Funniest Auditions on X Factor UK | Vol.2

english It’s so bad [this] doesn’t bode well Hi, hello. What’s your dream? Why are you come on inspecting? I want to be as big as Whitney Housen Off you go So who are you. We’re Kerna Okay, what does Kerna mean? Celtic for Cornwall And where are you from? Cornwall And where do you normally sing? Cornwall And where are you going back to tonight? Cornwall How to worry cause everything’s Gonna be [all] right? Just think it is Welcome Nice to be here. Yeah. Thank you nice to have you here. What’s your name? Please [9:17] both, okay? And what do you do at work for a pizza delivery company, okay? [but] your dream. I presume is to get out pizza delivery and be a singer yeah, yes, that would be fantastic [have] you ever performed in public before alan encount karaoke normally goes down [very] well good. Do you think you can win? Yes? Okay okay, I took my baby for Saturday bang why [I] go with you if we were the same that I believe in Miracles and Miracle has happened tonight Don’t care whatever. They’re saying no matter if you’re black or white I’m tired this business anti this stuff. I’m scared of those sheets, so when the going gets rough I’d scared [a] [nobody] so when we’re doing it to me Protection gangs group [Nation’s] caught the grief in human relations. It’s a tough [walk] on a global scale I don’t hear both sides of the tales don’t say that you agree with me, but I’ve seen you kicking [dirt] [in] my eyes [I] don’t care whatever. They’re saying don’t matter if you’re black or white. Oh I Didn’t mean it when I said I didn’t love you, so I sure I held on tight I never should I let you go I didn’t know nothing. I was stupid. I was foolish. I was lying to myself I Can’t the father that would ever be without your love never imagined I’d be sitting here by myself cuz I didn’t know you because I didn’t know me, but I found you everything I never fell cuz baby When you left I lost a part of me, it’s just so hard to believe [come] back, baby, please cause we belong together Baby when you left I lost a part of me It’s still so hard to believe come back baby, please cause we belong together What is your second song [no] hi guys hi? What’s your reasoning for coming on the x factor what you hope to achieve multi-platinum selling albums perhaps um? all over the World China Europe and who do you put yourself up against in the charts [I]? Don’t think there’s anyone there at the moment as good as you [Mmm-hmm]. Yeah, what are you going to sing a gold? I spawned a bongo fantastic When when I want you up, okay? [gold] I’m glad that you’re bound to return The something I could have learned you’re indestructible [oh] is believing It was good the last note You want every song to end like that? Except it was different Of little opera, so they get me through and I’ll make sure they’re longer that’s impossible You can’t do any longer than that my gift is my song and This one’s for you [Mmm], wasn’t it long? What’s your name? She’s on she’s [anki] and hold you down it I’m 28 28 okay, and what made you decide to come to the x-Factor? I would love to people meal powerful as and what you send ourselves Okay, what are you gonna? Sing? I have nothing by What you [see], okay? We’ve changed the song haven’t we I know I’m sorry so every night meet you do that Charlie. Sorry let’s start again each Day I want to lobby yep. That’s not I still yeah, that’s one moment in time and share Get [in] Each stand last that’s one moment. You [like] my life to share my life Share my life. Take me for what I am Course only [have] our change all my colors for you I’ll be calling back again this passion is why I can run from myself, and there’s no ever ah But [I’ll] [make] [Mikkel] oh Sorry, and [I’m] [not] Stay in [my] arms And fira. Oh my star you man Jinyu there, don’t walk away from me. I have nothing nothing nothing because I don’t have Your name is Ashwin Ashwin Happy to see the girls yep I’m sure they’ll be happy to see me once. I’m done Good, okay. You’re very confident. Thank you. Yeah No, sort yeah, [two] [hours] [of] [Pushin] [broome] Baizen. [hey] [412] for big room I’m Aa man of means by no means King of the Road How do you think it went brilliantly thought you’d say that louie it was just very very average Everything so sorry everything was average What’s your definition of average you? I’m sorry. I don’t understand. It’s called [the] [ex-factory]. You don’t have us. No. I don’t have the x-Factor. I’ve got everything else That’s even bigger than the x-Factor Well the show is called the x-factor. So which is a bit of a problem There is a difference between being confident and deluded and you fall unfortunately into the latter no one would pay To see you perform. [I] know a lot [of] people would pay at least attended to see me I know a lot of people who pay not to hear us win. Whatever there. Yes, or no no cheryl no, Danny Hmm. That’s it [astra]. You’re lost not mine. You haven’t heard the last of me [I’m] warning [you]. I will be bigger than [you]. You’ll be coming for me for a job. Not me here. I’m warning incitement Do you have another last name farewell Ella? it They’ve made the biggest mistakes of their lives With my name is Ashwin and one day Simon cowell will come begging to kiss my shoes for a job that never saw that coming major attitude completely Deluded in my opinion as to how good he actually was you haven’t heard the last of me, simon Because I and the greatest singer of all time not the best in the country not the best in the continent Not the best in the world not the best in the Galaxy. I [am] the best in the universe Portia [ten] please my name’s Andrew parity and which artists do you think you could be as popular as? Bryan Adams Bon Jovi, Leona, what’s the song? Bryan Adams Heaven heaven okay off you go and Rip laughing in a million years There was only you [and] me we were young wild & free [May] we learn here my Hi Harvey We’re in heaven. Oh hey. Thank you very much. What’s your name? My name’s, Eddie bola and why are you here today? I’m here because I think I’ve got the x factor [you] think you’re very good. Yeah And who in the whole world would you like to be like whitney Houston with me? Well? How are you Gonna? Sing where do Broken Hearts go off you go? I Know it’s been some time More they [song] [still] [on] my mind You see a half of been the same since a cold, November day We said we need space But what we have is an empty place and the all things are long Is that I need you guys? Bradley So he [I] And can you please oh? Where do broken hearts go can find out? Back to the open ends of a Lava twain okay. Thank you that is that is never Gonna end is it? Simon [ah] Look there. Wasn’t a note honestly, sweetheart [in] tune can’t sing I can sing Yes, not in tune What do you know you’re born and what does this mean to you? Oh, this is my dream is my passion [I] think I can be bigger than B on C [and] Lena Lewis okay, what are you Gonna, sing? I believe em boy Okay Someday, how is sure? Pilaster hand wake up where the clouds are far behind me where number drops like [Troubled] away [above] the Gym, it’s love that’s where you me oh whoa That’s way you fight me I Think that you’ve just created a new version of the song I’m trying to be original. [no] you dinner. Are you fine? Thank you. You look really happy always happy and what are you gonna? Say Louie Armstrong’s were a wonderful world fantastic Elsa Trees of Green Red roses, too I’ve seen bloom for me I think to myself what a wonderful world [okay], and if I ask for a second song it’s Gonna be Louis Armstrong isn’t it? no, no, yes, I love [darling] well oh Darling thank you. You can only do Louis Louie Armstrong so therefore when we do have a week it’s not going to work is it I can’t hear Louis Armstrong singing Dancing Queen you are the [Dancing] Queen young and sweet only Seventeen He doesn’t go sammy all right How are you? Yeah, well things that on the extra minute sweetheart. What’s your name? I’m shirley. Okay. You look very nice today shirley Thank you very much. Why have you got a rose? I’ve got it for louie. Yeah, for Louie. Yes, for Louie Do you like him? Yeah? I do. I’m a few. Thank you very much shirley. Thank you very much Well, that’s put a smile on his face Dearly yeah, why [I] said look in his fair. She’s right. I like his Personality oh yes, yes, Louie and are you single? Yes? I am single, right? And what are you gonna? Sing here? Oh, and I want to dedicate it to Louie will lead this one. I think You want to get in the way? when a hero comes along with [the] strength to carry on And you cast your fears aside And you know you will survive Sorry, I don’t can’t go anymore. No. We’ve got to got the message, okay Louie, I think she did well simon you know thank you great personality. Thank you very nice woman. She’s got [very] good taste [thank] you [leigh]. I love you Hello, how are you fine? Your name is Betty Bryce, and how old are you? 66 do you think you can win? Yes good? Okay off you go We’re having a gangbang. We’re having a ball We’re having a gangbang against the wall We’d like you to join us. It’s part of the fun. Oh Gangbang is the thing to do but it takes more than one. We’re having a gangbang. We’re having a Bowl We’re having a gangbang against the wall oh gangbang is the thing to do, but it’d take more than one a Girl group yeah, yes. Yes, okay. Get it woman group Okay, and who put the group together well this [morally] [it’s] my sister’s [you] look nothing like each other no What do you have? The other girl groups today don’t have each what else? Okay, right off you go yeah Last night I heard my mama singing a song [Bowie] Chirpy Chirpy cheep cheep woke up this morning, and my mama was gone. [oh] Chirpy Chirpy Cheep cheep Chirpy Chirpy cheep cheep chirp Where’s your mama gone? Where’s your mama come [wish] your mama gone? Where’s your mama? Go far far away? We Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep Chirpy Chirpy Chichi Chap So what are your names? My name [is] Jade and my name is Sofia [and] the group is cold so so precious, so precious [why] are you here today? Well? We would like to be as successful as [esther’s] chance okay off you go It’s over renta for the holidays. [oh], [yeah] Yeah Ah and who is the one you’re clinging to instead of me – oh? Yeah Just cry me a river Telly Silly of Roaches [you] never see me fall ha ha ha from the words of a broken harness just Emotion taking me over Caught up in [Sorrow] lastly in a song but Do you know you sounded like honestly someone stepping on [to] cats? for like a minute That’s the only way I could describe it you were completely out of tune. It was like horrific obviously the navs got tumors, but Girls it was awful it Just sounded sounded like you’re in pain or possessed because I don’t think saying is Four-Year-old singers of the passion we’ve been doing this for ages [you] [know] for frettin years You know so usually practicing that song for 13 years no not this song, but okay louie yes of it No, Cheryl no, sorry girls you you

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