Fly Fishing Wading Boot – Andrew Hotfly

The Creek model was born from the collaboration of Andrew and Hotfly. Andrew is an all-Italian company based in Montebelluna specialized in the realization of technical shoes while hotfly is a well known brand in the world of fly fishing. From Andrew’s expertise in the footwear industry and Hotfly’s experience in the world of fly fishing Is born a wading boot that is extremely durable and very comfortable. Surely this is a product designed to last over time even if you’re constantly under stress. It is now appreciated by more than 2000 fishermen throughout Europe The rigidity of this boot allows you to always have your ankle in the correct position, allowing to have a uniform support on the entire sole of the foot. This allows to face in complete safety even the most challenging terrain. The upper is made of a single piece without seams, this material is very light and extremely resistant to abrasion and cutting. To further protect the lower part of the upper from the impact against the rocks on the bottom a highly abrasion-resistant rubber band has been inserted. This rubber band can be replaced if it wears out over the years. The sole is formed by a lower layer in contact with the ground, which can be vibram or felt with or without spikes, and a bi-density polyurethane midsole which optimally cushions the foot during ground contact. The easy rollers allow a very smooth sliding of the boot laces. Once the lower part has been tightened, the laces can be locked by getting them through these clips, and then finish fastening the top of the boot without the lower part loosening up. Regardless of whether the wading boot is dry or wet undergoes a variation in size that is truly imperceptible, allowing you to slip on and off your boot in a very comfortable and fast way even when dry. For all Andrew boots we offer the service of resoling and you can also change the type of sole from felt to vibram. If it is worn out, the midsole and the rubber band can also be replaced It is also possible to carry out any type of repair.

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  • Uso da un anno il modello con suola in gomma e chiodi e sono molto soddisfatto.

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