Fashion & Style Tips : How to Spot Fake Leather

Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m the owner of
a, street fashion site, and I’m also a freelance reporter. Today we’re
going to talk about how to tell real leather from fake leather. So the first tip we’re
going to do, and this seems really easy and it’s actually not always possible, but just
look at the label, see if it says “leather”. For things like boots a lot of times you’ll
find it right here on the sole. For newer boots you’ll find it inside, usually on a
tag sometimes like that one, or you might also find it on the bottom on a sole. So if
it doesn’t say “Leather” on it, “100 Percent Leather”, sometimes it might say “Leather
Uppers” which would mean the top’s leather, not the sole, that way you’ll know it’s leather.
So these are both vintage, these are old, they don’t have those labels anymore, so let’s
take the next step. Now this one kind of grosses me out a little bit but it’s a great way to
tell whether it’s really leather or not, and that’s take a really close look a the skin
and looks for pores. And these are just like the pores that you see in our skin, the little
holes that are in your skin that let it breathe, just like us cows and all the other animals
you might make leather out of have pores in their skin. So if you look really closely
at the leather you should see just kind of natural imperfections of pores, wrinkles,
things that have happened in the tanning process. With a fake leather it’s more like a printed
pattern and you’re not going to see any pores and you’re not going to see any of the natural
leather imperfections, you’re just going to sort of see a perfect leather-printed pattern.
The next step we’re going to look at is if there’s any cut edges. On leather it should
be rough, on fake leather it should be a very clean cut. So this is fake, this is real.
So on this we can kind of look on the inside of this boot, right up here around the corner
where it’s not exactly very neat, it’s kind of got wrinkles and roughness, it’s not a
totally clean cut, it’s leather, it’s piecey a little bit. Things like this boot, the leather
cuts are really just as clean as if they were plastic, and that’s how you can tell, not
real leather. So, this has been “How You Can Tell the Real Leather From the Fake Leather”.


  • good to know! thank u!

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  • when she says; Just Like Us,Cows! hahahaha 1:02

  • We all now know whats going through her mind about her self appearance πŸ™‚

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  • She forgot to say to "sniff" and see if it smells like leather. I would like to sniff her hair and see if it is really read.

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  • cool; just learned something

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  • Listen to your own response here. If you find it gross to wear someone else's skin than maybe its not ethical to wear someone's skin.

    *Watch Earthlings* to learn more about leather.
    you can see it for free on Google videos.

  • Do animals kill themselves? Not a good arguement!

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  • she misses a lot of points. the cut on the fake leather is clean not because it's "plastic", but because the material is folded and hidden inside the stitch (fake leather always has fabric base, that's how you can really tell). and when the leather is real they are not hiding it and you can actually see that it's suede on the inside. there are a couple other things like smell, softness, etc. but the pore tip was nice, although it's not always the same rough as on cowboy boots.

  • Thank you so much for including that. These are things I never knew.

  • thanx for the information, have been searchig for one …. nd u r beautiful!!!

  • lol. i think the bottom half of my feet is fake according to this vid

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  • I love fake leather. ^_^

  • @PathofIce How? Just put them in fake leather. πŸ˜€ Besides, you're not eating me so you are still a definition vegetarian.

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  • @davidatwork Some do, yes.

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  • damn πŸ™ my wallet is real leather. I could tell from the pores. Creepy.

  • i love red hair pale skin. πŸ˜€

  • how to tell leather from fake leather = take a sniff of the two products youll be able to tell pretty quickly which one is and which one isnt

  • Do you still wear leather? For Gods sake, wearing dead bodies on you it's disgusting.
    Get a mirror hun, the skin of others isn't going to help you anyway,

  • Please only buy fake leather to help end suffering.

  • the pores of the real leather is confusing especially if she said it has wrinkles..

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  • What about the fireproof test

  • but then nowadays a lot leather jacket in the store, when you check the label its said real leather or just written as "outher:leather" but then it doesnt real tell weather faux or real

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  • Ah thank god my shoes aren't real leather. Was worried I'd have to take them back β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘’πŸ‘’πŸ’Έ

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  • Came here so I can make sure I'm only purchasing faux leather! ❀️

  • I needed this coz I'm vegan

  • How to spot real leather since I am vegetarian and don't want to risk buying, using, wearing real leather

  • Love your hair color among you & your presentation!

  • sorry but you know nothing about leather

  • How to spot fake leather – look at the labels… Doh!

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