Getting Dressed in the 18th Century – Men

The eighteenth-century gentleman would
balance the fashion for wearing wigs by being clean-shaven. He wore a long linen nightshirt in bed and a Banyan or wrapper over it after getting up. Such a
garment would also serve as an informal indoor coat and would be worn about the
house over shirt waistcoat and breeches. Both types of garment reflect British interests abroad. The wrapper was Japanese in influence, while the Banyan was based on an Indian gown. The shirt opened with a small vertical
slit at the neck, which was sometimes disguised with ruffles. The shirt was full, with voluminous sleeves and square shaped gussets under the arms to allow for ease of movement. Stockings came up and over the knee and were held in place by the knee band on the breeches. The gentleman would select his accessories
according to the occasion. Selecting shoe buckles of steel for everyday wear or silver perhaps, set with precious stones or glass paste for special occasions. The shirt cuffs were usually fastened with a pair of cuff buttons, linked with a chain. A gentleman might wear linen under drawers, but since the shirt was cut with
long tails so that it would tuck neatly around the groin for comfort drawers
were not essential. The knee breeches were cut full at the back and were
gathered into the waistband with a laced vent to allow the wearer to sit or ride
more comfortably. They fastened at the front waist with buttons and the fall
flap performed the function of the modern fly. Breeches usually had at least one pair
of pockets. The breeches closed the side of the knee
with buttons. And the knee band was closed with buttons. buckles or ties just
beneath the knee. Suit waistcoats were made either to match or to contrast with
the coat. The top few buttons would be left undone to allow the shirt ruffles to show. Although the pocket buttons were placed below the pocket flap, suggesting
that it was just for show, the pockets were in fact functional. The shirt collar
was soft and closed with tapes or buttons and the gentlemen would wear a
fine linen cravat or stock over it. Men’s shoes were buckled across the top
of the foot. The stock was made of pleated linen and fastened at the back
of the neck with a buckle. A gentleman would have owned at least two wigs so
that one could be dressed while the other was worn, but would probably have
had a number of styles to choose from. He would have worn a wrapper to protect his
clothing and a mask to protect his face while the wig was being dusted. Wig powder was made from finely ground starch scented with orange flower or
lavender. It also came in many colours including grey, brown, black, or white. It was even available in blue. It was applied by the means of puffers, shakers,
or miniature bellows. A black bow would be tied at the back of the neck to
control the wig tail or ‘Q’. Men’s formal dress suits consisted of three garments:
breeches, waistcoat, and coat. They could be made of matching or contrasting
fabrics; of silk, linen or wool. Left plain or decorated with metal braid or
embroidery and sequins. A suit of three identical pieces was known as a Ditto Suit. A gentleman’s coat fitted smoothly across the chest and back and widened
into a skirt with pleats at the side seam. It was usually worn unbuttoned. The coats centre-back vent allowed the skirts to be swept aside for sitting or riding. The open side vents allowed a ceremonial sword to emerge.


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  • An ancestor of mine was both an officer in the American Revolution and a state legislator during the same period.  Eventually he was sent to Europe after the revolution to visit a number of courts.   An outfit of his is preserved in a museum in New England.  Since my great grandfather has permanently loaned it to that museum I can on occasion make an appointment to examine the outfit physically rather than merely look at it while in it's case.  On one occasion in my youth I had wanted to try it on and be photographed in it but even then it was a bit tight so I only got it half way on.   Until now I did not fully understand how everything went together.  Thank you very much for posting this extremely informative video.

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