GOLGAPPA CHALLENGE || #Kids #Bloopers || Aayu and Pihu Show

Tell us what is it ? Golgappa panipuri puchka Hi Friends Many of our friends suggested us to make GOLGAPPA CHALLENGE I can eat 20 pani poori at a time I am small and I can eat only 5 Mumma look sister is cheating in this challenge No we will do a different type of golgappa challenge What is this mummy This is for aayu This is for PIHU Mummy what are these 5 packs ? You can’t do golgappa challenge, because aayu is small I have kept 5 things in these packs Whatever comes out, you hav to put in golgappa and eat It can be any thing can we eat that ? yes you can eat that Surprise lets start But who will start first Aayu you are small… so you start FROOTI How does it taste ? He is trying to say SISTER I LOVE IT What will I get ? Open the first one Tropicana Juice 5 number enjoy this juice in golgappa In this – Juice, juice juice golgappa Aayu dont touch …. no cheating I wish I will get juice again Yummy It is very tasty Aayu now it is your turn. Which number will you choose. Number 1 LASSI LASSI LASSI LET ME OPEN IT pour some lassi inside golgappa it is looking like milk I also want to taste it How do you like it ? GOOD Next pihu’s turn PIHU which one will you choose Try first one. You will get juice in that Are you sure ….. If it didnt come then ? Then you can beat me ….. HAHAHAHA COCONUT WATER Even I like coconut water… ME TOO How is it ??? You didn’t liked it ?? You can eat golgappa with JUICE and LASSI…. But with COCONUT WATER no no no no no Now it is my turn… YES FANTA …. FANTA …. FANTA…. Number 4… Shall I open it ? Laughing I also want to drink FANTA Take it and drink How is it AAYU ??? Very Good. Aayu is getting tasty options OK… Next turn… PIHU Number 2 How come I get this ? GREEN CHILLY SAUCE It is number 2nd AAYU I don’t know, how will it taste? Sister fill it to top… NO NO NO Put more green chilly sauce… It is very less Now eat it …. HAHAHA Eat green chilly…. AAYU laughing…. Give me some water… Those who like spicy… Try it with GREEN CHILLY SAUCE It is very spicy…. TOMATO SAUCE I don’t know how will it taste How is it aayu?? You liked it ??? Really ?? You want more TOMATO SAUCE ??? Next is PIHU’s turn HERSHY’s MILK SHAKE THANK GOD… I got this better after 2 bad options. Even I didn’t liked COCONUT WATER No one eats golgappa with milk shake. But still I will try. HMMMM…. It is very tasty. I didn’t even imagined, that it will taste SO GOOOOD…. Sister, I will take the option in the last. Now it your turn. Lets see.. Now, what will come? FIZZ APPY FIZZ Inside a golgappa ??? Laughing I don’t know how will it taste? You have to eat it …. UMMM…. It was not good…. I want to eat 1 plain golgappa. Taste of my mouth is very bad now. Golgappa with APPY FIZZ…. NO NO NO NO I will finish the last one… I hope I will get a good one… good one… good one… yeeeeeesssssssssss CHOCOLATE SHAKE I got all good options…. very good… very good Ok laughing How is it AAYU ???? It is spicy ??? It is very spicy ??? It is very very spicy ??? It is sweet…. It is like a sweet GOLGAPPA AAYU’s favourite chocolate filled in golgappa You enjoyed it ???? Say thank you to mumma Thank you mumma Please hit like button…. Now it you turn. What will you eat with golgappa? Tell us by comment It is very good game. You can play with your friends. BYE BYE STOP STOP…. Bloopers coming FROOTI … yummy laughing yummy tasty CHILLY SAUCE with golgappa I don’t want to remember that taste COCONUT WATER with golgappa LASSI with golgappa FROOTI with a golgappa What was that ?? FANTA FANTA with golgappa GOLGANTA LUGHING It is very very spicy…. WELCOME TO AAYU AND PIHU SHOW O O O O O OOOO HAHAHAHAHAHA

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