Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Fashion Mistakes Men Make – 10 Things men
should stop wearing. Let’s face it: sometimes we do not know what
to wear or how to dress in style. But it is one thing not to know and it is another thing
to commit these crimes against humanity: 1. Sandals with stockings. Sandals were made for one thing and stockings
for another. None was made thinking of the other. 2. Bulk wallets. Apart from a few banknotes and identification
documents, your wallet does not need to look like a tamale. Since we are in that, it is
not nice to see a bulging pocket with three sets of keys, coins, and your phone, which
leads to the next crime … 3. Using a backpack with a professional outfit. The university is over, it’s time to invest
in a good leather messenger bag to put all the things that do not fit in your pockets. 4. Shoes poorly matched. Look, it’s very simple: black suits go with
black shoes. If the suit is gray or brown, you can wear black or brown shoes; And if
the suit is blue, you can wear black, brown or dark red shoes. 5. Sizes too large. Unless you are a skateboarder or Aladdin,
it’s time for you to start wearing your own size clothing. 6. Fastening the last button on the suit. This is easiest to avoid because the rule
is simple: you never buckle the last button. 7. Dressing shoes with white stockings. Another easy one: if you wear dressing shoes,
leave the white socks for the gym and wear socks according to the occasion. 8. Trousers TOO LOOSE. This fashion out of jail does not seem to
want to leave. Unless you’re a rapper, it’s time for you to start wearing your pants properly. 9. Bouncers. Do I really need to explain that the 80’s
are gone so long ago? 10. Wearing too much jewelry. No, you do not need to cover yourself in jewelry.
Enough with your watch, a chain and your ring, if you’re married. 11. Hawaiian shirts. There is only one place where they are acceptable.
If you’re not in Hawaii, do not wear it. Please leave us your opinions in the comments
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