Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks (Bridge and Law Remix)

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  • 9mm surprise
    what else do you find in Kinder Surprise egg nowadays?

  • Welcome MEME?

  • Я одна слышу на припеве: он реально кит, лысый бомж там кекс??

  • me a quiet kid

    starts listening to this song and other people can hear it

    "Teacher may I go to the restroom"

    My teacher: ? Um-

    based on a true story

  • CsGo Flashbacks

  • I found the memes

  • When Vsco girls find out hydroflasks are banned.

  • Soy el unico mexicano aqui? Like si, comentario no :v

  • Everybody: Makes fun of Shy Kid
    Shy Kid: Reaches for backpack “I’m tired of this!”
    Everybody: ? . ?

  • Thankful to this song!! I played this on school yesterday. Now I have so many friends!!!

  • when Walmart plays this song at their back to school sale

  • This version sucks tbh

  • Lets AIM for 3 million likes on this vid or else… 0:16

  • merdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lixoooooooooooooooo

  • When you’re in the locker room and they making fun of your 9cm so you pull out a 9mm

  • 2

  • this was actually played during art class, no one recommended it

    we didnt all get a bullet in our heads either so idk

  • This remix is better than the original song 😀

  • I’m the quiet kid in my class

    And I’m listening to this


  • in finland there was school attack some guy (25 years old) came in the school with samurai blade or some shit he killed 1 and now 10 people + him self are in hospital( you mmaybe wonder why he is in hospital, well some guy shooted him 2 times because of what he did). It was like 4 days ago. i hope he survives. Why ? because if he survives somebody else can shoot him and make 2x pain to him.

  • Do you know why americans are so bad at geography?

    Because the ones Who skipped class survived.

  • Finally after few months !!!?

  • “Alexa, intruder alert.”

    Floor Lamp: on 100% Red

    Set Volume to 100.


    Play Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks (Bridge and Law Remix)

  • geometri dash song

  • Muito incrível

  • Классное видео!?

  • playing this at school
    ”My friend became weirdly popular overnight”

  • When the dj also happens to be the weird kid.

  • Who else is listening to this even though there the quiet kid in school?

  • ☆COOL☆

  • why do i have the urge to grab my ak

  • When you realize the weird kid in your class is missing and you start hearing gun shots.

    Pikachu surprised face

  • Top 10 Back To School Shooting Songs

  • ;D

  • When your teacher takes away you fidget spinner, so you spin your revolver instead…

  • When you mom tell you that are you are adopted.

  • reminder that this song was written to raise awareness for gun violence and school shootings, and that the editor for the lyrics at Columbine during the shooting there

  • this songs starts playing in my class:

    me: ight ima head out

  • Boi

  • No

  • When Billy pulls something out of his backpack

  • F in my test…

    Gun in your head

  • Pumped Up Kicks:Busquen en Geometry Dash (Extreme Demon) By:iTsAdvyStyles & More

  • Teacher: whats your favorite bird?

    boi: pidgeon
    girl: red bird thing

    Quiet Kid: takes out an uzi gun

  • Love this song

  • eh eh eh eh

  • Can’t figure out how to finish a song?

  • Leo tantos when que pienso que son memes jajajajjajajajaja

  • 2019???

  • i hate school shooting jokes

  • Even if this music means something thats not good ? it was playing when i was having a good time. There for i have good memory flash backs no matter the lyrics! Its just words after all.

  • isnt there an audio lag between 1st and 2nd second or its just my youtube

  • When the Jedi hear Execute Order 66 and can't find a place to hide

  • When you're at the beach and the cool kids start mocking you…

    …so you pull out your mg42, your nazi helment and recreate Omaha Beach.

  • When someone makes fun of Twisted Wizard

  • Mankind sometimes has to reply on darkness and loneliness

  • Wow very good

  • A tradução é muito pesada ?

  • Thank god there arent any quotes btw where did this trend come from

  • geiles Lied

  • Bully: gimme your mp3

    quiet kid: i have something better for you

    bully: oh yeah what?

    quiet kid: my mp5

  • When my teacher wont round my 35 to a 90

  • When your teacher took away your fidget spinner,

    Now you gotta spin the revolver.

  • My friends got A+

    I have AK-47

  • Bully:*exist*

    Quiet kid:


  • Everyone brings their mp3 to school
    I bring my mp5

  • octuber 2019

  • Nobody: nothing
    Me after taking the exams:

  • The beat dropped harder than the people in the school

  • i like this song

  • Muito top mesmo?

  • imma tell my friends not to come to school tomorrow

  • This beat slaps

  • Guitarrin?

  • paris

  • When it’s Monday but school canceled:

  • pumped up kicks?

  • the music is very good 10 of 10

  • Who’s listening it in October 2019?

  • hi

  • 0:16

  • 0:16

  • This song made me drive 2mph faster than the speed limit

  • Other people: Spinning yoyos and fidget spinners
    Me: Spinning up a minigun

  • When the school shooter throws a gernade and the autistic kid thinks it’s a boogie bomb.

  • Like si amas esta cansion y comenta si odias la cansion de baila en la playa

  • Jedi in Black old pinq

  • When you lose in kahoot so you kashoot up the school.

  • 2019 october ? the song is just amazing ?

  • ?

  • This Is my stand's name

  • MP3: sound
    MP4: sound + visual
    MP5: sound + visual + physical

  • Porra eu amo esa musica

  • like if this better than the original

    And the russian dance too

  • I opened this at my school. And now everyone except me is dead.
    Me: Wtf?

  • pumped up kicks with the pumped up dicks jk

  • Best music

  • Friend: Grab your AK-117 and Glock 17, cause we are getting the heck outta here.

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