Flat Shoes: Favorites You Will LOVE

What’s one of the hardest
things for us to find? Flat shoes that are also fashionable. Today I’m gonna walk you through all of my flat shoe favorites. (upbeat music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin, and welcome back to my channel. If you’re new to my channel, welcome. I do upload two new videos every week, every Wednesday and Sunday. So I hope you’ll hit
that Subscribe button. Stick around so you don’t
miss out on anything new. You guys, I’m really excited
to talk about flat shoes. If I had a list of my top
10 most common questions, one of them would surely
be I need flat shoes, what flat shoes do you
recommend with this? I can’t wear heels because of knee, joint, foot, various problems. I get this question a lot and
there’s a reason why I think it keeps getting asked over
and over and over again, I mean beside the obvious
that people need flat shoes, it’s because they’re hard
to find, cute ones that is. When you search like let’s
say you go to Nordstrom.com, and you go to shoes, and then you delineate comfort shoes, and you look, it’s not easy to find a cute pair of comfortable flat shoes. It just isn’t. Why? I don’t know. It’s like it’s very difficult or maybe it’s too expensive
for shoe designers to build in the support that you need and all of the technology that you need to make a shoe comfortable
but also add a design to it. I am still waiting for the
holy grail designer to do this. It doesn’t exist to date. But what I’m gonna do in this video is I’m gonna break down by category my favorite most comfortable
flat or very low-heeled shoes. (upbeat music) Sneakers are something
that maybe 10 years ago we were all shying away from, but now they’re very on trend. It’s very modern, it’s very acceptable in the fashion world. And in the fashion
sense they’re considered much more stylish and chic. We need to embrace this trend because in terms of comfort, nothing compares to the sneaker. If you’re like me and in
the beginning you were like I don’t know ’cause you’re
so programmed for so long to not wear sneakers and you
have a little trouble with it, get yourself over the hump
because this is a trend you really need to get behind. It just is so functional. There are a zillion
different types of sneakers, and so I’m gonna kinda walk you through some of my favorites and
different sneaker categories. Can you believe it? There are sneaker categories. The first sneaker category I wanna talk about are the ugly sneakers, sometimes referred to as the dad sneaker. And basically what that looks like is a giant orthotic like
dad shoe like this, okay. And the markings of a dad
sneaker is it’s white, it’s big, usually there can be
all white or some color, but it’s got this huge spongy
platform around the sneaker, and that’s how you know it’s an ugly sneaker or a dad sneaker. What I happen to love about
the dad or the ugly sneaker is that it does have a huge
platform so it gives you height, but it also has incredible support and you literally can walk all over a city in the ugly sneaker. And I did, I walked all through
Paris in these exact shoes and my feet were so happy. You might be like I don’t know
about the ugly sneaker, Erin, but I’m telling you it is so functional, you wanna get behind it. If you’re petite like me, you need the height but
you also want the comfort, it’s an awesome trend. I will put a couple suggestions below. This exact pair is not available. This is available though in all white. And then this is a high end
pair, there are tons of dupes, so don’t panic if you look
at this pair and the price. There’s so many. I’ll put some in every
price point for you guys. So the ugly sneaker is first. We got that out of the way. (chuckles) The second sneaker you should have or consider having is
just a lightweight runner but you’re not actually running
on it, you’re walking on it. With this sneaker for example, I ordered my usual shoe
size which is 7 1/2. Normally with sneakers
I would order an eight because it gives me a little extra room at the end of the shoe, but since it’s a walker, I’m not gonna be running in it, I did a 7 1/2. I also wanted a lighter color that was really fresh for spring summer, and so I got this pale blue color. I think these sneakers were under $50. They’re New Balance. And I got them on Amazon. And I just love the way they look, and again it’s just like
it couldn’t be lighter. So perfect for travel
and just great walkers for the summer with a dress or shorts, something cute like a little
tank dress or something. The third category is the leather sneaker. If you are sort of clued-in to what’s happening in fashion and trends, then I’m sure you’ve noticed like the Golden Goose sneakers. They’re having a moment. They’re everywhere on Instagram, all the bloggers are wearing them. They’re very trendy. Those are the ones with
the stars on the side but there are a lot of versions
of those leather sneakers. So here’s another version
by a line called Veja, and these are also eco-friendly by the way for those of you who
are interested in that but they’re comfortable. The thing is, let me
give a disclaimer here, do not go and buy a pair
of white leather sneakers whether it’s Golden Goose,
Veja, adidas Superstar, whatever for a trip like as a tourist
unless you break them in first. With these, unlike these or these, you have to break them in, and if you don’t break them in, they’re not comfortable. Wear them around the
house before your trip. Wear them around the house before you plan to do any
serious walking in them because they require breaking in, but they’re super cute, right? They’re so cute. You can do all white, you can do something with
little pattern on it. The Golden Goose ones have
all kinds of variations. So a white leather
sneaker is also an option. Your last sneaker option is
a pair of canvas sneakers. So you could go with the traditional like white pair of Keds lace-up sneakers, or you could do more of
like old school Vans. I saw these a lot in Paris by the way just the old school black Vans, this exact pair a lot
on the streets of Paris. Can you believe it, Vans? Maybe it was mostly
tourists, I don’t know, but they were a lot of Vans kicking around in the streets of Paris. Here’s another option. I would say with canvas sneakers, you don’t need the break-in period which is wonderful too, so it’s just a buy-and-go scenario. (upbeat music) The next category I wanna
talk about are sandals. You have to have some sandals for summer. Some of you may not like them, you may not like to show your feet, but when it’s sweltering hot, you need to have something that allows your feet to breathe. If you go to the pool,
you go to the beach, you need to have a pair of sandals. Every year I have one pair of sandals that I absolutely love
and I wear it to death, and you guys I’m sure have
the same thing, right? So here’s last year’s pair. It’s Sam Edelman, cute
little grommets on them, cute little studs in a nude color. I really love these sandals. The problem is, I can probably still get
away with wearing them, but they’re looking pretty tired. I really feel like every season I have to kinda buy a new pair of sandals, and you may feel that way too if your sandals are looking
beat-up after a season, you wore them to death, you
wore them out literally, think about getting a new pair. There’s a pair of slides by Steve Madden that looked like dupes
for the Hermes slides that a lot of bloggers are featuring. I just wanna tell you
one thing about those. They are wide. I can’t wear them because they just literally slide off my foot. I wanted to make that note so you know if you have a narrow foot, it’s not the best sandal for you. The first category for
sandals are flip flops. And flip flops are great to have. I think the most comfortable
fit flops are the, I think it’s called,
pronounced Sanuk, S-A-N-U-K. They use like yoga mat foam
to make the flip flops. But I’m always looking for a
flip flop that’s also chic. This is my favorite when it comes to that combination of fashion and function. It’s a Yosi Samra flip flop. They have a little bit of cushion. There’s a little bit
of padding and cushion unlike the TKEES, T-K-E-E-S. And they’re also very chic. I love the rose gold color. I love the rose gold straps. I love the minimal straps. It’s just a really good
looking pair of flip flops. Havaianas are great too. Those aren’t quite as chic
but they’re very comfortable. So that’s another brand
that’s super comfortable if you wanna check those out. The second category for sandals, for flat sandals are the slides. I have two pairs I wanna show you guys. This is the first pair. It is more like a traditional
like old school Birkenstock, but it’s a little chicer
and more sophisticated than the traditional Birkenstock I think. But nothing against Birkenstocks, I think you can make them
look incredibly chic. I just feel like it just
doesn’t feel like right to me. You know what I mean? I think in anything that you wear, you have to feel good in it and you have to feel
like it feels like you. For me this was a modification
on the Birkenstock that I felt more comfortable with. This is a pair by Sam Edelman. Like that’s a go-to for me in
terms of comfort, Sam Edelman, also Vince Camuto, and
Dolce Vita is another one. What I love about this pair of sandals is the gold detailing on the side. I thought that was a really nice touch. I love when a sandal has this white rubbery foam at the bottom because it makes it so
spongy and soft and cushiony. It’s my favorite, like I have
a couple pairs of sandals with this white foam on
the bottom and I love it. And then I love the treads. You got some tread there. It’s not like you’re sliding around. A lot slides are just so
flat across the bottom. They’re very comfortable. And I love this color too,
very versatile neutral, and it gives you some good foot coverage. So for me I have bunions, that’s where your bone
sticks out a bit on the side. This strap actually
covers most of my bunion which I really enjoy too. This pair of slides, also very chic, not quite as cushiony as
the ones I just showed you. These are by Dolce Vita,
that’s another go-to brand. But why I wanted to show you these is because here’s an example of a pair that looks a lot like the
Hermes slides as well, a lot like the Steve Madden
ones I just talked about, but they’re very narrow. When I put them on my feet, they do not slip off, and I really appreciate that. If you’re like me and
you have a narrow foot, ’cause what happens to me
with those other slides, that’s what happens to me,
the toes pop out the front, and there’s nothing like more
annoying to me than that. So with these, my toes stay
put, and I really enjoy that. They also have some cushion,
they’re not totally flat, some support, really not
cushion but more like support. They’re not ridiculously comfortable but they’re very comfortable. (upbeat music) Now let’s move on to ballet flats because that’s another
whole category of flats that we need to talk about. It’s a classic, it’s always on trend. The newest ballet flats I
would say have a pointed toe. The problem is when you start diving into the pointed toe ballet flat, they’re not as comfortable,
they’re just not. I’ve tried a bunch on,
I sent them all back. ‘Cause if I’m gonna do a flat, it’s gotta be comfortable. I really don’t understand why it’s so hard to make
flat shoes comfortable. Like they inherently
should be more comfortable than any pair of heels or
wedges you’re putting on, but somehow it’s like finding a unicorn. You can’t find a comfortable
and chic pair of flats. That’s why I’m doing this video. Four pairs of ballet
flats I wanna talk about, and I’m gonna go in order of comfort. The first is the Tory Burch flats. These I bought for Paris. They were like quintessentially Parisian. I had to do like one
quintessentially French thing, right? And these are definitely very French. It’s a dupe of Chanel. By the way I tried on the
Chanel pair just like this and they were horrible. They were so uncomfortable. That’s why I ended up with
this pair by Tory Burch. But these are not all that comfortable. They’re fine if you’re
doing like two miles, just need a quick pair of
cute chic flats to throw on, but they’re not awesome, okay. So I wanted to mention that because I did show these
with my trip to Paris, I did walk all over Paris in them, but by the end of the
walk, I was dying, okay. They were rubbing like here and here, and I felt like the
bottom of my feet hurt. Great for like up to three miles in a day and then that’s it. You gotta do something else. If you’re going further than that, do something else. The second one is this pair by Sam
Edelman called the Felicia. And the Felicia has more
cushion and more support, and shockingly is about third of the price of the Tory Burch flats. The Felicia is a great gold standard when it comes to ballet flats that are comfortable,
that offer some support, and also were in a great price point. They look very chic as well. The next pair I wanted to
highlight for you guys are these. For those of you that
are long time viewers, you may remember these,
it’s been a while though. They’re by Earth Brands. They’re called Earthies. Earthies by Earth Brand. They’re more comfortable than
the first two I highlighted because they have like legit arch support and they are a legit comfort shoe. So if you were looking in
that comfort shoe category that I mentioned before, these would actually
pop up in that category. And I like the scallop trend. It reminds me of the Chloe ballet flats. I also like that they’re laser cut so it lets your feet breathe. The only thing with this pair is that because of the back being sort of arched, this can kind of rub in your heel. And what I do if I’m gonna wear
them for any length of time is I just do some blister
prevention back here, but otherwise they’re
incredibly comfortable, and I think they’re very versatile and they look cute as well. Last pair I wanna talk
about I don’t own them just simply because I don’t
wear ballet flats that much. It’s not like a go-to shoe for me, but if it is for you
and you wanna know like what is the cream of the comfort crop when it comes to ballet flats, it’s AGL. Those are pricey. They’re much pricier than
any of the ones I highlighted maybe except Tory Burch, but they’re going to be
three times as comfortable so you’ll be so happy you have those. If you’re a ballet flat fan, you gotta go all in with AGL. That is the most comfortable ballet flat. The other ballet flat that people love are the Tieks. Those are the ones with
like the teal blue heel. What I happen to like about
those is they are foldable so you could like keep them in your bag and pull them out if you needed to. I think they’re comfortable but I don’t think they’re
any more comfortable than any of the ones I mentioned. So you may wanna get a pair of those if you want something you
can stuff in your handbag. Those are called Tieks. (upbeat music) The next category of shoes
I wanna feature are mules. And mules are definitely
very on trend right now. What I love about mules is almost always they have a manageable heel. The heel is often very chunky which is really easy to walk in. But my favorite part is
that you slip them on and you slip them off like a slide. They’re really easy to put on and they’re really easy to take off, plus they’re incredibly chic. So two pairs of mules I wanted
to highlight in this video, two of my favorites are this pair, this pair is by Club Monaco. It’s actually a sneaker mule. You see that, how it has an open back? Super cute. You might remember the floral pair I featured when I styled Anna. That was by Liz Claiborne. I’ll put a link to that video below. This pair is by Club Monaco
and it comes in white and also this really versatile
and neutral linen color which really goes with everything. I love wearing these
with skirts and dresses. I wore them in Paris with this beautiful pleated skirt also from Club Monaco. So you can do a lot with these. The other pair of mules I
wanted to highlight are these. I just love them so much. I think they’re so cool and architectural and just neat and edgy. They’re really kind of
like a granny slingback more than a mule, but they are slip on, slip off. They have this really cool heel detail, it’s a little ball at the heel. And they’re really chic and
modern and I just love them. They do require a little
bit of breaking in ’cause there is a bit of rubbing here, but once you break them in,
they’re very comfortable. Again a manageable heel, very low. It acts more like a kitten heel. And it does have a very
steady little base here so you’re not actually
walking on the ball. But I also think that the slingback is very leg lengthening as well. But this is a slingback
mule kind of hybrid. (upbeat music) The last shoe category I wanna address are booties, summer booties. These are the only
exception to being flat. They’re not exactly flats,
they’re both low-heeled. It’s really hard to find a
pair of true flat booties. It’s almost like they can’t make them. There’s always some sort of heel. So I wanted to show you two pairs that I think are awesome for summer that are also incredibly
chic and very comfortable. The first pair are these. This is a small cone heel by Vince Camuto. They’re called the Elison. This is a shootie. It’s like a shoe bootie, sandal bootie. It’s a sandal bootie hybrid. And what I love about these besides they’re insanely comfortable is that they zip up on the side so when you just slip them, you unzip, slip them
on, and zip it back up. And they’re really cool,
they’re edgy, they’re modern. So here’s a pair I just ordered in black. I also have them in pewter. This shoe came out last year, and so they’re kinda
sold out in most places but I found a bunch still on Amazon, and I will link them below. This is just a great looking shootie. You guys will love it and you will love how comfortable it is. Vince Camuto by the way is another brand that I always turn to for
comfortable and stylish shoes, fashionable and functional shoes. The last but not least shoe is
this one by Stuart Weitzman. This is a white leader bootie
that has a tiny kitten heel. And I love a kitten heel because they are so
comfortable and manageable. The kitten heel, like I didn’t
bring these to Paris with me ’cause they’re not the best on cobblestone ’cause it’s still a pretty pointy heel. But just day-to-day they’re wonderful and they’re very comfortable. I have traveled with these a bunch. I wear them a bunch you can tell, like they’re really kinda worn in. I love them. I just think they’re so wonderful and again very functional because of that super low heel. I also love that they
have the zip up the back. I can’t tell you I just
ordered like two months ago this really cool pair of Aquazzura
white patent sock booties and I was so excited
to get them and it was, they’re expensive and gorgeous. They come and there’s no zipper, and they’re a sock
bootie so they’re fitted. I’m like wait a minute, so I’m
gonna put my sweaty hot feet into this boot every
time I’m gonna put it on? Mm-mm, no, I don’t care
how pretty you are, you’re going back. Here’s an example of a
really functional pair. It’s got the zip up the
back, they’re easy to get on, it molds to your foot because
the leather is so soft. It has the very low kitten heel. It’s a good-looking, very
modern, very trendy bootie. And the white color once you adjust to it and you get used to it
’cause sometimes there’s a little bit of a period of adjustment since we didn’t wear white for so long, you’ll find that you could wear them with so many things in your closet, and I love that about wearing just white accessories in general, white handbags, white
shoes, white booties. Those are my favorite
flat shoes suggestions for your summer season. Do you guys have a holy grail flat shoe you wanna share with us
because we need your input? We need to hear what’s working for you, what you order that is amazing, maybe something you
took to London with you and walked all over the city in and felt like, wow, this is amazing. You guys if there is one
thing I can stress to you when you’re traveling on a big trip and you’re gonna be a tourist, you do not want those dogs to be barking. Like if your feet start to hurt, the whole day is ruined. So you have to have comfortable
shoes for those trips. So share with us, share your
holy grail flat shoes with us so we can all learn from you. You guys know it’s impossible
for me to review everything so I count on you guys to share. One other quick mention, I did launch a style membership service if you guys are not aware of that. You can pay $49 a month
and belong to a community. So if you have questions like what am I gonna wear to this graduation or what am I gonna wear to this wedding or what am I gonna wear to
this gala that’s coming up or should I wear these
shoes with this dress? Any of those style questions
that you wanna ask, you can post them in our
private Facebook community so you don’t exhaust your family, you don’t exhaust your friends, they don’t tell you the truth anyway. We are all gonna tell you the truth and we’re gonna tell it in a
way that’s positive and lovely but we’re gonna give you
very honest feedback. Having access to that
community is really invaluable. So all those questions you
email me about all the time, those can all go into that community and we will all collectively
help to answer them. Also you’re going to
get a monthly webinar, that’s me teaching you
something about style. In addition to that, a
style, a monthly style guide focused on a specific topic. I will put a link below, so if you’re interested
in that style membership, you can just click on that link and check it out, read more about it. You guys, thank you so much for watching. Let me know if you have any questions. And I will see you next time, bye. (upbeat music)

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