Find Your Best Running Shoes | Avoid These Mistakes!

The best running shoes. Do you know how to
find them? We’re going to the San Francisco Running Company today to find out.
Welcome back to The Run Experience. I’m here at San Francisco Running Company with owner
Brett Rivers. He’s going to be talking us, through the best running shoe for you; three
things on how to find it. So the first point, Brett, walk us through
the two most important things in fitting a shoe.
With new runners, we really see that they wear their shoes too tight. There’s a tendency
to have the shoe fit like the shoes that they might be accustomed to walking around in.
In a running shoe, you don’t wanna feel the front of the shoe.
You want it to be a little bit bigger. You want a little bit of space up there. You
really want to allow the ball of the foot and the toes to have the ability to naturally
split and splay out and be that nice, natural shock absorber for the body.
You want a little bit of room lengthwise, and you also want a little bit of room width
wise. You know, people’s feet come in a variety of shapes, and you also don’t wanna inhibit
the width of the foot the ability to have the foot again naturally cushion every foot
strike. So, once I have the right shoe, that’s both
the right length, and the right width, how do I lace the shoe to further dial in that
fit? Well, what you wanna do then is really see
how the foot fits into the shoe with regards to the mid foot and the heel. If you’re getting
any unwanted heel lift, what we can do is we can tie in a heel lock lace.
What we do is we utilize that back hole, and you can do that in any shoe. You’ll bring
this lace through the same side, create a small loop here; I’ve already created that
loop here. We’ll then bring this through the opposite loop, and I’ll bring this lace through
this opposite loop; and then you really have a way to dial in and tighten the fit up at
the top, so really lock in that heel into the heel cup. You can still leave the laces
down by the toe box as loose or as tight as you want, depending on the fit that you want.
So Brett, why might variety be important, both in terms of the runs that I do as a runner,
and also the running shoes that I wear. Here at San Francisco Running Company, we’re
really big proponents of variety in running. That’s what keeps it fun, we want variety
in types of runs, we want variety in terrain if you have access to that, and we also want
variety in shoes really. It’s going to lessen that same repetitive
stress that you’d always be doing if you’re just doing your same five mile route from
your doorstep, on the sidewalk. So, there you have it, the three most important
tips to find the best running shoe for you. I need to check that length and width, to
making sure it’s a little bit longer, a little bit wider. I need to lace my shoe properly.
And then the most important spice of life, I need that variety, both in my runs that
I do and the running shoes that I wear. You’ve found your running shoes, now follow
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exclusive tips and tricks for you. We’ll catch you in another video.


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  • at 0:24 he looks like mac from always sunny in philadelphia

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  • Absolute none sense!
    It depends on so many factors, namely the strides – like the feet arch type, motion mechanics, under-pronating, normal pronating, or over-pronating – how feet strike the ground, etc.
    Just to buy a shoe based on its brand doesn't make it the right shoe.

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  • Awesome Givethanks ✌?

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