Giant Amazon Model Dwarfs Men For A Living

SERGIO: There you are! COMM: At six foot three inches, Amazon Amanda makes a living out of making men feel small. COMM: The model has an army of admirers who are happy to pay to spend time with her. AMANDA: I basically get paid using my natural abilities, my natural god gifted assets, I
do everything from height size comparisons, lifting, carrying, smothering, wrestling and
just walking in public with people. WOMAN: Oh, is she holding a midget? COMM: While today professional Amazon model Amanda is worshipped by fans all over the
world for her generous proportions, growing up in small town America wasn’t easy. AMANDA: I didn’t know how to adjust, I was six foot when I was twelve years old, I was
215lbs when I was 12. I was taller and bigger than all my male teachers. I was picked on
a lot, I was definitely really bullied. COMM: After growing too tall to be a mainstream model, she discovered the world of Amazon
modelling in 2003. And has been inundated with requests from eager fans ever since. AMANDA: Being a professional Amazon is not… it’s definitely not your typical niche. Your typical
job. COMM: Today she’s come to New York for a one on one session with one of her biggest fans,
Sergio. SERGIO: There you are! AMANDA: What?! I’m a woman, what do you expect? Of course I’m late, how are you?
SERGIO: How are you big – big girl! SERGIO: Well, me being of short stature, I’m only five three, I always felt a closeness
with tall women. And a more – endearing with a big woman. COMM: Despite the intimate nature of Amanda’s work she insists there’s nothing illegal or
immoral with what she does. AMANDA: There is absolutely no nudity, no sex, no release, nothing of the – y’know many
would say “Oh you’re a prostitute, you’re an escort.” Quite opposite actually, because
I remain fully clothed or just down to bra and panties. COMM: With Sergio on her arm, Amanda’s appearance raises more than a few eyebrows. SHEILA: She’s too big for him. MARISA: Yeah like how does that work?
SHEILA: Like even in the bedroom, come on now like he – he would have to be on top all
the time, come on. That’s not fair. COMM: In spite of the stares, Amanda enjoys the attention. AMANDA: Y’know it’s funny, I get enough attention, when I walk just myself, or when I’m walking
in heels, but when you add the complete size and height difference, it magnifies it by
ten. So you know people are looking and watching but it’s life. Okay I kind of like it. A lot. COMM: With requests for sessions coming from all over the planet, Amanda is certain she’s
found her calling. AMANDA: I love what I do, it’s a great way of not only exploring other interests and
fetishes and everything out there, but I get to travel the world. So that’s definitely
a perk. COMM: For Sergio, the date was everything he’d hoped for. SERGIO: I get a feel of excitement, when I’m around her, I feel joy, I’m very comfortable.
Today has been a beautiful day, I’ve had so much fun. We laughed, we joked, y’know and
it’s, y’know it’s who she is.


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