Floof, Stupid Science, Catchoo | A.T. #114


  • Do you guys send your products to INDIA

  • You are so cool

  • It dose

  • Floof roof rhythms ;D

  • Please make it so that you can eat it

  • I have the jellyfish lantern


  • I love the video

  • can kids have the suckers

  • “Liquid fudge”
    …chocolate syrup.?

  • We’re doing supid science

  • We're doing soupid science
    👉 stupid science 👈

  • Catchoo sounds like achoo

  • When my brother got the penny thing it didnt come with any pennies

  • #supidscience

  • Why do you call it stupid science do you think science is stupid because I love science so much!!!

  • Oh dang son…… that’s good. -Jamie Vat19 2016

  • 1p=1pence

  • so cool

  • "Oh dang son!!"

  • who else just watchz when bored🤔🤔 me I do😂😅😂😅

  • s:

  • That is a lot of floof

  • I love you guys (I'm a girl)

  • I live in England

  • Let me show you something

    Your welcom

  • Floof is so floofy yay :3 >:3

  • I NEED THE UNICORN SLIPPERS 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  • Vat19team?
    More like..

  • You don’t pee on yourself when a jellyfish sting you.

  • Had slime to floof

  • Eric's laugh cracked me up

    (His laugh was at 0:09)

  • dude decent

  • With the magnetic money pennies, he was doing Lincoln stuff, Lincoln’s on the US penny.

  • That Fuzzy-wuzzy is so cute

  • It's flavor is shampan can kids have it

  • i love you
    i love you

  • Levi cox you are so stupid and why do you don't want anything?

  • For fun

  • Pause at 7:51 (7:49)

  • As someone from britian I'm happy I can just recreate the magic penny kit at home XD

  • Can you eat it

  • No offense but the floof sucks I have it it is so sticky and leaves a gross reasa due

  • I come from England and you guys are sick 😎😎❤️

  • I love vat19 it’s my favorite youtuber

  • I love pandas

  • you just gave us your address now anybody can come and do something anything that’s bad😦

  • I have that magnet penny

  • Thingy

  • You just put the flicker on the wrist

    Me: flicka da wrist

  • My floof does not work well

  • soupid science

  • Southern Gentleman is just Eric

  • 5:48

  • The reason you had a hard time catching the ping balls in The air playing catch you is because your brain takes a 10th of a second to process what you see

  • Can kids have the gold lollipops

  • My name is penny

  • i like you

  • vat19.com go now

  • Are they for kids

  • Well are the lollipops made out of Champagne because what if I like kids want them

  • I am here from future it 3256here

  • Awesome

  • Mix floof with mad mattr

  • Isn’t liquid fudge just chocolate milk

  • Mine is sticky

  • I subscribed and I added  you guys on Snapchat

  • 0:05
    Jamie: " And stick around, Were doing Supid-…"
    Eric: *laughs in the background*

  • 8:38
    Let's take a slow-mo replay of that thing hitting Jamie's crotch. XD

  • …..don't they mean hypothesis?

  • Floof……floof……floof……..floof……floof,floof,floof,floof,floof,floof,floof

  • Just in case you don’t know what a hypotenuse is, it is the larger side of a triangle. You can use the other two sides to figure it out as well.

    A squared+B squared=C squared

    The more you know.

  • My floof is just crumbled and Wong stick togther

  • ayy they are brittish coins

  • That jelly fish lamp is everywhere in florida

  • Indian coins are also magnetic

  • Do The Gold Lollipops Have Alcohol In Them?

  • I wish I were high on potnuse

  • Can you use the drinking fudge in milk in the moo moo mixer

  • Glad you love our microbes! 🙂

  • I subscribed and hit the bell

  • I'm actually Charlotte

  • 2018 anyone

  • I like the feeling rho

  • Tho

  • Sooooooo cool

  • can I spend the money

  • i couldnt afford to buy the decoy safes so i bought a tub of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, cleaned it out, and now i have $300 in my fridge

  • I had something similar to the Catchoo in the 90s. It didn't have the Velcro ping pong balls. I love Sixpence None the Richer.

  • the jelly fish pee thing is a mith what you are supows to do is seek medikl help imeadlitly when you get stung by a jelly fish

  • I love how it says stupid science

  • You got that at loveland living planet aquairiam

  • 9:43 GET OVER HERE

  • Stupid science reminds me of eric 😢😭

  • My floof is really messy

  • I have a panda box but I got it from china

  • Uuuu

  • Now I know who's been stealing my pennies… 😂😂

  • 11:20 The small paper. I made it a few years ago. My art looks way better now… I promise.

  • I bought Floof , and it wa super messy and grainy and snowy, and do not recommend

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