Flip and Flop Text Effect Tutorial in After Effects

Hello everyone, this is Film Nurture and today
we’re gonna make so simple flip and flop text in After Effects. Let’s create a new composition. Don’t
bother with other options for that project. Click OK. Let’s type FLIP and align that layer by
center. Duplicate it twice. In the second layer we type AND. Align it by center. And
on The third one type FLOP. Align by center as well. Turn on 3D layer mode for all our layers. The next thing is we need to reposition our
anchor point for the first layer to center of the layer, not the composition. Now, let’s animate! Hit R button. Move forward
by 1 second and click the stopwatch of X Rotation of the first layer. Move forward by 5 frames
and change the rotation parameter to 90 degrees. Trim the layer’s end.
Switch on the second layer. Set the beginning of the layer. Reposition the anchor point
to center of the layer. Hit R button, change the parameter to -90 degrees, click the stopwatch
and move forward by 5 frames. Set the parameter to zero degrees.
Now let’s animate Y rotation. Go forward by 10 frames, click the stopwatch, move 5
frames forward, change the rotation to 90. Trim the layer’s end. Switch on the third layer. Trim the beginning
of the layer. Set the anchor point. Hit R button, change Y Rotation parameter to -90.
Click the stopwatch, move 5 frames forward. And reset the Y rotation to zero degrees. Animation is done, let’s add some design
elements. So, this is it. Thanks for watching. If you
like this tutorial, subscribe to my channel. If you’d like to get this project, comment
this video below and I’ll publish the link for you. Bye, see you next time!


  • Nice! Thank you!

  • no more talking bad

  • please whats the name of the font u used for the tutorial.

  • the music is so distracting I can barely follow along…

  • Im having trouble, my text is flipping but is being cut mid flip… is is because im using numbers 1,2,3? Plz Help

  • Thanks a lot! You really helped me out!

  • Music level shouldn't be higher than your voice level in a tutorial…

  • Please, please change the music… I suggest music from "Chillhop Essentials" here on YouTube.

  • Nice tutorial, I liked this music in the background =)

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