Gabo rejects Billy’s first proposal for Tinapay Corner | Make It With You Recap (With Eng Subs)

Don’t worry, Dad.
Everything’s fine at work. Then why are you
lost in thought? I need to come up with
a really good concept. Sounds like a lot of work.
I’ll make you coffee and get you some
pan de regla and other bread. Hold on. You’re a genius, Dad. What? I’ll explain later, Dad. Shall we start? [CLAPS HANDS] Tinapay Corner’s newest hit
is close to Filipinos’ hearts. This presentation must fail. She’ll be more inclined to leave
if she has a hard time. My grandfather once told me that many types of bread
have been forgotten over time. And sad to say,
that includes our local bread. That’s why I think we should
re-educate ourselves about the classics, and we will give them
our very own twist. Presenting… Tinapay Corner’s
Choc Nut with kabayan . Not bad. You can really come up
with good ideas, Billy. Gabo, stop it. How about the pinagong ? She can’t know that you like
what she’s presenting. Have you heard of
the pinagong ‘s older variant? The… … putok ! Despite its controversial name, the pan de regla
is often overlooked because of its plain,
red filling. But… What if Tinapay Corner uses
a tastier red filling? Presenting Tinapay Corner’s pan de regla with
red dragon fruit jam. Red dragon fruit jam? Can you find that
in the Philippines? Yes, it’s a local product. It’s a new twist on red fillings because strawberry jams
are so 2015. With our very own recipes, we’ll reintroduce bread
rooted in Filipino culture. The bread that have won
Filipinos’ hearts. [APPLAUSE] Filipino bread in
the international market? Groundbreaking. Why not, sir? We won’t survive in
the international market with only that. Do you think that
once they find out pan de regla means
‘menstrual bread,’ it will inspire consumption? You’re a woman, Ms. Dimagiba. And to remind women
of their period seems like a horrible way
to sell bread. Then we can give it
another name like kalihim . That’s the problem with you. You only think locally. Why not think globally? Like souffle or sourdough? Even brioche is used
in hamburgers. Anyone in the world
can recognize those bread. That’s what Tinapay Corner
is aiming for. And that is just my opinion. Remember, when he says,
“That is my opinion,” don’t talk back. Hold your tongue and don’t ever
say his opinion is wrong. But I think your opinion
is wrong, sir. What did you say? What did you say? Just because we want to be
globally competitive doesn’t mean we should have
a global mindset. You mentioned soufflé. They say it’s one of the
miracles of French cuisine. But does history tell us that
the French created soufflé for the benefit of
other nationalities? How about the pita bread? It has its roots
in the Middle East. That means it’s a
product of civilization that was meant to feed
their own people. That’s what you call
authenticity. We’ll begin by discovering
what “authentic” means. No matter what kind of pastries
Tinapay Corner will make, if they’re not authentic
to our experience, we will not achieve success
in other countries. And that is my opinion, sir. And it will remain your opinion
because my answer is no. I understand the market trends
more than you do, Miss Dimagiba. That’s why it’s a “no” for me. And that is final. Prepare for a new proposal. You know, Miss Billy… I don’t think you’re okay. Let’s go unwind! Yeah!
She needs a night out. Count me in! I’m fine, really. I need to start planning
for my next proposal. Really? Tonight? Your brain cells are
probably still recovering. Give them a break so you’ll have a
fresh start tomorrow! I just want to go home
and crash in bed. I worked hard on that proposal! How could he just scrap that?! It’s so unfair! Oh! Sir… Alright, let’s go party! I need to de-stress. Um… Bye, sir! – Take care and good night!
– Good night, sir! If you need anything,
Manny’s just here. Bye! Hey, wait for me! Finish your work first! Just catch up with us later. The driver canceled again! Just keep booking. That was a close one. I was afraid Sir would join us. Would he even do that? Girl, either way, the last thing you’d want
is to go clubbing with him. Has he always been like that? You mean, a monster? In short, he isn’t
capable of making any form of human connection. True. Yuta, you should’ve seen her. She was really brilliant
with her presentation. To be honest,
the idea was so good, if it’s implemented properly, Tinapay Corner can be
a global brand. But she can’t stay in
your company, right? You’re just making it
harder for yourself, Gabo. You know what? This has gone on long enough.
I’m going to tell her the truth. You’re making
the right decision. Be honest with her. And I hope with the truth, I can convince her
to stay away from me. But before telling Billy
everything, make sure you’re ready
never to see her again. As long as she’s safe. That’s all that matters. Go, Gabo! Good luck. You can do it! Billy. – Oh!
– Good evening! Helen, come in. Mister Tony. Good evening. Is Billy around? She said she’ll be home late. She went out with
her colleagues. What? But I texted her. Gee, I didn’t know she replied. Well then, I’ll get going now. What? But you just got here. It’s okay, ma’am. I just wanted to chat with her. Why don’t you join us
for dinner? Yeah! Join us. Don’t waste your visit here. – Alright.
– Okay. Thank you. [PHONE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] That’s why I keep telling her
to not date a pastry chef. Because, based on her
experience, he’ll just desert you! You’re hilarious! Your friend’s such a funny guy. Billy, are you okay? I’m just dizzy. You’re probably tipsy now. What are you having anyway? It’s just iced tea. Are you sure it’s not
a cocktail mix? How much have you had? Excuse me. I need to
use the restroom. – I’ll accompany you.
– No need. I can manage. [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Billy, are you okay? Billy. Billy. Hey! Are you okay? Billy! Manny! Manny! Go, Manny! Wow, that’s awesome. Attorney, do you want more? I think I’ll pass for now. I’ll check on Billy.
She’s been gone for a while. – Okay.
– I’ll be back. – Your turn, Eric.
– Me? Are you sure? Billy, are you okay? Billy! – No! Not there!
– What are you two doing? Billy. Billy, wait! Take it easy. What were you drinking? Oh my god. Billy? Billy? Billy, are you okay? Billy? Sorry, miss. Billy! Billy! Oh my gosh! – Sorry.
– This is the ladies’ restroom! Sorry, I’m looking for
my friend. Billy! What’s he doing here? Billy! Almost there! Go!Billy! Guys. Guys! There’s a problem. Billy isn’t in the restroom.
She’s missing! What? [PHONE RINGING] Attorney, Miss Billy left
her bag here. Spread out. We need to find Billy before
something happens to her. Go. I’m sure your friends
are worried about you. I’ll call Ana. [KNOCKING ON DOOR]
Excuse me. It’s occupied! Sorry, brother. Billy! No! No! [KNOCKING ON DOOR] It’s occupied! [TOILET FLUSHING] No! Billy! Don’t lean there. It’s dirty. Let’s go, Billy. I’ll help you walk, okay? Slowly. Okay. One, two… [GRUNTS] Okay. Let’s wash up first. Rinse your mouth. Let’s go. Let’s look for Ana, okay? Come on. Careful. Watch your step. Is this your house? Why are we here? I can’t keep driving while
you’re interrupting me. We’ll stop here. This place
is close to my home. Billy won’t be home for a while. Yeah, I didn’t bother
texting her because I know she’s having fun. I wonder if she’s okay. We had a night out
in Croatia once. It was strictly good
and clean fun. That’s good.
At least, she’s having fun. What’s with that look? Don’t you want Billy
to enjoy herself? I do. But no matter how many times
I tell her not to, she always puts
her family first. You know how she is. My friend is a
very responsible person. If it were up to me, I’d supervise the production
of mango essence so she could focus on her work as well as her dreams
and her well-being. She’s not an alcoholic, is she? Don’t worry. Monsi. Helen fell asleep in
Billy’s room. Why are you still up? I can’t sleep. I’m worried about our work
in the bakery. Wait, are you crying? The smoke just got in my eyes. Don’t worry about that. Our mango suppliers
found a solution. Let’s just pray this
infestation won’t last long. Yeah. These pests are
ruining our business. The subscriber
cannot be reached. Please try again later. Sputnik, any update on Billy? We haven’t found her yet,
Mister Tony. Don’t you have any idea who she could be with? Maybe she’s with
one of your colleagues. Sputnik, you’re a lawyer.
What do you suggest we do? How can we find my daughter? We’re on our way to the
police station to file a report. Alright. Send us the address.
I’ll meet you there. Drive safely, Mister Tony. I’m really sorry for not
keeping an eye on Billy. I promise you, whoever took her
will go to jail. I’ll make sure of it.


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