Flipflop Seba & Jo – Wprowadzenie do naszego kanału na Youtube [ENG. SUB.]

J: Hello!/ S: Greetings! J:This is Sebastian, my husband. S: This is Jowita, my wifey. J: We’ve known each other for nearly 2 years. We’ve been married for a year. We’ll have our anniversary in 10 days. S: We got married here, in England. It was a small civil marriage, so I could call Jowita my wife. J: He wanted us to get married after 8 months. Idk how he convinced me lol. S: So, we work here, in England and before that I was traveling a lot, so I went to Jowita and said ”Jo, let’s travel somewhere.” J: From my perspective, I have never imaginated that my life could be not planned and organized. J: Before, I always knew a year earlier that I’d go somewhere. But sine Sebastian is in my life everything turned upside down. S: I told her that you can have some fun and don’t have to work all the time, you can travel. S: You don’t live only with your work. J: He showed me that I can live in a different way, not only house/work related things. J: Later we will show you clips of us working (day ours life). J: 5 years… I’ve been here for 5 years and never imagined that my life would change radically. J: In 2 months we are going to Asia and we will leave everything here. S: We’ll be there for year or half. We’ ll see… J: We’ re traveling there to see new things and explore Asia. S: We’ re filming this as an introduction to our vlog series, because when we get there we’ re planning to do more videos and tell you about our journey. S: We’ re planing to visit different kids of places. We don’t know wich ones yet. J/S: It’s all spontanious S: For sure we want to go to India, Nepal, Bangladesh. North India because I was there few times before. S: We’ll tell you about it. Jola is in charge of editing. J: Yes, I’ m learning how to edit videos now. I’ve a need to share it with you all. S: Jowita is talented, so I don’t have to help her. J: Well, it’s not as easy as I thought. Sadly, it’s not just copy-paste. S: It’ ll work out. S: So, basically we wanted to introduce ourselves. S: We live in England and soon, in 2 months… J: In 2 months we have our flight to Poland (on 13th). J: We want to say goodbye to our families, get some things done and then we’ ll take our backpacks S: With backpacks. The smallest ones, 10 kg probably. J: 10 kg?! What are you talking about?! S: 10 or 12 kg. There is no difference. 13.., 15.. S: I’ m trying to convince Jo to make them as light as possible. But ofc Jola.. J: No. I’ ve one that can take 45 kg, so I will… S: Ok, you will carry it, not me. J: I meant 45l, sorry. S: We’ ll update you later. S: So we are going and we want to share everything with you and just live our lives. J: Oh and we met nice.. We were there in december. S: In december we were in India for a month. J: We spent one month in India at the beging of december. S: We’ ve some footage, so we will show you later. J: So we will show you… And when we were there we met a lot of nice and interesting people and they… S: And Jowita said ”Seba, we’ve to do this!” J: We’ ve to do this, because it’s possible. /S: YOLO. J: At the begining I was anxious and really shaky. J: Becuse, I couldn’ realize that you can live in a different way. J: I told you, I was always organized, always thought about things in advance. I knew what I was going to do on holidays year before that. J: Then I came here and met people that do various things but they don’t have steady income, steady job and they just live like that without dying lol. S: And they’ re super happy. J: They’ ve that happy cheerful vibe, they’ re always smiling. Such a positive energy! We’ ve to try. S: We’ ve to try everything. We’ve only one life, so we should use it to the fullest. J: We fell in to the routine. Our weekends are.. S: Boring. J: There is different mentality here.. Everyone asks about weekends because everything hppends then. J: They’ re the only pleasure but they started to look the same. S: We’ re trying to do something but… J: So that’s what we wanted to say. Later we’ ll upload more videos so you can see how our life looks like. S: We’ ll show you a little. J/S: Kisses! Bye-bye!


  • Sebciu fajna z was para pozdrawiam 🙂

  • Życzę wam powodzenia i dużo wrarzeń.

  • Witam i pozdrawiam 😉 świetnie że tak Wam się wszystko układa, życzę powodzenia i trzymam kciuki za dalsze sukcesy! Brawo 😊

  • Powodzenia moi Kochani, czekam na mnóstwo wrażeń 🙂

  • Super! trzymam kciuki za Wasze Jutuby robaczki:)

  • Wspaniały film! Bawcie się dobrze!!! Czekamy na więcej filmów z waszych wspólnych wypraw 🧡🧡🥰🥰

  • No no bardzo fajne introduction! Pozdrawiam😀

  • Czekam na więcej, pozdrawiam!

  • Hej Kochani😍👍 Czekam na relację z wyprawy🧐 Fajnie jest na was popatrzeć, wpadacie do Wrocławia przed wyprawą❓

  • Ej flipflopy , super Wam to wyszlo i juz czekam na filmiki z ekscytujacych wypraw!!!xxx

  • Super.bardzo fajni jestescie.

  • Jo! This is eber from Mclaren ! I don’t understand nothing…lol but I like your videos ….all the best

  • Już kocham wasz kanał ❤️😁

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