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Hi there, this is Nigel again from,
introducing our one minute Fly London videos. Just to give you some more information about
the Fly London the boots have come in from this autumn winter. Because it’s quite a big range, and there’s
lots of detail in the boots that you can’t see from just one photograph. We try and take different angles, but there’s
nothing like actually seeing boot in the flesh. So this is a very, very popular boot from
Fly London, it’s called Yule. It was in the range last year, and it was
a tremendous seller, a really, really top seller. It’s got a Californian construction, which
means it sticks to the upper dent then turned and the sole is stuck on the bottom. The sole unit is made from TPR, which is a
form of plastic rubber, which is a very high grade rubber material, quite lightweight,
and also quite flexible as well. This particular version is in black patent
but we also have a version in what Fly London call graphite. It can look a little bit bronzy in the photographs
but you can actually see here it’s a kind

see it is a graphite color.

It’s just got a slight bronze tinge to
it. This is called mousse leather. This is a very, very high quality leather,
with a slight sort of marbling on the surface. And Yule has got this wide Velcro strap around
the back of the boot, and then a little bit of elastic. It will give a little bit when you put it
on, and then you can sort of secure it in place by this big feature Velcro strap. It also has an inside zip, you know, to help
you get it on, so you can just undo that, put your foot in, zip it up, and you’re away. So there you go. Two versions of Fly London Yule, they’re available
now from and you can have them on 24 hour shipments as well, if you order
before 2 p.m., so there you go, Fly London Yule, from

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