Flying Like Iron Man #4: Rocket Crutches

stable flight hopefully *rocket noises* nothing and 3 2 1 they’re calling him the Tony Stark of kitchener ontario alright so in order to attach the
Rockets to my body we’re going to need some kind of mount or holder so what we’re planning on doing is
actually kind of making a wrist mount that I can hang onto and it’s got room
for three rockets per side and then what we’ll do is we’ll also have a kind of
like a crunch element a bar that will go up just in case i can’t hold the force
of the rockets and then the other thing we do with that is make sure it’s not
possible for me to aim the rockets at myself because we’re going to do a few
tests later on to see just how powerful this rocket is and how many layers of
Kevlar it will go through these will for each rocket motor and
place we’re going to have three rocket tubes per hand and since these guys put
25 pounds of thrust that means well the maximum takeoff
thrust of a hundred fifty pounds which is my body weight so hypothetically if i
jump I should jump pretty high and that will
be the test but we’re gonna start small start with just one rocket per side if that goes well with the two if that
goes well three alright so to figure out just how
powerful these Rockets are and whether or not these Kevlar pants are actually
save my legs were going to do a quick test to see if the the rocket plume will
actually eat through the Kevlar all right Brian three two one two one yeah Kevlar pads are not going to get it alright so the Kepler is just not gonna
cut it it absolutely got incinerated this was
actually two layers of Kevlar and as you can see it burn the wood pretty good so
we’re going to make pants – actually with sand is kind of rocket blasts we’re
gonna need some kind of either metal or wood insert as well which is going to be
tricky because if I’m flying up 10 feet in the air I don’t want to have bulky pants because
my come back down and land it’s not gonna be fun so you might have
to go back to the drawing board for this one alright so we’ve got the rocket holder
done and our metal crutch so the next question is where do we want
well these guys together and we’re thinking we want to have the arm
slightly bent that way with one we don’t want the elbow to lock and to then I’ll
be able to support with my own strength and then if that’s not enough then
engages in to my armpit so yeah alright so because the model rocket
engines actually have a bit of a backfire you make sure that doesn’t have my arms
are going to make a little deflector plate off the steal yeah you have our rocket module fleet now I
think they just need a coat of paint but let’s see shit you see my arms are not locked I’m really wedge into my armpits are
nice stable flight hopefully but after seeing what it did to the Kevlar pants the safety on this is maybe
non-existence so we’ll see how it goes nice threads done what’s that some gold
access ok all right so these feel pretty good now
with the padding now we just have to figure out how to
fire off the Rockets simultaneously so if any of you guys happen to me the
model rocket experts and you have some ideas about how to get these to fire at
the same time please let us know in the comments
thanks for watching and stay tuned for next week yeah yeah


  • What would be a relatively simple way to fire off the rockets simultaneously is to use a button that has an added time delay such as a long burning fuse. That way, you would be able to ignite the fuse via electrical ignition, remove the, "adaptor," and you'd be ready. When I say adapter, I am really referencing to something that would attach to the fuse on both sides that would be easily removed once you have ignited it. (One fuse on each side, one button, ignites both fuses at the same time, remove the electrically arcing end, lift off!) This idea can definitely be expanded upon, however, it is a relatively good base concept to use.

  • Someone should pay you to improvise your inventions

  • Will you actually use this?

  • the pads made your elbows lock be carful

  • Aren't people too heavy for two model rocket engines, or even six model rocket engines?

  • why is part 5 private yet?

  • put supports on either side of the upper cruch part to make sure it stays put

  • Ya didn't even make the suit and you already start to color something i don't even know what.. 😛

  • I know this is a bit late, but given that the problem of the rockets not firing simultaneously is caused by the wires not touching the wall of the rocket, instead of just bending the wire, you could stuff in some steel wool. This should cause the rockets to ignite properly and at an instant.

  • You know what'd be super interesting… A hacksmith and colin furze colab.

  • How about, grounding yourself till all rockets have ignited?

  • R.I.P dude

  • You should use aerogel instead of kevlar it exactly wat you need

  • 3:06.

    At least you managed to make a pretty bad-ass light saber! Kudos!

  • For your next one do Spider-Man web shooter in hat you can swing on

  • You really need to get a faster camera lel

  • best dad ever

  • i see you are using rockets but what if you use high pressured air ?

  • at the elbow u should add some kind of a door Hinge to be able to move better and if your gonna add it u should make some kind of locking or slow moving mechanissiam to not break your arm because of the g force from the rockets.
    -the locking mechanissiam could be unlock/locked with some kinda servo with a switch hooked up to it 🙂 love your vids

    – and for the heat u should add 3 layers of kebular (idk how it spells) and have some layers of raw aluminium foil to abrorb the heat to add some exstra protecting try putting sand between the layers of kebular and aluminium foil.

  • who else saw the faded dick on the chalk board

  • Did you calculate those construction?

  • Not sure if you already solved the problem for igniting all of them but I build model rockets with cluster engine setups and the way I go about it is connecting all the engines in parallel then using a car battery for my power. With how many you're trying to ignite at once I would use multiple batteries at once connected in series so your voltage goes up but current stats the same, those words have a maximum current they take before they pop and not burn. Hope this helps

  • I think it ate through the Kevlar

  • Try using titanium if you can its very light weight and durable just altitude bit of titanium is bullet proof

  • As in titanium followed by layers of Kevlar

  • What about copper weave to spread the heat, with canvas underneath?

  • I know I'm too young to know that much but maybe you could have the same wire attached to both like a wire but it's the same so it has the same charge running through at the same time

  • not an expert but why not put two buttons on the ends of the crutches and press them at the same time just a suggestion

  • Put the heat guard behind the rockets going down long ways to help protect your legs

  • This has catastrophic fatality written all over it. The thrust is so sudden that it's gonna force your arm up, even with those crutches, when that happens it's just gonna get worse from there if the flames don't burn your legs right off. Once the thrust engages it's liable to cause you to let go of, one, if not both crutches. Which, means that you're going to have solid, flaming, steel flying off in some random direction. If someone, or something is in the way, it's going to be really bad for them, and you. Think you need to, seriously, reconsider, this course of action. If such a thing is even feasible for, actual, flying, you'd need something like a few small ion engines that you can dial in the amount of thrust you need, slowly, instead of all at once. Or, small gas powered propellers. Even so, you don't have a powered suit to help counter the force of thrust, so you can have total control over it's direction, at all times. Also, if you go up more than 10 feet, it's gonna be pain, if not death on the way back down. You need a tether or something. But, that would pose it's own, very dangerous, risks with it's presence. This is a really bad idea. And, certainly, not worth dying, or being injured, or crippled for.

  • try multiple switches I would do 3 with a relay setup for higher power levels like 12 to 14 volt ^ with multiple fuses to get a better timed ignition….. and some sort of focused/combined thrust cone wouldn't hurt on the control/stability part

  • oh and maybe instead of multiple switches a timer to ignite 1 per side timed to aide stability as far as a combined thrust nozzle think of a header collector

  • Please test your constructions strength. It looks to me that the 90 degree joints will not hold your weight. Try resting the rocket holders somewhere and jump on the crutches, I bet they will break

  • did you calculate the weight of all the rest of the suit

  • how are you going to land if your rockets are burned

  • carbon fibre weave buddy. carbon fibre has a very high melting temperature. layer a few layers of carbon fibre over you couple layers of Kevlar. should take the heat.

  • maybe try strapping a mini battery on your back or chest maybe one tht lights up?

  • Flies like Tony Stark but looks like Steve Rogers…CIVIL WAR!!! But no really man I enjoy these videos!!!

  • ill buy it for 50.000

  • World's deadliest laser

  • What about nomex? Thats what Nascar drivers wear isn't it?

  • just build a dope ass iron man suit install a jetpack in it and fly around

  • Why not the boots to

  • 3:02 plasma cannon!!!

  • get fire resistance pants like fire men but a little tiny bit more thin

  • how long does it take you to do these ??

  • Amazing

  • goog work ☝

  • An computer Can launch them at the same time

  • silicone pants

  • Trigger mechanism with a quick break away system

  • I am a licensed rocket scientist u should have Called me I would told u a place where u can get a license go to NASA u can get a license

  • I wish you guys realized you could use carbon fiber welding blankets.

  • Maybe Nomex instead of Kevlar?

  • my desing will make even bigger armour because the hands will be motors hand with rockets

  • You should of used kale wool – if you put a blowtorch on one side, you can safely hold your hand on the other side. Plus that would work with just one layer

  • Light saber with rocket engines


  • you se the wood getting blasted at 330 degrees an then you just se the pipe he is holding chilling there at around 23

  • Why rockets!? That’s what I keep asking myself throughout this series. Why not RC jet engines or ducted fan electric prop motors? You can’t variably control thrust output with the rockets (no throttle). With jets or ducted fans you’d be able to use a throttle system, they work longer, can be reused with refueling or recharging, and are far more safer. I don’t think “Tony Stark” would approve of solid state rocket motors in this application.

  • Use asbestos pants from a fire suit. Those should do the trick

    Just don't breathe in too hard.

  • Where can i aply for this job

  • To set off the rockets at the same time, you should set the igniters up in series, so that if one fails, none of them will activate. I do not know if this is the safest idea, but it could work.

  • Black sabbath

  • aerogel insulates well

  • i am a profession at school
    so you can ad switches were you are holding it you can off and on when ever you want

  • melhor canal

  • sweet, rocket crutches.

  • Make the sledgesaw from dead rising

  • Develop an Arc Reactor

  • What about your arm? You need protection if the rocket go out of its cannister. My in put is that If you can test the rocket against steel or metel and if one of those hold you can put the one of the 2 on the…um I don’t know the word for it but the thing that your using for the rocket to stay with your hand and your arm to be stable

  • Also for the rockets to go off at the same time you can use gun triggers. Does any one knows how a Bernard if cooked?you poul the pin right? Well if you pull the trigger to pull the pin it would just be on you to do it at the same time

  • to protect yourself use AERO GEL scientific fact

  • Iron man

  • Grab a tube that the rockets could fit in and seal off one end of the tube put a musket ball in one end and ignite rocket and you've got yourself a gun

  • Put a switch right at your hand and put the wires on your suit

  • I was thinking if u can put some rockets on your legs or ankles so that thrust can push you up and you have liftoff and putting mounts around your ankles with a light material that is strong enough and sturdy enough to support the weight of a human

  • The wires should obviously be the same length

  • Isn't nomex designd soacificaly for fire proofing?

  • You should make Spider-Mans web shooters

  • siz süpersiniz

  • Can you do A360 VR Video

  • hook up each rocket to a separate battery.

  • Nature probably designed this guy to be almost invincible to test out stuff that would kill anything else

  • use fusees tie them ech to one fuse then tie the fusees togeter

  • he ain't gonna live

  • Why not just self trigger them. You already have the brace right? Now just install some wiring inside them make them manual trigger

  • Is that plasma I see at 3:00

  • I am from the future

  • You can have a button so you are able to push in fire them all at the same time

  • I am inspired by you to make a real Iron Man suit

  • Use a cluster igniter

  • kitchenarteiro

  • Fouk

  • James Actually You Look Like Tony

  • definitely ate through that you gunna be burnt chicken

  • I don't know how strong it's going to be

  • Spider-Man Web shooter

  • You need to make the real spider web shooter

  • If I had to ignite several things at once id probably use steel wool and a 9v battery.

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