Georgia Tech Students Engineer Shoes for Miss Georgia

It would be cool to have something that is
very Georgia Tech. Like, Tech Tower, GT logo, Yellow Jackets, whatever it may be. The shoe
building is gonna be, like, primarily this team. We need the shoe to be recognizable.
I like the— What’s that— What’s that pattern called? The— The honeycomb. The honeycomb!
Yeah, I like the honeycomb pattern. I’m Maren Sonne. I’m from Newnan, Georgia, and I’m studying
Industrial Design. I was super excited ’cause some of our projects are more, like, technical
based and we have a lot of research and stuff. So, when I saw something like this, that was
really creative and open-ended, I was like, “Oh! I want to do this.”
My name is Jordan Thomas. I’m from Locust Grove, Georgia, and I’m an Industrial Design major. I’m on the
track team and I do the decathlon as well as the 400 hurdles.
I’m Julia Brooks. Um,
I’m an Industrial Design major. I’m a second year. I’m from Fayetteville, Georgia. So many,
like, opportunities and internships and stuff, but a lot of times, I feel like, since I’m
a second year, I’m not, like, qualified yet for a lot of them. But then I saw this and
I was so excited. We, like, actually went for a literal, like, science shoe. We were
looking at DNA strands and, you know, um, beakers that you use in chemistry and stuff.
But we kind of, you know, went against that and went with more traditional Ramblin’ Wreck.
I think it’s just iconic for Georgia Tech and it’s, you know, one of our mascots and
people instantly know it and it’s unique. These bumper parts, uh, helped melt the acrylic
for this and form it on here. And I also 3D printed the wheels and printed out the acrylic for, um, the white walls.
We laser cut the grill, along with this hexagon honeycomb inspired heel.
It’s awesome. Turned out great and I learned so much from it. Especially after
doing a project like this, that I love, that’s something that I would have never thought
of, it kind of makes me wonder, like, what else is out there.
Dream job? Um. That would
probably be working for some kind of shoe company. Designing shoes. I feel like that’s
what I really, like, want to get into. I want to be a car designer. So, that’s like my number
one goal. Um. Granted, this may be not the car that I would design.


  • Three Georgia Tech students 3D printed and laser cut a pair of shoes for Miss Georgia Maggie Bridges (she's a Georgia Tech senior). We have to say, they are pretty awesome! Maggie will be wearing these at the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City.

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