Flip Flops Sandals And Thongs – Drew Danburry

these clothes I wear with holes and scuffs
and an occasional tear tell me what it is you see I’m willing to
bet you can’t even see me Why am I wrong, I don’t belong
Cool people they dress like geeks and trendy people end up being freaks
that’s why it’s wrong you see when you only look at someone seeing skin deep
Talk about the show how last you almost got in a fight
Keep telling your friends it was so cool oh yeah the bands were all right
talk about bands you know but don’t even listen to
it’s not what you wear as much as how much you care
about oh how great you look from all the ideas you got in a book
and so many magazines that make you look so fresh and so clean
Outkast would be so proud of all the pupils they teach
Midwest surfers are wanna be’s five hours on hair can really make me scream
you come to shows just to be seen if you’re into music it’s cool but you look
like a fool when you check up on your make up at the shows


  • This is a really great video. Is this from an unknown artist? Cos I can't find anything about it online.

  • Hey man this is drew danburry, he is from utah and is the nicest guy of all time, ive met him once. He writes really great jams.

  • wow! great song & vid.

    good job! i love it!!!!

  • where in utah is this?

  • Is that springvile skate park?

  • ah Drew! takes me back to high school ♡♡

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