Get to Know Me Tag 2!

Hey, do you miss tags? Well too bad because I sure do! Closet doors I couldn’t care less about, it’s my main doorway that I have to keep shut some reason but even worse is I have this irrational fear of like breathing out too much and suffocating in my own carbon dioxide in the room so I always have to have like a window open. I know that makes no sense! But also this is me, you’re talking about; I make no sense. I usually do the opposite because I’m such a forgetful person I’ll leave my own shampoo and conditioner that I purchased just leave it there at the hotel. Fricking conditioner counts for like 20% of all of my expenses. In order for me to be able to be physically able to sleep with my sheets tucked in, I would have to cut my feet off. Translating this question to modern times which is of course, “do you download the stores app onto your phone, but then never actually make an account?” All of the time. Pretty sure I have like Whole Foods, Target H&M Target To be honest, as somebody that was like raised in such a homeschool sphere? It’s probably gonna be like Facebook Science™ or Facebook Medical Advice™ You know what I’m referring to. Essential oils are (questionably) great, but they don’t cure cancer Karen. :/ YES and not like a weak No no no, you got to go full out like- I love having my picture taken and when someone does take a picture of me it’s usually because there’s a reason that I want to celebrate so I want to convey my feelings inside on my face and that’s the best way to do it I also started doing peace signs ironically and now it’s not I was home-schooled in the South. My entire teenage-hood was in the woods. I was home-schooled in the South. My entire teenage-hood was in the woods. It’s a queen which is *entirely* too much bed for just this guy but apparently it used to be my great aunt and uncle’s and now it’s mine and- I don’t want to think about what they’ve done on it… oh gosh This might get me kicked out of Los Angeles, but I’m gonna say, not because of the actual movie but just because of my experience when watching it because My aunt had heard about this new Academy Award winning movie, and it was my grandmother’s birthday So the three of us went to go see The Shape of Water Which is not a movie you want to watch with your grandmother! That opening scene? Yeah. YEAH Ketchup is the only acceptable answer. I take that back. And a barbecue sauce because there is nowhere that barbecue sauce does not belong and I will DIE on that hill! Prolly Crazy Rich Asians because we do. It’s literally an inside joke with my family that every time that we all get together, we watch Crazy Rich Asians. We’re going on like eight times now. My best friend Andrew was an Eagle Scout, right? And the only way that I can relate to his experiences was because I, for like a year, was a Royal Ranger which was *kinda* the same except really not, put on by my church. It was like Awana meets Boy Scouts and the only thing I remember from it was a Pinewood Derby race And granted and I didn’t get first place or second or third but I got a ‘thank you for trying’ trophy! Sooooooo Yes I am very grateful that I did get participation trophies for not just that but multiple other events or activities that I attempted in my childhood because they remind me of the wonderful times that I had playing those events. I wasn’t the best at say soccer when my parents signed me up for it, but I don’t care I had a fun time there and every time I look at those trophies, I remember the- granted, not really the fun time playing soccer. But the fun time after a game when we’d all go out for ice cream. That’s what I remember. So when I see people complaining about like, “oH tHeSe KiDs with their PaRtIcIpAtIoN tRoPhIeS” I’m grateful for mine! That’s not a diss against me, a younger person. That’s a plus! That’s a whole other issue I could get into but not going to now- nEXT QUESTION The day that I signed up for a social media platform that life was GONE! Do I look like the kind of person that could change oil in a car? It’s a very valuable life skill to have! I should learn. When I in fact do get a car. So back when I lived in NC I would swear by Honey Bunches of Oats, but now that I’ve moved on and grown as a person my loyalties have shifted to Blueberry flavored Cheerios Yes as soon as 10 p.m. hits it’s time for the great transition between the Big Internet™ to the Smaller Internet™ I’ll get to that one later You want to know something adorable? Peter from Chronicles of Narnia Because I had a big crush on Susan I know! I know! Coincidence!! Probably I don’t have a name fetish do I? Uno …wait …that’s stupid NO AND U CAN FITE ME So for reasons I don’t understand, whenever I’m up overlooking some great height I don’t get scared for my own physical safety I just get scared that I’ll drop something off the edge and then lose that thing forever. Apparently I value physical objects more than my own mortality. This is especially my fear when I’m like on a dock or a pier overlooking the ocean I have to double-check my pockets to make sure nothing is gonna fall out Which is weird because as far back as I can remember I didn’t have some traumatic childhood favorite toy falling into the ocean or falling off a cliff or something? I don’t know where this fear came from but to this day I just- I don’t know man Fears are weird. You better believe it. Surprisingly no! But that’s because I always watch YouTube in the shower. I have a problem. It transitioned from being an actor to being a cameraman to being a DP I guess to being a photographer and now here we are Kind of all four at once? Nope. All the time. My life is deja vu. It’s probably cuz I live in the past so much which is very unhealthy Surprisingly I actually just started because my grandfather kind of passed down his one to me and it is changing my life! I’ve never felt more bougie and fancy and high class. I feel like I need to be carrying like a delicate glass of champagne to sip on occasionally Tastes like economic inequality between the social classes. Speaking of stealing my- recently deceased grandfather’s stuff I inherited a lot of his Pajama pants because they happen to be my size so ya boi is stacked on pajama pants and just like those plain white t-shirts that you get a target like a five pack. And yes, occasionally, a bathrobe. The first concert I can ever remember going to was a Steven Curtis Chapman one in 2008 and I remember it so well because it immediately after the concert I saw those like light-up light sabers and wanted one desperately even though my parents said “no, we’re leaving” and I threw a huge fit. Still remember that to this day. Sorry mom and dad. Those I can do. If you’re referring to the people that can whoo their tongues? Nope, not that skilled. Do you regularly burn incest? WHOA “INCENSE”! No, in fact I actually stopped burning scented candles in my room when filming because the smell got just too overwhelming. That is an unscented candle right there. It’s a lie. I’m living a lie. I haven’t figured out like my coffee/cream/sugar ratio yet So when I’m at home, I just make tea and drink it straight. When I’m out and about give me a mocha. or a pumpkin spice latte Is that a thing? Is that like something people struggle with? I think I’ve lost every single contest I’ve ever entered so I just kind of stopped. That’s really sad. That’s so sad! Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. The whole like domestic life really does appeal to me. I really want to live like, you know- Wake up early in the morning and mow the lawn in my dad shoes and wearing a dad hat and make really bad dad jokes. Basically, I want to be my father who is the epitome of every dad stereotype. Love ya dad! I was home-schooled soooooo Although there was this girl at my synagogue that- I’m not gonna say her name! But everybody who knows me in real life who watches this video and knew me at the time will know exactly who I’m talking about because ya boi could not shut up about her! I get crushes so easily. Not that I’m aware of So here’s the thing. I do really want to be a dad But I’m so scared of conflict, and that’s a really bad trait to have as a parent. You know, you do need to be able to discipline your children when they do something wrong and I just don’t know if I have in myself to discipline my children so That’s my struggle. It’s like I really want to be a parent but I also cannot be a good one at this point- at least at this point in time, so maybe one day the future, but definitely not right now. Although future kids if you are watching this, this is really embarrassing and awkward. Hi! How are you doing? Bud? Kiddo? Ol’ Sport? If I ever unironically call my kid ‘old sport’ then you know I will have in fact made it as a dad. And finally- Dude I’m such a freakin extrovert that I’m constantly missing all of my friends all of the time and I unfortunately seem to have this skill of only making friends with people that live at a minimum half an hour away to an hour and a half- maybe two hours away from where I live. Slash, you know, across the country. Yes, in fact, if you of met me in real life then chances are I miss you. Oh, yeah, it’s 2013 again with all of the tag videos which I am living for If you want to do this, feel free! I guess I tagged you! And this is the second tag I’ve done in a little while So like do you enjoy this? Do you miss tags too? Do you want to see more of this stuff? Please tell me if this is a good idea or really stupid and I should let this die in a fire along with the other trends from that period of time Stay positive!


  • The first shall be tagged lol

  • hii chris …wonderful speech

  • Christian I canโ€™t believe you ACTUALLY left in 2:08 hahaha

  • "Do you want to get married?"

    Chris: YES, YES YES YES!!!!!

    Did I mention Chris is going to Malaysia to see Susan again? Do I hear wedding bells???


  • I know just what you mean about the whole air thing. I'm the same way.


    also, I miss you pal!

  • I wonder if the fear of heights (dropping things) came from dropping the gameboy in the toilet

  • I have a crush on you ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  • Oh no, The Shape of Water! I haven't seen it, but I'm on a quest to watch all Best Picture winning films, and, uh… I'll have to find a good time to watch it alone.

  • Honey Bunches of oats my mannnnnn

  • BBQ sauce all the way!

  • Me: Feels weird if I'm not appropriately dressed when watching Friends' youtube videos.
    Chris: Watches Youtube videos in the shower. XD

  • Omg don't wear h&m that brand is shit

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