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Hi everybody, I’m Kisrty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do a crystal nail. So, this nail will be crystal clear with – you guessed it- a bit of bling. So, I have already prepped this nail. So, I’ve done the cuticle work and all that shebang. We have the lovely Dina with us today. If you don’t know much about Dina, I coule tell you loads, shall we? So, we’re gonna apply sculpting form because we’re doing this little like a crystal nail inspired kind of from not crystals, more inspired from Adam: Icicles.
Kirsty: Icicles! Adam: That was like the worst mime ever? Dina: what was that from? Kirsty: Me brain…I was trying to get me brain to engage. What am I talking about? I’m talking about icicles. So, it’s a very glamorous nail this is, very glamorous nail. So we’re gonna dehydrate, and then we’re gonna do two coats of primer. Very important to make sure that you remove all the nail. The length of the nail that is, not the actual nail. I don’t mean like, just rip the nail off. We have a video on that. So, remove all that length, make sure your form fits perfectly. This is key. Now, we’re going to use max adhesion and crystal clear. What I’m gonna do is pick up a bead, I am not going to bleed this bead out. I’m gonna let it do it’s thing, and then, I’m just gonna make sure it goes straight up to that nail and slightly overlaps onto the nail. The less you touch the acrylic, the less bubbles will be in there. So, if you think, ” Oh, I want to do a crystal nail but it’s always full of bubbles”, maybe you’re working it too much. So, I’m gently stroking this as well. And also, if you dry your bead out, if you blot it out onto paper, you blot that bead out, you will get bubbles as well. So, you want to keep touching it. Make sure you’ve got enough liquid on your brush to be able to just glide over it and not really interfere with the product. Same again, clear bead, let it do its thing. Let it start to polymerize. Tip the big finger down, It’s not gonna flood anywhere. Then you can gently move it exactly where you want it. The reason I didn’t do one big bead and go straight on is because I would have had to touch the bead so many times. It would have forced bubbles into the bead, and we don’t want that. That’s why I am sort of doing it in layers. So, I’ve done a free edge first, and now I’m coming here to build up strength. And I’m gonna come here, at the back, to make that nice and thin but also overlap which will give us the apex. So we’ve done in three different areas, just so I know that everything is controlled and everything’s really clear. Because it’s the clarity that we’re after. So, the same again, pop that bead on, let it do its thing… Tug it over. So, you can see we’re building the apex on the back-third now. Tiny bit there. Don’t touch your bead until it’s polymerized. You’ll know, because it will go fully shiny, As soon as it’s really shiny, you can then start to touch it. And polymerization is where the powder and the liquid come together, and it’s a chemical reaction. So now, I am getting rid of all the bubbles out of my brush. Tap it on the side. I’m just making sure that I have everything laid down, all this structure. That’s all I’m doing with that last bead. So, it’s that very important to get rid of the bubbles out of your brush because if you don’t, then they will end up in the acrylic and we don’t want that. It’s important if you are doing a crystal nail to make sure that you use fresh monomer, which you should use on every client anyway. Imagine if your dampen dish has got bits of glitter in from previous clients and things like that. Make sure it’s really nice and clean, else you will pick that up and you’ll transfer it into the acrylic. I’m just gonna wait for that to set up a little bit and then I’ll pinch. I’m gonna pop the pinching tool on. Do a test pinch, let it stay on there for a few seconds, and take it off. Make sure it’s not collapsing anything. And now, I’m gonna just leave it on there. And I’m gonna pinch down the length as well, because you want it nice and slim. This will be the last part that starts to set and I know what you’re thinking, ”but you put that on first.” I may have put it on first but it will set last. It’ll set it at a similar time to this part, but it will set last because there’s no heat there. There’s no heat from the natural finger. The natural finger? are all of our fingers is natural? most are?. So, there’s no heat from the natural nail and the finger to help it set, so it will set last. So that’s why I can still pinch this part. I’m gonna take the form off. So there we are. Look at that. You can see it’s very clear and obviously at the minute, it looks quite matte. because we haven’t filed it or shined it and everything like that. So, I’m gonna use a 180 grip file. This is a straight 180 grip file, and we also have a curved 180 grip file. This is better for side wall, this is better for around the cuticle area. I am going to take off the sharp edges, very important. I’m gonna run my file down here here, and here, so flat and then each side and take off that sharp edge. So, as I run my finger down If I did that for too long, I probably get cut. You can take that off. This is where it all files You need to take those edges off. So, I’m gonna use this straight file. Gonna use nice, straight sidewalls. So, we’re using the curved file now, to go around cuticle area. Make that nice and flush. I’m gonna contour the top surface. Now, you can use either file to do this, whatever you’re comfortable with. You could use a curve file for your side walls as well if you want to. I do slightly prefer the curved file if I’m honest. And I’m gonna buff over to smooth this out now. Now, I’ve got a pink white block. Pink white block? [Adam and Kirsty laughing] I’ve got pink buffer. This is a white block, you know, and it’s a bit white. It’s the same grit, one is just pink. Adam: That goes with your hair a bit more
Kirsty: Yeah Kirsty: Yeah.
Adam: because you’re hair is pink at the moment Kirsty: . So, make sure you cover all the curves of the nail. Don’t just go, ”hmm, i will do it” because you want to make sure you remove the demarcations on the nails. So, all those little scratches, you need to make sure we get rid of those. I am gonna use a polisher now to shine… We’re not gonna completely shine this, we’re actually just gonna smooth it out even more. And I’m doing this because we’re doing a crystal nail. So we doing clear crystal nail. Now, I’m gonna wipe over with pure acetone. Give it a nice clean. I’m gonna whip underneath a little bit as well, and that’s just going to smooth it even more as well. I’m gonna top coat with the urban graffiti topcoat because it’s a little bit thinner, I don’t want to bulk it out or anything yet. I want it shiny before I put stones on. The stones alone will actually bulk it out, so that’s why I’m using the urban graffiti topcoat. Now, pop that in. I’m gonna top coat underneath now as well. Can see it’s not as shiny as the top surface. So, you want to pull the finger back. So, basically I’m pulling this skin back holding that firm. You don’t wanna touch the skin. Oh, it looks shiny already. Pop that in the lamp. So you’re gonna pop it in the lamp upside down as well. So, you can see that that is really crystal clear now. It’s a lot shiny as well. You will always get a very slight, you know, very slight bubbles but how I applied it will definitely reduce the bubbles down and give you that crystal clear. I’m going to use clear acrylic to adhere the large stones I’m gonna put on. I’m gonna take off any of the excess acrylic because it’s on a shiny surface, while it’s soft, it will just sort of slide off. You’ve got to be neat with your application of stones because you don’t wanna see all the acrylic everywhere. If you do this look and then you make it look messy with too much acrylic while you’re adhering stones, it’ll just take away that whole look of it. Being so clean and crystal-like. I’m gonna fill in here with stones, just here. And this part will be completely crystal-clear. I’m gonna finish this nail… Look at this now! Look at all that bling bling bling and I’m loving how crystal clear it is. And I decided to put a few of the stones on the end just to really exaggerate that we’ve got pack of stones here and then, this lovely crystal nail and then the stones on the end really exaggerate the crystal part of the nail. Rubbing the crystal clear look. Finish with some cuticle oil. There you are guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed that video. How to do a crystal clear nail inspired by icicles. because it’s getting cold, it really is. I hope it doesn’t snow too soon. Do you know why? That’s a lie. I realize now. I love it! Don’t wanna drive in it but I love playing in it. Diana: Oh no, all wet and cold. So, don’t forget check us out on Facebook and Instagram, and I’ll see you guys in the next video, Bye bye!

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