Hi. For this tutorial you will need an HDD/SSD DRIVE + NETWORK PS2 ADAPTOR + YOUR PC. ALL THE NEEDED
FILES ARE IN THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION First, shut down the computer and connect your HDD/SSD to your PC using the respective IDE/SATA connection and the power supply. Now power up your computer. I will use WINDOWS 10 64 bits system. Remember, all the needed files are in the video description. Download the FREE HDBOOT PACK. AND MAKE YOU SURE IF YOUR DRIVE WAS DETECTED First extract the “FHDB 1.93” .iso file. It takes some time because the file size mesures 7 GBs I speeded up the time. DONE! Now execute the “Hddrawcopy1.10 portable” .exe file as administrator. WAITING… Select “agree” Locate your PS2 HDD/SSD DRIVE, in my case is the 80 GB’s HDD drive, but don’t select it in this moment wait. Before everything, press “Double click to open file” and select the .iso image extracted before. Press continue And now select your PS2 SSD/HDD drive. Do not confuse it with other because the internal information will be deleted. Press continue… WAITING… Press “START” Press “Yes”. INSTALLING FREE HDD BOOT INTO HDD/SSD, WAIT… ¡DONE! FREE HDBOOT WAS INSTALLED INTO HDD so close this window ¿HOW TO PUT GAMES INTO THE HDD? NOW I WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT. First extract and execute “WINHIIP PS2.exe” file as administrator. Select your PS2 DRIVE Now click on “add images” and select your PS2 .ISO files. At the end press “Start” to transfer the iso files to the PS2 HDD. Press “ok” Now shutdown your computer and extract your HDD to put into the PS2 console. My adapter is an chinese copy, and yes, It works fine. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE POWER UP YOUR PS2 CONSOLE FREE MCBOOT LOGO WAITING… FREE HDDBOOT has installed a lot of features. But to play games with the HDD you only need the “Open PS2 Loader 0.9.2” Now you can see your transfered games Select the game and play GAMES RUNNING [ DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE & THANKS FOR WATCHING ]


  • Don't use ide hdd get a 2$ ide to sata and use 1T sata hdd for laptops it's super quiet and faster response time. Don't have to cut anything just taking few screws off from the back of the modem.

  • this need a chip or mc free boot??? because i follow the video step by step, and my ps2 cant read the hdd, say no datas.

  • Is this the only way to install FHDB? How is FHDB installed from the beginning? Or how was this HDD image that everybody downloads made in the first place?

    I know this is the "easy way", but I want to know how it is done from the beginning because nobody can explain it!

  • Can you still play games regularly with this mod?

  • Hize todos los pasos pero al momento de abrir cualquier aplicacion dentro el Free MCBoot no abre ninguno y se queda en pantalla negra

  • it's an easy way to do into a new HDD ps2 get ready to start !!

  • I don;t understand 2 things about this video. 1 is, why he is only using an 80gb hard drive? You won't get many games on there. I would recommend at least a 250gb. (I am using a 500gb SSD,) And 2, why he isn't using a SATA HDD adaptor? They are readily available and so much easier to use.

  • I don't want to put any games on the Harddrive..just the saves…I can use the game discs I already have…can't I just do that?

  • You should use an SSD… So much faster

  • Can you not SAVE games to the hard drive???

  • how do i remove Free HD Boot? I screwed something up and want to start fresh

  • By the way to anyone reading this: I purchased one of those cheap SATA network adapters for my PS2 on ebay and a 1 TB western digital blue drive, spent two solid days trying everything to get it to work. Just wouldn't read the damn thing properly, sometimes it powered up and down repeatedly, sometimes i could see the list of games in OPL but you'd click on them and get a black screen, occasionally you'd get into the game and then it'd freeze on an FMV or something. Went back to a standard IDE drive and everything works flawlessly again. /cry

  • Servira en un ps2 fat 50001?

  • That's a great thing! I've done it well but……………… When the HDD is in the PS2 with the games how do I add further games from the PC to the HDD without repeating the procedure?

  • can you do it a LITTLE FASTER?

  • Instead of the lame music, can't you explain what you are doing?

  • What kind of hdd format did you used? Fat32 or ntfs?

  • Ps2 me 160 GB ka hard disc kaise ripeyar kare

  • One question I have free boot on memory card and want it on my hdd but I have games already on there will they be deleted when you add the raw image on to the hdd

  • Your PC is horribly slow.

  • Help my hard disk is not even working anymore ???

  • Help me please! How to install a DVD MOVIE instead of ISO GAME?
    Por favor ayúdame! Cómo instalar un DVD PELÍCULA en lugar de ISOS de juego.

  • 2 questions. Can you play ps1 isos this way? And 2nd question, when you save your progress where does it get saved? Normally you would use a memory card but with this method does it get saved on the hard drive or do you still use a memory card? Thanks.

  • Why do you have that monitor i use that monitor on my pc


  • I noticed that you installed 6 games on the first boot of your ps2 loader and then when you tried to reboot it for the second time, only 4 games were appeared? how was that? the other 2 games were lost?

  • the image file is not an .iso, it's a .img file and daemon tools says it can't be opened.

  • Ayudaaaa realize todo el procedimiento y no entra en el menú que aparece desactive mi chip Matrix y nada
    Mi disco duro es Ide lo conoce en máster y nada de nada
    Algo más adicional realizaste ? O alguna ayuda
    Pda.-Mi lector no funciona

  • Como se actualiza al momento de haber una disponible??

  • Will the Free HD Boot work with the PS2 Slim models?

  • You need an SSD for that computer lol they are getting very cheap now.

  • Thanks! I was finally able to copy games from to my 2.5 HDD. I wonder if my ps2 slim will detect it if I put it on a case with a usb on the other end.

  • I probably could do this now the other way because I did not know I had the ability to soft mod it using a secondary memory card and my swap magic discs. but I am not completely sure how i would get hdd ready for use without this method…lol

  • focus ?

  • thank you so much do I add ps1 games the same way?

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