hey everyone it’s me Alex and everyone’s favorite bird Archie! today’s video is a fashion Nova haul. last time that I posted a fashion Nova video it was a fashion nova week long wear test so I wore clothes from fashion nova for a week I had a lot of fun filming that video and you guys seemed to love it fashion Nova is a little bit of a questionable brand for me so in today’s video it’s a try on haul I’ll be trying on the clothes and then I’ll be taking them out and wearing them around town a little bit bless you last time I made a fashion Nova video they were a big brand but since then they have grown so much bigger they have collabs with huge celebrities like cardi B I have noticed that their clothes are on the pricier end I almost feel as though their prices have gone up since I posted that video earlier in the year I gave myself a $500 budget for this video and in my head I was expecting I’d be able to pick up so much more than what I got I still have a nice selection of clothes but it was quite difficult to shop within that budget so today I have shoes from fashion nova, I have dresses I have jeans from fashion nova fashion nova jeans are exceptional I will give them that that being said I have only purchased one pair so far from my previous video but they are some of the best jeans that I’ve ever owned they feel really comfortable they’re a very good fit they’re a really nice style and length for me so extra points for denim so with all that being said I’m gonna show you guys each piece of clothing one by one all the clothing that I bought from fashion nova and then you have a bonus video within this video because not only is this a try on haul this is also a week long wear test so let’s have a look at these items and I’ll give you my first thoughts and then I’ll piece together some outfits later ok so first up we have this purple maxi dress this is called the on the runway maxi dress I got this in a size small and this is a 50 US dollar dress which for me in Australian dollars is probably over 60 I do think that the price reflects the quality in most aspects because it’s a $50 dress and it definitely feels like it’s worth $50 of the clothes that I’ve picked up from fashion nova in the past I don’t think that anything felt like it was a bad quality so the first thing that I think about this dress I’m a little bit concerned about these straps they’re very very thin straps and they they don’t feel like a very thick material I am concerned that this is the sort of thing where if you wear a little bit too much the straps might break at the seams I have seen that happen before with thin straps it’s also a very very heavy dress there’s a lot of weight in all of this volume down here so I don’t know how those thin straps are going to hold all of that mass this is not for eating please let go this is not not lunch this has a very very deep v-neck which is a little bit worrying to me I don’t have very much to show off in this area so this can go either way it could look really nice because I’m not busting out of it or it could be so revealing that I just end up looking silly because I’m quite flat and people might laugh we’re going up for dinner on Sunday so I think I think I’ll wear this out to dinner I want to pair this one with some heels that I got now I’m very very torn I love this style of heel this is like a strappy sandal style heel they have memory foam in the soul of them which is quite nice they seem like they’re going to be very comfortable these were 30 US dollars which is pretty reasonable for a pair of stiletto high heels my main concern about these is that they’ll be similar to the shoes that I got from pretty little thing I had the worst time wearing strappy high heels from pretty little thing so I’m really really worried that these are going to be extremely painful like those I think that these very minimal new strappy heels should look nice with that purple dress the next dress is iconic I believe that you would say this is iconic fashion nova correct me if I’m wrong but I think that Safia Nygaard got this dress in her fashion nova video where she wore fashion nova clothes for a week it was a long time ago that she posted that remember exactly but I think it may have been the same dress I got this because this is iconic fashion nova celebrities wear this dress Kylie Jenner I think wears this dress this is called the Mora mesh dress this is a $35 dress my biggest concern for this is because it’s white I’m really worried that it’s going to be very very transparent when I wear it I’m gonna have to be careful what sort of underwear that I wear with this and I’m also concerned that because it’s mesh and it is very tight by the looks of it I’m going to have to invest in some sort of shapewear the thing I’m definitely not looking forward to is the length of it I do have quite a long torso so I’m concerned that this dress isn’t going to fit all the way down for me and I may end up having to wear some biker shorts or something with it because we want to keep this family friendly here on YouTube now I was considering pairing this white dress with these white heels that I got these are awesome I love these really really chunky heels not only do they look great they remind me of maybe the 60s but also chunky heel are very very comfortable these came in a couple of different colors not green unfortunately well what are you looking for in there these are $35 and I would happily pay that again for these I actually want to pick these up in other colors they came in black and I’ll suit in a leopard print because I was working on a budget for this video I I kept the shoe order to a minimum but if you want me to film a fashion Nova shoe haul please let me know I was actually thinking of making a video about winter shoes you know looking at thigh high boots and various other shoes that you could wear in winter what I love most about these is they remind me of shoes that Bratz dolls would wear if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I love early 2000s fashions so these I just could not resist so I was thinking of pairing these with that mora mesh dress I’m not certain though if that’s going to be too much white so I may end up pairing not enough green I may end up pairing this with the nude sandals we’ll have to see when I try this on I really went ham with the fashion Nova dresses next up I have a lilac dress lilac is my all-time favorite color this beautiful lacy detail all over it this is called the change your mind crochet mini dress now this dress is 50 dollars it does feel quite heavy the construction doesn’t actually seem that great to me for 50 dollars there’s a lot of loose stitches around here where the straps join the dress where the lace joins the bodice of the dress there are a lot of loose stitches on here $50 I would definitely expect a better finish on this product this looked stunning on the model so I hope that it looks that good on me very excited to wear this one out maybe to lunch this might be a little bit too over-the-top for a lunch date may be better for a dinner date or for a party I’ll see what occasions pop up in the next few days I just can’t wait to get into this I am going out tonight but it’s a very low-key event I’m going to a friend’s house we’re going to watch TV we’re gonna eat fried chicken I don’t think that this is a fried chicken dress I mean you can wear whatever dress that you want to eat fried chicken but I think that I should save this for a better occasion so what I’m thinking of wearing with this is these black mules I couldn’t resist these I really like that there’s a square toe on them they have a it’s kind of a faux alligator leather these are $30 mules these have a very unusual heel on them can you see the shape of that it’s not a stiletto it’s not a chunky heel it’s thinner at the top than it is at the base very very strange I really like this style of shoe because you can just slip it on you can put this on with bell-bottom jeans or with a dress or with skirts and shorts it dresses it up because there is a heel but you don’t have to fuss around with straps or anything like that so it keeps it a little bit more casual a little bit low-key the only issue for me with all of these shoes they’re open toe shoes and I have officially the most hideous toes on YouTube you can quote me on that I would be willing to bet money that I have the worst toes on YouTube my toes are horrible and they’re crooked they have never been straight my entire life yes you have lovely straight toes Archie so unfortunately for me I very rarely wear shoes like this because I just feel extremely self-conscious about the shape of my toes they just bend in all sorts of directions and it’s even worse when I try to squeeze into shoes like this because this part up here pushes all your toes together in a funny way and they just end up looking horrible and I’m very very nervous and you know what please don’t make fun of me when you see the week long wear test part and you see me and my horrible toes don’t leave a nasty comment saying how awful my toes are I can’t change them or maybe I can you know what I’m open to constructive criticism if you say Alex your toes are awful but here’s how you can fix them I’m open to those comments but if you’re just gonna laugh at my horrible bendy toes please please just don’t I don’t know if I can handle it I’m sick of the unrealistic toe standards that birds are setting for humans look how straight they are so moving on to the outfit that I’m thinking of wearing tonight maybe a little bit too much for fried chicken doesn’t matter I have this lavender wrap top that this is a $30 top 30 US dollars for this is 40 something Australian dollars seems a little bit much to me very very unusual fabric it feels like linen it’s soft really unusual texture it’s all creased all over it but that is purposeful it has a big o-ring in the front of it so it goes on like this and then there’s also a tie here that probably wraps around the back this color is perfect it’s very very close to the color that I’m wearing right now my favorite color ever this is very thick fabric it’s got a couple of layers to it it has this outside layer that’s the strange sort of canvas linen so the outside layer seems like this strange crazy linen and then the inside the inside is a different fabric there’s also a zip what’s that why what what oh why is they receive all probably to help you get into it that would make sense so I’m thinking of pairing this top with some jeans very very excited about these fashion Nova jeans these look like they’re very very long they have a very wide flare at the bottom I love bootcut and bell-bottom jeans these jeans are called the ready for you flare jeans I got these in a size three these are only 35 US dollars which to me is worth every cent my favorite jeans are a pair of mom jeans that I’ve picked up from yesstyle and then my other bootcut jeans that I got from fashion nova if these fit me like those other fashion Nova jeans that I have I am going to be so happy the only issue with buying genes from American websites for me is that the Australian sizing for pants is significantly different to the u.s. sizing so I got these in a size three normally in Australia I wear a size six for pants I hope that I have done the size chart conversion correctly these have pockets in the front of them sort of sitting on the hip there’s a pocket here pocket here we don’t have any pockets on the back which seems strange to me I’m not so happy about that because these front pockets are nowhere near big enough to fit my phone in wouldn’t be able to fit any almonds in the front pocket unfortunately I’m so sorry to tell you I hope that these look as good on me as they looked on the model but you know here’s the thing fashion nova models do seem to be the image of perfection and it is quite an unattainable Beauty standard for some of them maybe with a little bit of photoshopping of the hips and the but I could end up looking like a novabae but regardless I think that these jeans would be flattering on a lot of different body shapes very excited to wear these so excited in fact that I will wear these these are the chosen ones these are going to be the fried-chicken jeans because the only other pair of jeans that I picked up they are white and I don’t want to be eating fried chicken wearing white jeans so these jeans are $35 these are stretch denim so hopefully they stretch over my hips and I can wear them I got these in a size three as well these are the I’ll see you there flare jeans same prices the others they seem like they’re very high-waisted but what intrigued me the most about them was the image of the model it looked as though they had a very strange flare to them at the base it almost reminded me of what do they call True Religion I think I think it’s called true religion jeans I’ve seen them on Instagram and do they have a very unique sort of flare at the bottom and that’s what this reminded me of so I’m very very excited these have a rip in them here just on one leg I think No is it there’s a rip on both legs these don’t seem to be as long as the other jeans that I showed you but I’m thinking of pairing these either with the black mules because black and white can’t go wrong all the sandals I think that the white shoes that I got that would be a little bit much with white pants and white shoes so either these or the black mules and to pair with them I have this top now this looks stunning I am a little bit concerned though that some of these tops that I bought are going to be way too hot because we’re going into summer and it’s very very warm here potentially alright for anyone that is in fall or autumn right now but going into summer this it is a lovely soft fabric but it’s going to be very warm so this blouse is $35 now until I put it on I’m not going to be able to decide if it’s worth it or not it does look beautiful it’s a really nice shade of pink it seems to drape in a very nice way it’s got it’s got a really interesting pocket detail around the shoulders and it ties up around the waist by the looks of it this is not really going to come together until I put it on because there’s a few different elements to this fun so with that let me jump into my outfit for the evening and then let’s carry on with the week long wear test I wore clothes from fashion nova for a week day 1 / evening 1 so this is the outfit that we went with for the fried chicken but I’m actually glad that I’m wearing the long sleeves because it’s quite chilly technically it should be quite warm at the moment but it’s getting quite cold so I’m very happy so I have two major concerns with this and that is one the shoes are a terrifying height I’m very very worried that I’m going to trip I’m gonna fall over the platform is so big and it’s very very easy to just kind of go tip that little tiny bit too much and break an ankle so I’m concerned about that but also thing too is this part here do you see this see where this sits it’s so easy to just move just in the tiniest little bit of the wrong direction and have some spill out so every couple of seconds I’m just going like this to check that everything is still tucked in nicely and not exposed so I’m going to pick up some groceries and then head out for our Fried Chicken really happy with the jeans but they are the wrong size definitely the wrong size they’re just that tiny a little bit too big and they keep falling down and I keep having to hold them up like this but aside from that good length with the platform shoes at least they’re good length without these platform shoes they would be dragging on the ground so this is it all and the last criticism the pocket situation there’s no way around that phone situation it has to go in the handbag every time I check my phone I go like this and then I got there is no pockets nowhere for the phone it’s really infuriating I also having it sticking up like this it’s it’s like a little flag like a truce flag sticking up let’s grab some groceries Korean Drinks are delicious I think I want milkis if we do find a big focus jumbo milkis yes muscat bottle two of us and they get something powerful to match my outfit Alex yes Thank You eggplants are purple excellent matches my outfit perfectly so we’re at our friend Caitlyn’s house we have delicious fried chicken here we this is incredible chicken Gangjuang I believe that’s maybe how you say it this is the best fried chicken in Australia hands down we have snow cheese not that there’s very much left of it you know how I was saying that the jeans that I’m wearing they’re a little bit too big that’s actually come in handy because they’ve eaten so much fried chicken now that I’ve filled filled the jeans they’re hot so now they’re perfectly comfortable the top on the other hand not so much I can’t can’t breathe now that my stomach is full and also the amount of times I have had to adjust because things are popping out overall when I walked in the door Caitlyn said welcome miss 70s is that what you said miss seventies ready to boogie but I’m too full for a chicken so I can’t really do any boogying or if you just Saturday night figure that enthusiasm though no I thought you just say no no might be too full but I still want you know you’re getting old when you come home from a night out looking like this and it’s only ten o’clock and all you’ve done is eat fried chicken it is day two now and we’re up nice and early we’re at a nice little cafe and I’m not quite dressed appropriately for the occasion but there is a reason for that so you guys remember the the fancy dress the formal dress so it occurred to me that within the next week I literally have no exciting formal occasions to wear that dress I thought it may be Dan and I could go out you know we could look good well charity ball or something I don’t know anyway no it occurred to me my life is very uneventful and all I do is circle between my favorite cafe and my friends houses so there’s no occasion to wear the fancy dress so we did think of an occasion though my dear friend Samuel is filming a wish suit haul on his channel he bought suits from wish and he’s been wearing them for the past couple of days and he comes now in his very dapper suit and I said to him hang on Sam if you’re wearing a suit for your video I can wear my fancy dress and we can look super fancy and just go do something very very mundane Sam show the people so let’s have a round of applause ladies and gentlemen for suit up Sam who has suited up for the occasion with these very tight pants from wish and he conveyed his likes it why did you pick a park bench gosh and Alex good besides that everything’s fine like its Sun and it’s fine how cute is this sir because Sam is dressed so nicely time for the review let me take off the glasses and the jacket okay I’m not dressed for the park but neither you oh yeah I’m dressed for absolutely nothing I don’t know what I’m graceful I’m your muggle studies teacher I think my thoughts are because we look so fancy we can go there’s a really nice park nearby called Faygan Park it’s a beautiful place lots of people go there to get wedding photos I’ve photographed a few weddings in there people go there for school prom photos and stuff like that so why don’t we go get some nice fancy photos of us in your suit my lovely long dress yes an ill-fitting suit in the park why not it sounds like fun and so first issue with my dress though that I’m noticing is I think it’s too big I feel like I should have got a size down because at the back we have a lot of room and it’s meaning that things aren’t sitting very well at the top and I’m a little bit exposed and also I didn’t it didn’t occur to me that this v-neck was so deep I mean I saw it was deep in the pictures but I didn’t think that it was its Triple Deep it’s triple T plus a very very cold pen so I have my coat yes much more appropriate for the occasion better okay so it is a little bit chilly bar and there isn’t very much fabric so I don’t want to be exposed to the elements for an extended period of time hence the coat but uh I think I’m just gonna have to man up and take it off take it off before I do that let’s have a look at the shoes sorry yeah yeah not so great for the the boards down here I feel like I’m gonna go straight through at some point they’re actually a lot more comfortable than I thought they were going to be I thought they were gonna be extremely uncomfortable I mean I have only been wearing them for a few minutes there so let’s be let’s be fair there’s plenty of time for disaster to strike the one thing that I don’t like about them is how they make my toes look my toes do look like spaghetti right now at least the dress is long enough that you can’t see the spaghetti toes so with that let us remove Alex are they backup shoes you can see them in the background wait let’s get some video footage of me walking in the nice dress so you can see the unusual slits in the front just just because I won’t be pretty not how you like your women Daniel don’t know talk we’ve had a spaghetti slippage which try and feel serious and get a nice shot of walking and then look at my toe and so we popped a toe my toes do not want to stay in the straps ok let’s try that again too he’s trying to muddle muddle dan what do you think of the dress as I’m walking does it look nice do we look fly not saying anything sorry does it look nice it looks lovely you’re so graceful are you look stunning it’s interesting how there’s this piece of fabric that kind of runs down the center your legs go on either side of the fabric it’s very um Princess Leia in that costume in front of the slug you know okay so what we’re gonna do now because I’m feeling very fancy I actually feel really really good in this dress so we’re gonna take some pictures now though the one consideration here is that my darling husband didn’t dress up to the occasion converse all-stars and shorts my ex-boyfriend is wearing a nice suit may I remind everyone it is a very cheap suit from wish I’ve spent nothing Oh Dan sir put on the jacket and we can get some nice couple photos do you think we can make a look so you’re under on this dude oh hey then if I like pop a squat like I’m gonna bust my a** out of this anyway let’s give this guy here Sam I must say that sir yes oh I love it I just wish the pads for a little bit bigger sorry why the websites called wish I wish okay quick Sam take this wrench holy Dan you actually look like a mad lad oh my god like she does well this is like prom all over again Sam you should wear this suit with a blue shirt underneath it looks really it looks like you’re a rich guy that belongs on a yacht and then we do one of these my left arm is not strong sweetie what do I do you need to go backwards and sh** it’s ripping oh dear oh dear we need to remember I’m supposedly this is some an unusual thing – what yes I just a to get like the angles okay it’s day three now and I’m wearing this purple dress we’re going off for lunch today and I’m not entirely sure what shoes that I should wear with this dress I feel like black white and nude all three of these could suit but no matter what I do I’m going to have the Oh spaghetti toe because the toe noodles are going to look awful in all three of these shoes so I’m going to try them on and I want your opinion guys but I also wanna hear Sam’s opinion okay so first color black black shoes with purple dress no not white shoes with purple dress acceptable acceptable except it give me another option let me see more feet no not like that new shoes lilac dress new shoes it’s like they’re not even there acceptable okay so it’s either white or nude hmm this is me being the others which one’s my company I the white one is going to be more comfortable because the heel is much chunkier but I you know I will sacrifice comfort don’t wash style through what you think my it feels a little bit more summery it’s more casual wear your outfit it’s summer and it’s quite warm out there and you want to be comfortable true okay yes I feel like if we were going out for dinner maybe the strap you’ll but because we’re going out for lunch yeah you go for the white that is more daytime okay thank you hello hello it is day three now and I’m wearing the lilac dress as you saw when I was trying to decide what shoes I wanted to wear so we went with the white ones and I’ve been wearing them for a total of like 10 minutes just going from the car walking through the car park and coming to the cafe and I already have blisters terrible terrible blisters particularly on my right foot it’s really really bad the shoes look lovely and then they should theoretically be comfortable because the chunky chunky heel makes it really easy I can jump up and down I can run around it’s totally fine but the edge is this really sharp plastic and is slicing through my feet and it’s terrible aside from that I love the lace details all over the dress it’s very pretty I think I kind of need to iron it flat though because this little bit just keeps sticking up it seems a little bit ill fitted I wish that it was a bit tighter around the waist it’s my hips quite nicely but it’s a little bit baggy around my waist so I feel like the fitting isn’t perfect but it does look really pretty and it’s a really nice length too I mean the issue for me is going downstairs and upstairs a little bit short and the shoes are very very precarious on the steps but it’s not from that this is a really really nice summer dress I know it’s going into winter in some countries but for us in Australia going into summer perfect I feel like I’m gonna wear this a lot this one is actually a fantastic buy I’m very very happy so guys I am so so deeply sorry from the bottom of my heart I have unfortunately click baited you because this is no longer I wore clothes from fashion nova for a week but it’s just become I wore clothes from fashion nova for 4 days because I can’t wear this dress I really really applaud Safia my god because I’m pretty sure this is a dress that she wore in one of her videos and she wore it out in public I can’t bring myself to do it I just I can’t at least at the moment I don’t have a bra on right now and the problem here is I need a sticky bra and I don’t have one so I’ll have to go get one and also I’m not wearing the right on these definitely I mean I’m wearing nude undies and I feel like a white undies might end up being better because I don’t know if you can see on camera but I can see straight through just straighter and I don’t really want to go out in public looking like this and normally what I would do I would wear a jacket over the top I’d be like I have an embarrassing piece of clothing on underneath well I could do with my last fashion nova week long wear test wear though is that cherry 2-piece set and I just wore a coat from fashion Nova that belonged to Sam but this time it’s a stinking hot day I can’t do it I can’t wear a coat right now to cover myself so I just tried this on so you can see let’s just give it a quick review I really like the sleeves I love that it’s got this lettuce trim on the top here it’s really pretty and I really like the long white mesh sleeves I do quite like the frilly roughly details I think though I think it’s very nice I can understand why this is a popular design the length I mean it’s a tiny tiny little bit short for me definitely a party dress I would say hence why you know I got all dressed up and I put on the red lipstick and everything because I was ready to go out tonight looking like this but yeah looked at myself in the mirror and I was like but I did pair it with these shoes these are noodle toes as you can see here these shoes are definitely the most comfortable they do have the smallest heel on them but also because that heel is kind of chunky just a little bit chunky they’re very very comfy I don’t feel like I’m wobbling like I would on stilettos and the edges feel a little bit softer than those white shoes so I’m going to swap outfits now because even I’m happy overall with this dress I’m just not prepared for it so I think I’m going to change its white jeans so let’s hope that the white jeans don’t have the same problem as the white dress please help me I’m 26 years old and I still don’t know how to dress myself and I’m a fashion youtuber make it make sense okay I’m changed I feel a lot more comfortable now I am in love with this outfit and I’m more than happy to declare that it is my favorite so I’ve got the beautiful silky interesting wrap top which has such an interesting like I really look at this it it looks like silk and therefore this sort of creased texture to it so it looks like I really like tissue paper almost it looks really delicate and silky it’s extremely comfortable and I love the color too the sleeves are interesting they’ve got that massive that they’re pinched in here and then they sort of balloon out and in the wind they do this very strange flappy thing this is what my underarms look like when I wave at someone these jeans I’m in love Lisa I think these are my favorite white jeans that I’ve ever worn they’re really flattering they’re very long so with this little heel it brings them up to just the right place like just they’re just not touching the ground but my toes aren’t covered so we have the you know what I would call them noodles but their toes so they’re Turtles my toe noodles are turtles and they’re sticking out there in full force today so let’s just ignore that let’s just look appreciate the outfit as a whole I really like it I think it’s stunning yeah I love the rips on the jeans I think they’re in a really really good spot sometimes when I have ripped jeans the rip is in a strange place and then my skin kind of bulges out and it looks a bit strange but that’s not happening with these the top is very very comfortable it’s very breathable too so it’s not too hot to wear this today and like I said earlier the shoes are very very comfy look I can pop around in these shoes I can run with no problems because of how nice this heel is so we’re having a party tonight so we’re at the shops to pick up some groceries and I’m gonna wear this outfit and our place for the party so I’m wearing it out shopping and I’ll keep wearing it all through the night and this will be a go-to outfit for me I’m gonna get so much use out of these jeans every time I buy jeans from fashion nova I am impressed I’ve got three Lots so far I love all of them all interesting things though these jeans are the same size as those blue ones that I wore on day one but these fit me a lot better than the blue ones did they’re exactly the same size so I don’t know how that works I don’t know if the white jeans have more elasticity to them maybe but anyway if you guys want me to do another fashion Nova haul maybe I could just do a jeans haul because I’m happy to pick up a whole bunch of jeans from fashion nova if there’s any styles that you want me to try leave them in the comments below and I’ll pick a bunch of them to try I would also like to do a fashion Nova shoe haul because I picked up three Lots and I liked all of them so if there’s any shoes that you want me to try from fashion nova leave those in the comments below let’s head in and do our shopping but I reckon my overall thoughts are that this is my favorite outfit and the white dress is my least favorite out oh and other things as I walk off into the distance just admire my pocket on the back I have noticed that because this is like a silky table this does not want to stay up look if every time I tie a bow the silkiness just undoes because there’s no sort of friction or tension or whatever on it that is the only thing that I’m not happy about about one thing so who we just finished entertainment for the evening we had guests I have stayed in the outfit and oh I actually discovered something while I was doing the dishes earlier so you know how the sleeves are long they have these little elastic bits in them and you can actually pull them right up basically and completely change the whole look you can like pull them all the way up here and make short sleeves like puffy super puffy short sleeves I don’t know if anyone would ever actually want to do that like this but yeah the option is available to you so it’s a very versatile top it did kind of get in the way though I’m knocked over my wine glasses that many times tonight this is still my favorite outfit but you guys know that I’m cursed when it comes to white clothing you know I’m cursed it’s not soy sauce this time it is just a mysterious black mark I have no idea what it is I don’t know where it came from I don’t know what it wants from me so that’s it that is not a week that is four days wearing fashion nova so that’s it guys that’s everything if you liked today’s video give us a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and hit the notification bell leave a comment down below and tell me what your favorite outfit was and if you ever have any items from fashion Nova that you want me to review just leave them as a link down below and I’ll gather a list of items and then we’ll do another video in a couple of months time tell me how you think I did with styling these outfits I am actually filming my outro on the same day that I filmed my intro so I’m going to make some predictions I’m going to assume that my favorite outfit was the purple wrap top with the blue jeans and my least favorite outfit I’m going to assume was the white mesh dress now that’s just what I’m guessing I wonder how my predictions come true That’s So Raven don’t forget to head over to my Instagram it’s pretty pastel please I should be posting some of these outfits up on there so leave a comment on the pictures tell us that you came from the video so with that thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll see you next time


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  • Alex. Your hair was amazing throughout the video. Perhaps you'd teach us all how you do your hair. Possibly in combination with a haul of hairy accessories/styling tools from YesStyle or AliExpress or such. Great fun video. Thanks.

  • I will gladly take Muggle Studies from Sam thanks!

  • You should do plus size vs straight size on fashion nova

  • You reminded me of Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale when you were modeling that white dress in the hallway..

  • Where is that checkard blazor from!!!!!

  • Alex looked so gorgeous in that last shirt! I really loved the outfit. I was drooling, thinking just how majestic these sleeves looked when she showed the footage of the shirt in the wind.. and I absolutely LOST IT, it made my day. Funniest ish i'll see the entire week

  • I know it’s summer there… but yes to winter boots!

  • Bent toes are the best, it’s easier for us to be like a monkey and pick things off the ground without bending. 🐒 my mom still calls me monkey because I would do my homework with my feet. Weirdly I’m right handed but left footed

  • Archie's sneezes are so cute! I didn't even know birds could sneeze before I started watching this channel.

  • funny enough somebody said to me wear gray underwear if your dress is seethrough it seemed to work and as for your toes its not as bad as you think its mostly in your head but if you really want to change your toes it will cost ALOT of money and the surgery might cause more harm than good. you have a really nice since of style🐦🐦

  • When making your bow, do 2 loops around the rabbit ear part instead of one. That is what the runners say they do so their sneakers don't untie.

  • crooked toe gang!

  • I need to know where the glasses are from 😱😱

  • $50 usd is roughly $74 aud

  • Sam looks like Dr Who!

  • fashion nova shorts pls!! ive always wondered if theyre good or not 🙂 (love ur channel btw keep it up!!)

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  • When ever Archie makes his loud noises it freaks my cats out.

  • What was the amazing pastel jacket over the purple formal dress and the glasses you were wearing???!

  • You should do a haul with skinny jeans

  • Its my understanding that white jeans are always a bit smaller than color jeans. Something about dyeing process or lack there of. Ive always sized up in past with white jeans. Lest i look like a sausage in white casing lol

  • About toe reconstructive surgery, I have heard it is a horrible surgery, a horrible recovery and the altered toe can still have pain even after it heals. I also have toes that are "ugly" but I will never again consider getting that surgery now that I know how terrible it can be. What God gave you is just what you are supposed to have. 🙂

  • Hi ďoes anybody know how alex lost so mutch wate please tell me i want to loock like her and know her secret please i want to loose wait

  • My toes do the same thing 😒

  • Ok, but we have the same feet and toes. My husband likes to ask me which way I'm going since I'm facing one way and my toes are facing another. Embrace your toes! We cant change em so might as well live with them

  • ALEX
    For the love of Archie, where did you bought that amazingly beautiful coat that you were on top of the spaghetti purple dress? I'm in love

  • The sizing in the US is very unreliable, you could get 6 different pairs of jeans and all of them could fit differently in the waist it's annoying

  • You looked beautiful all round my lady ❣️☮️ More haul are always welcomed. Enjoy summertime 😒

  • Alex: I'm very worried-
    Me: Soy sauce
    Alex: It's going to be very transparent
    Me: Ah… なるほど (๑≖ᴗ≖)

    Also I fear for poor Sam's circulation ( ´•̥  ̫ •̥` )♡

  • as soon as the white dress came out my mind just went SOYA SAUCEEEE

  • The fried chicken outfit is indeed super 70s. Looks cool though. Maybe you need some fashion tape to stop your boobs escaping? Haha.

  • You look so gorgeous in the dress! Those pictures are stunning

  • Sam the Muggle Studies professor! Be careful making such claims, Sam. You might receive fan art…

  • omg i love those glasses on her!!!

  • make #novabirb a real thing y'all

  • My toes are the exact same! Sometimes people ask me if I've broken them before. Completely understand the insecurity about it but you look fabulous either way!

  • Girlllllllll that violet dress with the deep low cut was MADE for you! You look amazing in it and I know you were worried about not being able to fit the bust but I personally believe this type of plunging neckline was made for smaller chested women. I've got a 34 DD chest and could never pull off that dress. I feel like I'd be trying to hard exposing my boobs so much, not to mention the incredibly obvious gap of space before the fabric came back into contact with my torso. You really do look incredible in it, as if it was tailored just for you! 🎀

  • omg the last pair of glasses on alex… i DIE

  • Where did you get the large frame glasses? Are they prescription glasses or not??

  • Ugh I wish I had your body though! I'll take the toes with the whole package haha! BTW I am in love with you wearing glasses it looks so mature and beautiful on you!

  • don't do white white undies do off white or light grey… i've been told they hide better

  • Wheres your cute blue and grey coat from!? (21:20)

  • A couple of things:
    Your toes are fine. My husbands look exactly the same but longer 👌🏼
    Also, I know you don't like the deep v on the purple dress but you look STUNNING! Super Model bod for sure!

  • Jeans and shoe Hall

  • You should try those super pretty tulle/gauzy see through socks with heels maybe it will prevent blisters also I've seen a spray that coats your bare feet and protects them from blisters.

  • 14:30 scooby doo vibes 🙌

  • The photos from when you were wearing the long purple dress with Sam and Dan, YOU LOOK STUNNING!!!! You always look gorgeous though to be fair but omg <3

  • they sell mini dress shapewear for that white dress. Probably something to look into

  • omg u look like Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6 <3

  • Alex looks so beautiful in that purple dress! 💜 She should be a Australian model 😊

  • You’re such a pretty red head! Love those glasses with the red lip, and u really suit the color lilac!

  • I would love for you and Tiasha to do a jeans haul from Fashion Nova, I'm a bigger girl and I always struggle to find jeans that fit me (wide hips and short legs) so it would be great if I could find a nice pair x

  • I have the first dress in diferent colour from She in, it cost me around 18 dolars, and i think it is the same piece of clouthing 🤷‍♀️😂

  • Honestly I understand the toe thing I am the same way. But your toes are totally fine!

  • For the show video it would be cool if you pick two or three webstores and pick a equal budget for each store and see which shop has the best bang for your buck

  • No No No watch the video of Molly Burke and Doctor Mike where she shows him her feet. Definitely worse than yours.

  • 6 ads tho?

  • The white dress was so gorgeous on you, I would wear a girdle panty that have a bit of shorts to the panty cut and a long line bra.

  • Yepp 27 and feeling 70 😆

  • At 25:50 I get a doctor who vibes at that moment and the also the boys doing a weird chicken dance before it lol

  • I don’t have any problem with your toes but would appreciate some nail polish on them …

  • Omg, the sexy secretary vibes you gave off in your last outfit was amazing. I really really like that one! Actually if you want to keep ties from undoing like the silky one, try tying another simple knot just after tying the bow. It may look bulky but it has helped me keep my shoe laces and ribbons from undoing forever 😂
    I also love the purple maxi dress, lilac lace dress, and the lilac top + jeans combo! those look absolutely stunning and suits you ❤️❤️

  • Sam in that suit reminds me of The Doctor…basically almost any version.

  • I believe from watching The Toe Bro here on YouTube that you may have something called claw toes. They are VERY fixable but if you had said nothing about it I wouldn’t have been trying to pay attention and see them.

  • Also, on the jeans sizing issue, welcome to America where you wear a range not a specific size.

  • I disagree with Sam. The lilac dress looks better with the nude heels. As for your toes…. Pfft, I did pointe for years. You've got nothing on a ballet dancer, they look pretty normal to me.

  • Alex you look beautiful in the Long purple dress. You actually look like a model. I enjoyed looking at all the clothing you wore.

  • Love your videos Alex, makes me happy. You are an awesome youtuber!

  • But WHERE did you get the cute pastel pink/blue/white coat from day 2!!! It's a dream ; _ ;

  • Lol I have crooked toes too and don’t wear open shoes ever. They can fix your toes but they have to break them and reset them. Not worth it. Nobodies perfect anyway

  • Your actual hair color is amazing, a sweet golden orange : the sunset hair !

  • Try pencil skirt and mom jeans from fashion nova

  • Did you just call Jabba The Hutt “that slug”? 😂😂😂 truly accurate description 😂

  • You look so beautiful with those glasses 🤗

  • i love ur videos! ure like the older sister i never had. so fun and enjoyable to watch 😊

  • I loved the dress with the slits, I LOVED the last outfit, really want that blouse and I really liked the lavender fairy dress on you 🙂

  • Alex: "don't fun of my uh-oh spaghetti-O toes"
    Me: sees dainty feminine feet with normal toes.
    Yes, I see, so tragic. Lol!

  • Where is that incredible coat from day two from??

  • She looks like a Barbie

  • ALEX YOU could’ve wasted 300 their are promo codes on the main page you waste 500 get 200 off

  • When you decide to make a video about your toes/feet and tag her because you know yours are worse 🤣 your feet look better than mine lol

  • Crooked toes gang where u at?

  • It's so much easier to wear clothing like this in LA than… anywhere else.
    I wore that white dress (but in pink) to a party in LA and I felt like I was over dressed.

  • I love the first and last outfit!

  • I preferred your try on videos when you used to show the clip of you assessing the garment and then the clips of you trying on and wearing them straight after. In your last few videos I’ve been skipping straight to the try on because I get a bit bored seeing you just hold up all the clothes back to back

  • This is when I'm totally fine being an old lady in her 30s – heels are dumb, frands 😜
    BTW, never do white under white if you don't want your panties to show. They will light up like a highlighter. Nude or pale grey work best.

  • Would love to see fashion nova straight size vs. plus size jeans video!

  • Just a small suggestion: Try roll-on body adhesive. It's not expensive and it even keeps support stockings in place. Imagine how many other types of fabrics it can keep from moving around.

    Also, if you don't want your underwear to show underneath white fabric… don't wear white underwear. It almost shines. If you can see your nude underwear, it is not the right colour for you. Always get nude very close to your own skin tone. And try to get seamless stuff. It may take longer finding nude underwear this way, but it's absolutely worth it.

  • Hardest working suit in America… XD

  • What happened to part two of the green haul I forgot what shop Alex shopped at

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