way that the welt is connected to the
outsole, all of that basically does not provide an easy path for water into the shoe. Now, the second advantage of Goodyear welted
shoes is that in general they have a more robust built. They’re built for a man that wants to take
care of his shoes and get them resoled. He wants something that he can invest in,
a pair of shoes that he’s going to take care of. The manufacturing process for Goodyear welted
is going to be one of the most expensive ways to make shoes. And therefore, it’s going to be chosen by
manufacturers that spent a lot of money on the upper, spend a lot of money on the sole
and the materials that go in there because the craftsmanship the detail that goes into
the work they are spending so much on that labor. Hey, they’re going to go ahead and spend
the extra money on the materials. Advantage number three. Goodyear welted shoes are the easiest to resole
and can be resoled many more times than other types of shoes. So, with the Blake stitch, the problem there
is you’ve got the upper that’s attached to the sole and you’re actually putting
holes on the upper. You can only do that so many times when before
it’s going to just tear down and basically the bottom of the upper is going to fall off. Now, with glued with bonded shoes, yes, you
can get those resoled, but every time you do that it does a little bit of damage, again,
to the bottom of the shoe and oftentimes you’ve got such an inferior upper it’s even not
worth it. Now, when it comes to Goodyear welted shoes,
not only is the resoling going to be easy because the stitching is on the outside, but
as long as the upper stays in great shape you can resole this as many times as you want. You’re simply replacing the sole, you’re
also going to replace the welt, but the upper is going to stay intact. [0:05:01]
Now, this next advantage is kind of a bonus advantage that some people will say about
Goodyear welted shoes and that’s that they’re going to be more comfortable. The big thing between here and the Blake stitch
is that the actual stitching happens with the Blake stitch on the inside of the shoe
right here on the Goodyear welt. As we’ve talked about that happens on the
outside, so there’s not stitching on the inside of the shoe when it comes to the Goodyear
welted shoe. A lot of guys say that’s more comfortable. Me personally, I love both styles. And this video wasn’t about bashing one
style saying one is truly better than the other. It really depends on what your needs are,
what you want to get out of the shoes, but I think for a number of situations, definitely
a Goodyear welt has its advantages. All right, gentlemen, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. What do you think of this video? Did I miss anything? Would you have added anything to make it better? And what type of dress shoes do you like? Do you like the Goodyear welted type or are
you a Blake stitch man? Let me know down in the comments what you
prefer. Me personally, I’ve got a wide variety. Yes, I love my Goodyear welted shoes. I’ve got a wide variety of different Blake-stitched
shoes that I like. I’ve got bonded, yes, glued shoes that I
like. Why? Because they were inexpensive, they got me
started. I’ve got running shoes that works perfectly
fine for glued. But, when it comes down to you want to step
up to the Goodyear welt, one of the highest signs of quality when it comes to men’s
dress shoe if you want a great deal. I’m linking to them down in the description. Thursday Boots, great company. I love every – I mean, yeah, wholecut, you
guys have been wanting a pair like these? I mean this is going to be a great price. Go check them out. You guys have bought their boots, you love
the styles everything they’re bringing, incredibly comfortable. I’ve got four pairs that I put a lot of
miles on and I can tell you guys that it’s a great brand great company. I’ve spent time with them in New York. I’m proud to support them. And, again, I’m linking to them in the description
and that’s it. All right, guys, take care. And I don’t know what else to do for you
here. Just at least you can watch me smell these
shoes. Ah, new shoes smell. Isn’t it – isn’t it great just leather
in general? Ah, nice. [Music]
[0:07:09] End of Audio


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