Goldie and Bear Season 2 Episode 003 004 If the Slipper Fits A Royal Cheese Mystery Part 11

well then perhaps you can explain this Parmesan cheese I I was sniffing around looking for the cheese thief I must have gotten a little on my whisker it’s true Prince Charming he was with us ah Goldie and bear as far as I’m concerned their word as good as gold this mouse is innocent thank you your highness what but what if it was in him then cheese melting the thieves are melting down the Royal cheese’s we must act the big could do we grilled cheese and tomato sandwich deluxe I’m not the guy who shits the cheese thief was this well-known food Swiper all along big bad couldn’t have been big bad that sandwiches made with cheddar you’re right there was no cheddar at the cheese show wait so that means the real thieves could still be at the cheese show to the tea show wait a minute this is tisha I’m sorry to report saya even more cheese has gone missing look ryan’s found something he’s a cheese expert Brian tell me what you’ve got I picked up the thieves trail Jack and Jill was there free cheese the world – did you say free cheese yeah thanks mister

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