Gin: Part 2 : How to Make the Crystal Slipper Cocktail Mixed Drink

Okay, the drink we’re about to make is called
Crystal Slipper Cocktail. And we’re going to serve this up in a martini glass so go
ahead and put some water and ice in to your martini glass while you’re making the drink
and that’ll get it nice and cool. And add ice to your glass and do two shots of gin.
There’s one and there is two. And do one shot of blue Curacao. Give us a nice crystal blue
color. Last, we’re going to do two dashes of orange bitters. One and two. Now, let’s
mix this up. Get it nice and cold. We’re going to be serving it with no ice, up, in a martini
glass. You always want to make sure you get the drink nice and cold. That ought to do
it. Go ahead and grab your martini glass and get a strainer. We should have a nice blue/green
color. Perfect. And that’s it. Bottoms up!!!

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