Flip-flop qubits: a whole new quantum computing architecture

A quantum computer is not just a faster computer.
It’s a machine that can solve problems that are completely intractable by any modern computer,
no matter how powerful. But to really outperform a supercomputer, the quantum computer must be built using many quantum bits, or qubits all individually controlled, and coupled
to each other in a large array. Our team at UNSW has already established the record of performance for single qubits in the solid state. Our qubits are individual atoms of phosphorus, implanted inside a silicon chip very similar to those that power all
modern computers and smartphones. We’ve made qubits out of both the electron and the nucleus of the phosphorus atom. But because they are atomic-size systems, you would normally need to place them a few atoms apart, so that the electrons touch each other, to perform quantum calculations. We have now discovered that this is not necessary – we can make the phosphorus qubits talk to each other over much larger distances, with one condition: that we encode quantum information in the combined quantum state of the electron and the nucleus. For example, we encode a “zero” in the electron-down / nucleus-up combination, and a “one” in the electron-up/ nucleus-down. We call it the “flip-flop qubit”. It is operated by pulling the electron away from the nucleus, and then oscillating the electron position around its equilibrium point. This means that we can now control a qubit in silicon using electric, instead of magnetic signals. This makes it much easier to integrate with
normal electronic circuits. Once the negative charge of the electron is pulled away from the positive charge of the nucleus the qubit creates an electric field
that reaches over large distances. So we can now design a large-scale quantum computer where there is plenty of space to insert interconnects, control lines and readout devices, without having to fabricate components at the scale of a few atoms. This is a major shift in the way we can build silicon quantum computers. Using flip-flop qubits instead of normal qubits will allow us to manufacture large arrays of qubits without having to push the limits of fabrication of conventional electronic devices. So it’s a quicker and more economical way to build a quantum computer that is big enough to start having an impact in the world.


  • now this is interesting!

  • You absolute champions. Looks like Australia will be the new superpower.

  • Muy interesante!

  • Thank you! Thank you very much for your contribution! So excited to see commercial quantum computers based on this model which are true game changer and completely different kind of devices. Wish I had a chance to have a tiny part on these innovations.

  • Amazing

  • pulling the electron away from the nucleus and then oscillating the electron position around its equilibrium. Sorry i am a little dumb… its this Quantum entanglement ?

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  • But can it play Doom?

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  • The way Andrea explains things is awesome, I wish he was my physics teacher. I'm still struggling to find an explanation or example of how qubits can be used programmatically to solve problems though 🙁

  • Congratulations guys! Keep up the revolutionary work! Love from Canada

  • I am kinda speechless.
    So, Thanks to all of you for your hard work.
    The Scientists, Video Makers and UNSWTV in general.
    It is so nice to see that there are always people driving us forward to a brighter Future:

    Love from Germany and all the best.

  • I read in an article on the same topic that a prototype of this idea will be proved out in 2022. What are the major hurdles preventing this idea being manufactured sooner?

    What about the other quantum computer properties like coherence time or noise that may need error correction?

    How many of these qubits would you need for quantum supremacy?

  • Is not it easier to create a quantum computer based on synthetic DNA?

  • In 10 years probabily we will be able to simulate the entire Earth, with all of her features, or even the solar system, the galaxy, or the universe, thanks to Australia! And everything inside a computer of the size of a room, or even the size of a normal laptop.

  • Well isn't that something amazing!!

  • I wonder if it works at room temperature.

    Currently the qubits chips need temperatures close to absolute zero.

  • you are a credit to the human race, thank you.

  • Thanks to share with us!

  • Awsome,,,, I have so many ideas on how to use the Quantum Computers…. ( No more lag on my multi player games buhahahahahaah)

  • quantum computing is in stone age state 🙂 average consume is not intresting in this… becouse it is useless…

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  • what about error correction?

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    I'm 18th tho.

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  • At first I thought it was a Russian scam !! .. very impressive. Oi Oi Oi

  • Amazing!

  • Parabéns Dr Tosi: merece o premio máximo de física. Ficamos no aguardo.

  • How much qubits have you had working together? What's the size of a qubits pair?

  • Does it requires same absolute zero temperature to control system #justasking. i have just started looking into quantum computer

  • Sounds fascinating. But the characteristics described here sound more like a classical bit. How does superposition come into play? Are the phosphorous atoms entangled in pairs?

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  • We are lacking of sleep dude..

  • The structure and architecture of the leaf of a plant should be used.

  • quantum computers + fusion energy will be a new era in human history

  • Que lo parió! Nos van a aniquilar las máquinas, no más.

  • If particles can be in these spooky superpositional states then how do they manipulate them? And are Quantum computers tapping into a field of consciousness and may become self aware ? 😀

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