Hi guys, it’s Sofia here! So I wanted to get started on a new project
today which involves these cute shoes that I bought at the thrift shop for – wait for
it… 80 cents! Seriously! And what I’m gonna do with them is attach
these iron-on patches to them. So I have three of these bigger ones and three
of these smaller ones, and I bought all of these at a local craft store for 1€ a piece. So that makes the total price of this transformation
a whopping 6 euros 80 cents. That’s not too bad. But we’ll have to see if the adhesive on
these will stick well or not after the ironing or whether I’ll have to like sew a couple
of stitches on them just to make sure they stay in place. But anyways, let’s get started. I started by planning the placement of the
patches, so I drew quick sketches of the shoes on my notebook. This just made it easier for me to keep track
of the design I wanted to achieve and also keep track of how many flowers I still had
left to use. Then I picked one of the patches and tried
to see where it would look best. After I found a spot that I wanted to iron
the patch to, I drew it on my notebook. Then I just kept going like this until I had
found spots for all of the flowers. And I also cut some of the patches down to
make them look nicer on the shoes. This was also necessary to make the patch
design look more symmetrical on both shoes. This is what my quick placement plans ended
up looking like. Next I took some all-purpose glue and lightly
coated the inside of the patches with just enough glue to make it stick to the shoe. I did this to make sure the patches would
stay in place during the ironing and I wouldn’t accidentally iron the patches on the wrong
spot. I did this with all of the patches so I could
iron them all on at the same time. Following the instructions on the packet,
I ironed the patches on with a scrap piece of fabric on top of the shoe. And I also put a crumpled up piece of baking paper
inside the shoe so that it would keep it’s shape and make the ironing a lot easier. You need to be really careful when doing this
so that you don’t end up burning your fingers. So just go as slow as you need and make sure that
your fingers aren’t in the way of the iron. After ironing one spot for about 20 seconds
I checked to see if the patch had stuck to the shoe and overall they seemed to stick
really well. So, this is how the first shoe ended up looking
like. Then I just repeated the whole ironing process
on the other shoe as well. And here’s the end result! I think these patches go so well with these
shoes and I’m really happy with how these turned out. So, as always, you can leave a like or a comment
down below telling me what you think of these shoes And also you might wanna subscribe to
my channel to see more of these type of videos. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you soon. Bye bye!


  • Super cute idea! Those turned out beautifully!

  • Please do an updated room tour!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Those shoes are amazing too

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