Flat Feet In Kids

A lot of parents are concerned that their
child’s feet are flat. When you’re born your foot is flat, fat and floppy. It develops
and arch over time when the muscles and joints align appropriately. If by the age of four
that is still the case it may be important to see a podiatrist to evaluate their foot.
If the arch is not developed by that time it doesn’t mean they are destined to have
a flat foot. And it also doesn’t mean that they have to walk and run in pain. If you notice
that you child is able to walk but likes to be picked up after walking a short distance
or prefers to go in the stroller, it could be because his feet are flat and his muscles
are overworking. So it is important to see your podiatrist to evaluate your children’s
feet if you notice they are still flat after the age of four.

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