GIANT Prop Hunt IRL | Paintball Edition!!

Bobby: Hey guys, welcome to Team Edge. This is the Giant Prop Hup IRL (staff laughing) Prop Hup?? Bobby: Hey guys, welcome to Team Edge this is the Giant Prop Hunt… I did it again This is the Giant Edition so yeah, I’m inside a giant sushi burrito, this is my favorite, but also check out this shirt This is the Bobby number two shirt has a dragon on it. Go pick it up. This is for this month’s shirt. So it’s not gonna be here forever Go get it! Bryan: So the way we’re playing this game this time we’re using a paintball gun. Limited amount of shots, how many shots that we get Bobby? Five! What are the teams we named? J-Fred: (FIVE!!) Staff: Connor and Joey. Bobby and Bryan. Bobby: Alright! Bryan: Alright and you guys. And you guys and you guys and you guys. You’re gonna want to stick to the end because I was on the Get Good Gaming channel where we did prop hunt video game style. Conner: Like actual prop hunt. Bryan: We did take all the safety precautions for this one. So if it looks like we’re not being safe… J-Fred: You’re wrong! Bobby: Going in the Camera. Bryan: The what? The Couta? What the heck, how’d you fit in there? Bobby: (muffled) I have no room. Bryan: ‘kay Joey’s going next. Ah wait. This is better, I’m just I’m just so nervous. I don’t know where to go. I’m just trying to throw him off a little bit This is scary y’all. Oh now I’m ready. Conner: Okay. (Bryan: oh god) I’m nervous. Let’s hear a taunt. Dude, I can’t hear anything. Did they talk? Bryan: (quiet) Yes. Conner: Did they say something? Bryan: (quiet) Yes. Conner: There’s a shoe over there. They’re trying to bait me out. I’m gonna shoot one of the doors first. Bryan: (quiet) Oh thank goodness. Connor: Okay, I’m gonna shoot door number ….one! Let’s see, did I hit somebody? Oh I didn’t, okay, so I’m bad at this. Oh, I’m gonna shoot the dice in the back Am I good? Clear? Nothing. Oh… J-Fred: I’m pretty sure that hit my mask. Connor: But I- if the gun had fired would I have shot you? J-Fred: It did fire. There’s a paintball in there. Bobby: There’s paintball – what happened? Connor: Oh it’s on his head! J-Fred: It hit my head! (Connor laughing) It’s on your head! J-Fred: Dang I’m glad I wore a helmet. Oh my helmet. Connor: Oh I didnt know this fired! ‘Cause it- it rapid fired. J-Fred: Oh! Mamacita, why do you have to go for me immediately? Connor: Oh, you’re teammate! Oh no! J-Fred: You don’t see the hole? Connor: How many lives live do I have left? J-Fred: Three. Connor: Let’s hear another taunt. Helloooo? Bryan: (quiet) This is so scary. Connor: I Feel like somebody’s in this. J-Fred: Nope nobody’s in there. Connor: No?! I feel like somebody’s in the camera. I’m gonna shoot the camera. Dude am I just this bad? J-Fred: Bobby he hit your box. Connor: Oh Bobby was in there? (Laughs) J-Fred: If he wasn’t in that spot I think you would have missed him. Connor: Oh it went through the other side! J-Fred: When did you get a trench coat on Bobby? Connor: I still have one life left. Brian? Let’s see a little wiggle for some Tomahawk Steaks. I feel like he’s in there. Bryan: OH! Connor: YEAH!!! J-Fred: Nice! Connor: Yeah! J-Fred: Did it hit you? No. That was- It went poosh. Bryan: No! That was- It went poosh! (Connor laughing) J-Fred: You cheaters put trench coats on! Connor: Alright guys. Now we hide. I can’t fit in that. I’m too wide. I’m not looking forward to this at all. This is gonna suck! Can’t believe I shot Joey in the head. On accident. Bobby: Alright alright alright! Bryan: (quiet) Oh yeah Bobby’s on my team. Bobby: Aimin’ for the coffee cup. J-Fred: Dang it!!! Bobby: Alright, here we go. Let’s see if anyone’s in there. Three! Two! One! J-Fred: Ow! Bobby: Oh yes! Yes! I got Joey! Look at those tiny little chicken legs! J-Fred: Dang it! Did you see me moving? Bobby: No, I didn’t. J-Fred: The first one you went for? Bobby: I have one more to go. Background: Dang it! Bobby: But I’m gonna go with… the couch. Bryan: (quiet) Nooo! OWWWWWWW! J-Fred: Dang it! Bryan: AHHH! WHY?! J-Fred: Yes! J-Fred: I thought that was Connor. Bryan: Right on the meaty part of my chest! Oh! Bobby: One more to go. Bryan: Bobby. Use your Sonar. Your echolocation. Bobby: I’m going to go with… The Rubik’s Cube. Bryan: Rudukay? Ribex? Bobby: With the Rubik’s. Three! Two! One! J-Fred: He’s got one more shot. Bobby: Oh, I gotta find him. J-Fred: Connor might get away. Bobby: Three! Two! One! Connor: AHHH! Bryan: YES!!! Connor: AHHH! Bobby: Yeah! We got him! Connor: It’s so hot in there! Oh my gosh! J-Fred: Alright, I decided to leave the trench coat on because I feel like I’m in the WWE, you know? They walk out there in they’re like- Staff: Because your team won the last round, you have the opportunity to get a hint as to where your teammate is in the next round. J-Fred: (Spanish) Staff: So, I need you to pick a number between one and three. J-Fred: Seven. Connor: Wanna know why I chose this? Bryan: Why? Connor: ‘Cause it’s the biggest one. (Laughing) Bryan: Can we make sure the powers off please before I get plugged in? Bobby: (Howls) I’m a coyote. Ah papaya! Connor: Papaya mamaya pamaya maiya papaya maiya. Bobby: (Random mouth noises) Welcome, to my fort. Staff: Bobby where’s your phone? You may take that and use it as you please. J-Fred: Does he know? Staff: Okay, Joey’s coming in! J-Fred: Alright, I wanna- I wanna look for Bobby first. Mr. Bobby first. Connor: (quiet) I hope he doesn’t destroy me in the process. J-Fred: Hey Bobby! (inaudible) Connor: Yeah J-Fred: Bobby… Connor: Yeah. J-Fred: See the difference between this, uh, crunchy tiger styrofoam sushi bowl thing– Whatever the Bobby gets– is it was open before and you can see inside. wrong. So I think Bobby’s in the Connor: Wrong. J-Fred: So I think Bobby’s in the, uh, the sushi burrito box. J-Fred: You know what? Never mind. I don’t think he’s in the sushi burrito box. Bryan: No! He has cheating! J-Fred: Oh Bobby… I’m gonna go for the couch. Oh! Gosh! (Laughing) That didn’t work at all! I need to gain some weight! Ow. ‘kay they’re not in there. Maybe he’s– maybe Bobby’s in the camera again. No, you know what I think he’s in the tissue box. Yep, he’s definitely in the tissue box. You know why I think he’s in the tissue box because I have a live stream of his GoPro right now! Bobby: I knew it! I knew that’s why– (inaudible yelling) J-Fred: Say hi Bobby! Bobby: You suck! J-Fred: That’s your phone, too. So I get three more huh? Dang it Connor! You’re on my team though! Connor: I know! Why did you do that? Why would you do that? I’m on your team bro. J-Fred: Why would you be in there? I’m on your team. Connor: ‘Cause it’s comfortable! Close it! J-Fred: Goodnight. I think he might be in the camera. I think Bryan’s in the camera! Is Bryan in the camera?! It’s not the camera! Connor: Oh my gosh… Definitely not in the sushi box. J-Fred: Alright. Alright. Connor: Got’em! J-Fred: Ow, my shoulder. Bryan: My knees were– ow.. Ow! I don’t wanna play this anymore! Connor: Yeah! Bryan: Time to get some payback. Connor: We’re on day five in the Team Edge Warehouse now. No signs of life in this box, just me. I’ve been eating this helmet. Staff: There are extra things hidden underneath these boxes. So if you land on one, you have to do that punishment. Bryan: What? Ah, dang it. That’s messed up. Now I’m nervous to smash anything! I’m gonna go for this one. Three! Two! One! What? Nothing there! Ah, dang, I tried to throw it away. What is this? Easy. Oh, it’s a spray. What is this? Easy… Oh it’s a spray. Oh my- oh my jaw hurts. I sense movement. Dang it now I’m just nervous to do this! This box has a…repulsive smell to it. As if Connor’s in here. Tooting away. Tooting? Connor: No one thinks I could fit in to this box. But I did. ‘Cause I’m getting skinny. Bryan: Tooting. Belly Flop! Oh Bobby! No! Bobby! (Dramatic music) Bobby! You can take the helmet off. Bobby: The light… Bryan: Bobby you ok? Here, here. Energy, energy. That woke him up! Sour– super sour spray. Three. Two. One. Connor: (quiet) Ugh, it’s so hot. Bryan: Sounds hollow to me. See the sound difference? Someone’s in here. Yeah. Three, two, one. Get back over here. Hey. Cheater! Cheater! I shouldn’t have counted down. J-Fred: Still got Connor-hole left, huh? Bryan: Connor-hole. He’s gonna be the one that I’m not expecting. You guys are playing tricksies on me. This one. J-Fred: This is your last chance. Bryan: Last one. Brace yourself Connor-hole. What?! No!!! J-Fred: Alright Connor. Come out Connor! Bryan: No!!! He was in it! He was in– Connor: Oh my gosh it was so hot in there. Oh… It was so hot in there. J-Fred: That’s right boy! Connor: Too much body heat for one small box, dude. J-Fred: Heck yeah boy! (Baby voice) And you guys lost so you get the punishment like always little Bobby. Staff: We bought extra extra extra strong mints. Connor: And you have to drink ice water drink ice water. Staff: And you have to drink ice water after. (inaudible) Connor: No, it’s gonna like hurt your throat so bad… Bryan: I don’t get brain freezes. It just hurts. good luck bub. Did you try? J-Fred: No it’s not a brain freeze it just hurts. Connor: Good luck, bub. Bobby: Did you try one? Connor: It’s burning my throat. Chew it. Chew it and swallow it. Staff: Drink the water. Bryan: Boy the chewing it made it more intense. Connor: Yeah that’s what I was sayin’, yeah. Bryan: Oh, it’s coming out of my nostrils! J-Fred: Breathe. Breathe- breathe through your mouth first. Breathe through your mouth, Bobby. (Connor laughing) Bryan: It’s like stinging my nose! J-Fred: You got a b-freeze! Connor: Dude– Bobby: Oh… Oh! Bryan: It’s hurting my teeth. My teeth are aching! I’m gonna have to go potty. Potty? I’m using these big boy– J-Fred: Bryan uses these baby- baby words. He’s like I’m gonna have to go potty. Everyone: Bobby chug it! Bryan: Hold on. Connor: You got this. Bryan: Hold on! Connor: You got this bro! You got this! Bryan: I don’t get brain freezes. Connor: Oh! Alright guys make sure you guys click that video right there. That is the Prop Hunt Don’t Stop Moving Challenge that we did over at Get Good Gaming where Bryan appeared! So go check it out, it’s super awesome. Make sure you go check out the giant pie in the face video also! That we did on our Channel. Bryan: Click the link in– Oh! Go get your limited edition shirt. Connor: In the description. Bye. Bryan: Peace.

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