Galaxy Buds Plus review: better sound, fantastic battery life

– Samsung’s original Galaxy Buds were an okay first attempt
at true wireless earbuds. Sound quality was average,
battery life was decent, but voice quality was bad. If you got them free as part of pre-order for your new smart phone,
that was a good deal. But, paying full price for
them was harder to justify. But, now Samsung is back
with the new Galaxy Buds Plus and they’ve made improvements
to all three of those areas taking a product that was pretty meh into something that’s pretty great. (upbeat music) Let’s start right off the
bat with sound quality. Now, you still have a bunch
of ear tips in the box so you can get a good seal
in your ear for a good fit. And Samsung also includes
several wing tips so they fit even more
snug when you put them in. Unfortunately, there is no
active noise cancellation, but the right fit will help you muffle out your surroundings. So, on the inside of each
Galaxy Buds Plus earbud is two drivers, one tweeter and a woofer and that leads to richer,
more detailed audio output. Your instruments and your
vocals stand out a bit more. But, sometimes the highs and treble can get a little bit fatiguing,
it’s not a big problem but certain types of music you’ll hear it. But, where Samsung has made
big improvements is bass. And that was a weakness
of the older Galaxy buds. Here, it’s taken up a notch with good separation from the mids. I don’t think these are quite
as overpowering or as boomy as the Jabra Elite 75Ts, but
it’s a noticeable improvement that makes the Galaxy
Buds Plus a better fit for more types of music. Now the buds support AAC, SBC, and Samsung’s own scalable codec and that adjusts the music quality based on how strong your
Bluetooth connection is. But, unfortunately, that only
works on Samsung’s own phones. From the outside, the Galaxy
Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus look so similar that it’s
hard to tell them apart. But, there are a few small
touches that help identify the new ones from the olds. The charging case is a bit more glossy now and has raised labels for
the left and right earbuds and, while these look
like buttons, they’re not. Samsung also added a secondary microphone to the outside of the earbuds, but aside from that small
touch and the case differences, these look right at home
next to their predecessors which Samsung is still selling for $129. The earbud controls work just like before, single tap to pause, double to
skip tracks or answer a call, and triple tap for the previous track. You choose what a tap and hold does, by default it will bring up
Google Assistant or Bixby or Siri on iPhone, but you can also set it to activate ambient sound mode so you can hear what’s going on around you or a control volume. Now, for me having
physical volume controls is always more useful
then voice assistance or whatever else so, that’s what I do. If you’re on Android, you can also have a long press open Spotify and start playing music right away. Now, we come to voice call quality and I’m talking to you right now on the original Galaxy Buds, which means they’re pretty bad and haven’t gotten better over time. It’s hard for your callers to hear you over background noise or anything, it’s really just a big jumbled mess. And these are the Galaxy Buds Plus. As you can hopefully hear,
my voice sounds clearer and it’s being separated
better from all of this. And then we’ve got the Jabra Elite 75Ts, which cost a bit more
than the Galaxy Buds Pro, sound a little bit better,
but the voice call quality might be not quite as good, so you can see just how much
progress Samsung has made. And, last but not least, we
have Apple’s original AirPods, which have always had a
really good reputation for voice call quality, sound crisp, clear, I’m well separated. But, their reputation
for fitting in my ears is unfortunately, not great. But, when it comes right down to it, it’s hard to beat just talking right into your phone’s microphone. Samsung’s made big
improvements, but is it as good? And here’s what the Galaxy Buds Plus sound like if you record them straight to your phone’s voice memos app. So, if you’re talking to Bixby
or Google Assistant or Siri, this is what that’s going
to sound like to your phone and if you have to, say
record a quick idea, it’s gonna sound pretty good. But, far and away, the biggest improvement of the Galaxy Buds Plus is battery life. These earbuds now last for up to 11 hours of straight listening time, which puts them at the
top of the mountain. That’s better than Powerbeats
Pro, Airpods, the Jabras, and pretty much everything else. Those 11 hours are
enough to get you through a full work day or a long haul flight. Add the case, you get up
to 22 hours of battery life before you’ve gotta recharge everything. Samsung says plugging them
in for just three minutes is enough to get you an hour
of extra listening time. So, you can use the Galaxy
Buds Plus on Android of course, but Samsung also has a new iPhone app where you can customize the EQ settings, touch controls, and everything else. But, I’d still recommend these more so for Android people than iPhone because I’ve had a lot
of dropped connections and disconnects on iPhone
that I didn’t really have on my Pixel or the Galaxy
S10 that I tested these with. Samsung has priced the
Galaxy Buds Plus at $149 and, at that price, it’s not really fair to compare them to the AirPods Pro or other earbuds that cost over $200. But, it’s a harder choice between these and the Jabra Elite 75Ts which are only slightly
more expensive at $179. And, the Anker SoundCore
Liberty 2 Pro earbuds are another good option
at the same price point. And, Amazon’s Echo Buds manage to include Bose noise reduction
technology for even less money. So, if noise cancellation and having that private bubble of silence are most important to
you, maybe look elsewhere. And, if you’ve got an iPhone,
I’m not sure why you’d venture over to Samsung for your earbuds. But, Android owners should
pay attention to these. I’m very impressed by the
progress Samsung’s made with it’s second generation
true wireless earbuds. Turns out, that plus
name is well deserved. These sound better, lasts much longer, and are a better suit for voice calls than their predecessors were. Add ANC to the next version and Samsung’s third generation Galaxy Buds might be pretty tough to beat. Hey, thanks a ton for watching. Now, my question for you is, has Samsung done enough
to make you consider the Galaxy Buds Plus over the Jabras or any number of other earbuds
on the market right now? Leave a comment down below.


  • Has Samsung made enough improvements for you to buy the Galaxy Buds Plus?

  • Watching with the original galaxy buds. Got them for 150$ CAD tax in (a hell of a good price) when they released. I love them. I don't understand why you don't like them.

  • The galaxy buds were generation 3 not 1. Also the galaxy buds have really great sound quality not "average." They have been considered superior to pretty much all true wireless buds except for the Sonys. Its kind of hard to compare them to the sony's because the sony's are twice the size anyway. Yall really dont know a thing about what makes sound "good" do you?

  • The next generation will be called Galaxy Buds Ultra.

  • First attempt last year? Samsung has had wireless earbuds before the original AirPods. Get ur facts right

  • I changed my wing tips because they hurt… I put the wing tips from my mpow m30 on them and they look as if they were made for them and they feel so much better on the galaxt buds now i can actually wear them all day

  • I am considering the galaxy buds plus for my s10 plus. In the jarba 75t are 40 dollars more than the new galaxy buds plus

  • I wat to ask for the ambient sound in the galaxy buds plus

    Also want to ask how do you find the pixel buds and are you exited about them?
    I hope that they have a nice micro and niche ambientsound.

  • Enjoyed this review, thanks Chris! I thought the mic comparisons segment was great. I own a Samsung S10e as i wanted a smaller form factor phone and have always been on android. I've been wanting to expand into the rest of the samsung eco-system including the Galaxy Buds, and whilst the Buds Plus seem good – I simply cant justify spending that on wireless headphones yet when my bluetooth QY7's that cost me £17 about 3/4 years ago still do the trick! I'd have expected a drop in price on the original buds too given they were discounted before christmas and I was actually waiting to see if they dropped further upon the Plus' realise, i guess not.

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  • Buds not enough. I like the collar type earbuds, but know I am the minority. Maybe eventually.

  • AirPods Pro is the 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Buds Pro are comming ANC and crisp Sound ! 189€ ! They will be hard to beat!

  • Excellent review. Loved the microphone demonstration and comparisons.

  • Nice review

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    Am i right?

  • Watching on my Note 9

    Listening on my Buds +

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  • ( I own gen1). I'm pretty disappointed gen2 doesn't have active noise cancelation. For those that tried the airpods pro, it makes a difference.
    Also the air ventilation of the airpods pro helps A LOT for comfortability.
    Let's go Samsung… 😒

  • I use my original galaxy buds for long calls all the time and even record some music while i play guitar. It sound absolutely great even in mildly crowded and moderately loud places.

  • I absolutely love the way you reviewed this product… Great details!! not that I would buy these because of the bud design…

  • 11 hrs? Geez. That's crazy jump in time.

  • but does it support OPP? 🙂

  • I'll buy em when the buds 3 come out

  • Watching this review, while using my S9, coupled with the new Buds plus…these are very nice.

  • Yes definately a contender

  • Jabra are better and works the same way in any android phone! Maybe in third version reach the jabra's level.

  • Forget Samsung's Galaxy BrokeBuds+. The call quality still sounds laughable, just like the same water resistance level. 🤦‍♂️💯

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  • iPhone users should get them because there half the price and they sound better those are facts. And everyone else should get them cause they sound good and last long

  • Would it be so hard to magnetically attached batteries so you can swap them out instead of having to wait for them to charge in the charge case? You also solve the product life time problem with these being tied to life of the battery in the headset, two birds, one stone.

  • There's a special place in the history of mankind for people that include call quality details in headphone reviews. Thank you so much.

  • Earbuds hurt my ear canals.

  • I can get Brand new Galaxy buds for 130 USD And Galaxy buds + for 200USD. Is plus version Worth 70 more bucks?

  • The original buds where awful at launch but got a lot better after som updates.
    Is it likely we'll see the same improvement curve here?

  • The problem with samsung they just cannot do any thng perfect as tech wise , samsung phone are good over priced like iphones .

  • I didn’t know my galaxy buds were meh until I’ve seen this video, been using them for an year with my S10 they work just great.

  • Bought the Buds last year right when they were released and I've been pretty happy with them. But after about one year of using them multiple hours nearly every day, they started to wear down in some aspects. I will definetly buy the new ones ASAP. The only thing I'd have liked is to change the design a bit more.

  • 'second generation'

    weren't there two generations of icon x'es?

  • Galaxy Buds weren’t the first iterations of true wireless from Samsung, the IconX were. I’m still rocking the 2018 (aka 2nd gen) and won’t upgrade til this thing breaks.
    Overall great unbiased review.

  • Call quality alone is a good enough reason to upgrade from previous Gen

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  • "An Okay First Attempt"? You people with your lack of Knowledge kill me. This is Samsung's 4th Generation fully Wireless Buds!!! They had 3 before this going back to 2016. Get it together Verge

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  • This should've been the Galaxy Buds 2

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  • would it be possible to d a follow up video, using the galaxy buds+ on a windows 10 device and testing the touch controls?

  • Do they add anything ecosystem-wise? For example, do they connect to a Samsung account so that you can seamlessly switch them between Samsung laptop, tablet, phone, etc.? I assume they do, but it’s not mentioned here.

  • Still, during call is not that good quality, actually i find it bad

  • This question is not related to the video, but i just want to know if there is any application like the UI of the new google ambient display. I just want a lock screen that is as elegant and as simple as the google ambient display mode. Please let me know. Thank you. Basically i need a application for my lock screen that is as good as the google ambient display mode.

  • Yep, it is worth considering. ANC in tiny earbuds like these doesn't matter.

  • Dropped connection on iPhones but not on any android.

    "Hmm, I wonder why"

  • They needed ANC.

  • i am getting insane headaches since i have purchased this. Can someone advise how to address this. I am pretty sure there are others who also suffering from migraines due to the wireless buds..

    is it because the fit is to tight and building up pressure in the canal?

  • I’ll buy it for $99 not that price, I’ll still use my AirPod for now.

  • What do you mean if you’re using an iPhone you shouldn’t be looking on the galaxy buds plus especially if they work just as well on our iPhones(the buds app on iOS) we don’t have to be buried in the apple ecosystem if there’s a better alternative at a better price. I thought this was a review and not a sale pitch to push us to buy only Apple products LOL

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  • In India if u pre-order the s20. Then ur can buy buds + for 40 usd.

    The old ver is retailing for 140 approx without the s20

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  • You can buy a pair of Rowkin ear buds for half the price of these.

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