Finishing products for leather shoes – IEXI

IEXI was born in 1954 thanks to Narciso Maraviglia. The first who
proposed to the italian shoe factories for the finishing of the leather shoes. The positive answer received from the shoe factories brought to the birth of the so called “Italian finish” and then at
the collocation of IEXI as leader in the field, thanks to the quality of its
products and to the competence of its operators. Melatonian cream and “italian
finish” have become during the time the refering point in all footwear words; in
this way finishing has become one of the most important aspects in the shoe
manufacturing process. His complete range includes more than a hundred
products to finish any kind of leather shoes and also all the leither objects. IEXI’s distribution network is present in all the most important shoe manufacturing
counties. His goal is to offer to its customers
more and more its best services that are several products of high quality and
experience staff.

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