Glove Leathers & Linings – Peccary Gloves, Lamb Nappa, Hairsheep & Deerskin Leather

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s
video is about glove leather and linings so you find the one that’s best for you. First, let’s talk about cowhide and bisonhide.
Cowhideis very common for leathergoods however, not so much for gloves because it’s not a
flexible leather. For your hands, when you move, you want things to be flexible and therefore
it’s very hard to find. I’m wearing a pair of bison gloves here right now and I can tell
it’s a thicker leather, it’s hard wearing and it’s good for work gloves but maybe not
the best choice for formal dress gloves. The next leather is deer skin. Deer skin leather
is very popular with gloves because it’s softer but also durable. As you can see here, if
it’s thin, it makes for a very elegant glove. If you want to learn more about glove details,
please check out this video. Generally, deer skin is very popular with outdoorsy folks
and it’s alsoused for work gloves. It’s a good in between glove that you can get relatively
easily. Goat skin is another leather that is widely
used simply because it is inexpensive. The problem of goat skin is it’s cheap, wrinkles
easily and it’s not just a very beautiful glove leather. So if you can, avoid goat skin
leathers. On the other hand, lamb napa is one of the
best leathers because it’s extremely flexible so it feels very comfortable when you wear
it and it’s also really soft. It ages quite well, it gets sophisticated wrinkles and a
patina that is really nice to look at. For that reason, we use finest italian lamb napa
leather for our Fort Belvedere gloves. Another popular leather is the so called hair
sheep leather. Hair sheep is often cinfused with lamb napa. They’re very similar, some
people say that hair sheep is a little more durable but at the same time, it’s also not
as soft as lamb napa. It’s a great glove leather and you can use it, buy it. Personally, I
prefer Lamb napa but each to his own. Another leather we sometimes find in gloves
is sheep skin leather or shearling leather. It’s a little stiffer and with the shearling,
it definitely keeps you warm but it’s just for a cold winter not for dress gloves. They
simply look too bulky and are not elegant enough to wear with an overcoat. Maybe if
you leave in the woods or if you’re an outdoors man, it’s a viable option otherwise, personally
I’d stay away from shearling. The king of all glove leathers is the so called
peccary leathers. Peccary comes from a south african mammal, sometimes people refer to
it as a wild boar but in fact it’s more closely related to the havalina and it’s its own species.
Peccary leather as you can see here, has a beautiful texture. It has these prongs that
are very unique to it and it’s a very soft leather. The longer you wear it, the softer
it gets and at the same time it’s extremely durable and the peccary glove will last twenty
years for sure if you take care of them. For example, I’ve had this pair of peccary gloves
for over ten years. Once we got them in the snow, they were laying outside for at least
24 hours in the snow with salt, I was able to wash them afterwards and they’re beautifully
soft and have this nice look and patina. Honestly every gentleman should have a pair of peccary
gloves and at Fort Belvedere, we offer only the very best skins from Peru which are very
expensive but we think they’re worth it. What’s really important is that a peccary is a wild
animal, as such they scratch their skin and when they get shot, you have little marks
so peccary is unlike other leathers, it will have some blemishes but it’s the softest you
can get but there will always be some variations that just adds to the character and the patina
of this wonderful glove. People often confuse peccary leather with
carpincho leather. carpincho has a slightly suede texture, has also it’s characteristic
prong but it’s not quite as high quality than peccary leather. It also comes from South
America and is often falsely labeled as peccary so definitely watch out when you see something
that looks a little bolder in a pattern like this, this is a carpincho leather, it’s less
expensive but not as durable and not as soft. Sometimes you also find gloves in pigskin
leather, pigskin is basically a poor man’s peccary and it’s just inferior in every aspect;
durability, softness, patina. So if you can, get a pair of peccary gloves and treat yourself
to the best thing around in the glove world. For winter gloves, you definitely want a lined
glove. Now, if you go on an arctic exhibition, you will need different gloves. Today, we
have modern fibers, fleece in various thicknesses. If you’re a motorcycler, you need special
motorcycle gloves and not men’s dress gloves. For men’s dress gloves, a unusual but excellent
lining is alpaca. Alpaca comes from Peru for the most part but you can find it in other
areas of the world but the best quality comes from Peru. It’s best because it’s very fine
which means it’s very sof to the touch and naturally, there is an air chamber inside
the hair which acts as an insulator therefore, alpaca lining is warmer than a wool lining
or a cashmere lining. We offer all of our Fort Belvedere peccary
gloves with alpaca lining because both things come from Peru and it makes sense to combine
them together. Probably one of the more popular linings is
cashmere lining. Cashmere comes from the cashmere goat, it’s a very soft lining and therefore
it’s very popular. It’s about as warm as wool, not as warm as an alpaca but iverall a very
common glove lining and at Fort Belvedere, we choose to use kind of a nude lining so
if there are any knobs, you will never see fuss on your hand, it will always look natural
and good. Wool linings are also very popular, it’s just
a less expensive option compared to alpaca or cashmere. SO if you can, either get alpaca
or cashmere because they’re simply better. They’re either softer or warmer and wool is
just less expensive. Silk linings are used for evening gloves or
very fine gloves. It just helps you to get into the glove more easily at the same time,
they are not really insulating. Many gloves you find in big box stores or places like
macy’s and department stores oftentimes come with a blended lining; either polyester, sometime
they use fleece which is also some kind of polyester and overall I don’t recommend them.
Just like with suits, natural fibers are desirable because they have really great properties.
if you want a glove, if you go to Alaska, well, get a total functional glove but if
you want dress gloves, stick with natural fibers.


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