hey girlfriend and welcome back to my
channel and welcome if you’re new my name is Sherrell and I’m so glad that you
clicked on today’s video today’s video will not be a clean with me but it will
be a good one because you guys I was recently tagged by one of my good
girlfriends here on YouTube named Yesenia from Yesenia: A Mom’s Life if you
have not heard of her oh my gosh girlfriend I am so glad I get
to tell you a little bit about her she’s a wife and a mama and on her channel she
does all things related to being a wife and a mama she does cleaning hauls cook
with me all the things but I will be sure to leave a link to her channel in
my description and you guys please go check her out and let her know that
your girl sent you but today’s video will be a goodie because I will be doing
a fall tag you guys I love tags it’s such a fun way for you guys to get to
know me it’s a great way for me to know my other girlfriends who are doing them
but this fall time includes 15 questions I will read them the questions are on my
phone but I’ll be sure to make eye contact first question favorite
Halloween movie y’all I will watch hocus pocus I will keep that in the loop right
along with Beetlejuice and The Addams Family that’s my all-time three favorite
Halloween movies and you know what y’all I don’t need a season to watch these
three i watch it just because number two apple or pumpkin time okay
apple pie is good to always have with a you know on top of ice cream but if you
really want a good fall dessert I’m talking red velvet cake pound cake
peach cobbler and sweet potato pie I was raised by southern parents y’all I was
raised in Germany so it’s not fall unless you have the sweet
potato pie pound cake cheesecake the red velvet cake and the peach cobbler
you’re not you’re missing out on your entire life if you don’t have those
things our fall number three Halloween party or explore our haunted places aight ya’ll I
don’t do neither but if I had to choose I would do Halloween party because I
just want to be in my people I want to have fun and I feel like we can make
some memories and have some good girl talk
all right store bought or pumpkin patch pumpkins pumpkin patch pumpkins now I’m
saying this today because we live in a rural city in New Jersey and so we are
surrounded by the Amish and the farmers and so when you are surrounded by
farmland you do what people do and I have been enjoying it so pumpkin patch
pumpkins is where is that favorite fall scent apple cider vinegar from mrs.
Meyers and mrs. Meyer if you put that apple cider vinegar in an essential
oil I would have used that all day every day that is one of my favorite scents
right along with anything orange scent or pumpkin leaves from Yankee candle or
autumn leaves from Yankee candle I definitely love this scent but those are
my favorite scent favorite fall drink now there is nothing fall related in
this cup it’s actually almost gone look at that it is tea I’m coming down with a
little bit of a cold so I’m trying to fight it but to answer the question
y’all Starbucks pumpkin spice Frappuccino and their chai tea
that gives me life all the time that is my ultimate favorite fall drink
from Starbucks number seven ask Halloween our
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving you guys oh my gosh I love it there’s just something
about being with a group of people and we’re just having fun for eating or
playing games or watching football we are having the time of our lives we are
creating memories we are creating moments and what makes Thanksgiving even
more special you guys my baby girl’s birthday is
November 24th and every other year it’s her birthday so what we do in our home is
the year that it does fall on her birthday we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving
at all it’s a straight birthday party so I love it either way because I get to
celebrate with people make memories create moment and when its her birthday
it’s just extra special because that my baby all right y’all most love pumpkin base
food I don’t know because I don’t really have a favorite but I’m willing to try I
haven’t tried it yet maybe a pumpkin something donut I don’t I don’t I can’t
answer that question but most love dessert my mama’s pound cake y’all my mouth water and already thinking
about it okay moving on corn maze or haunted house
y’all I’m saved and I’m trying to stay saved so I don’t do anything hunted or
scared me and we have issues so I will have to say corn maze next question says
favorite candy to eat on Halloween y’all I eat candy because I have a sweet tooth
I love chocolate I love milk chocolate dark chocolate chocolate with cookies in
it chocolate nuts in it I love chocolate from Belgium I love chocolate from the
Netherlands y’all I love chocolate and I could eat that all year round so every
season is a day to have chocolate okay favorite childhood fall memory I grew up
in a Christian home and I’m talking about the Christian home where we didn’t
celebrate Halloween but we had what we call comment below you know about this
life hallelujah night so basically what that was is you dressed
up as biblical characters and then you share a little bit of the background as
much as much as I didn’t know at the time that’s not what everybody was doing
looking back I actually appreciate it it was so much fun
the food was good y’all the spread it was like Thanksgiving pre
Thanksgiving spread and the candy we got the good stuff y’all it was good but I
would have to say my favorite childhood fall memory will have to be hallelujah
night next question is sweaters or scarves okay I like sweaters but Ilove scars
I love the texture it gives to your clothes I just love the versatility of
scarves so I would have to say scarves is where it’s at for me wool
socks or slippers y’all I don’t like anything really on my feet I don’t even
like people playing footsie with me it’s just no but if I have to choose wool
socks and I think this is the last question I was right okay last question
oh my gosh is what’s your favorite fall tradition ya’ll okay because we are a
military family we kind of create our own fall traditions but I don’t know for
me it would be being a New Jersey going to the pumpkin patch but if it’s not
what we do that I absolutely love is on Halloween we actually do something
spontaneous with our kids we go to Cheesecake Factory we’ll hang out on the
mall and we’ll just pick a random restaurant that just kind of
appeal to our eye we’ve gone to Panera Bread we just do things so what I love
about it you guys is that we’re just creating memories we’re creating moments
we have great conversation with our kids I mean gosh there’s just these
stories and we listen to our kids with their movie scripts that they made up
and there act it out and all that but that for me
is my favorite fall tradition is moments that I get to spend with my family I get
to spend that I get to create that all the time but I don’t know and Halloween
on Halloween night that’s just one of my favorite y’all but this was absolutely
so much fun I am so glad that I did this thank you Yesenia for tagging me if
you are a content creator I tagged you so I would love love love to know what
are your fall questions or fall type questions that you would answer :
I said they’re wrong I would love to know what your answers are to these fall
type question boom questionnaire I got it I thank you so much for watching
this video and I hope you got to learn a little bit about me and you enjoyed it
so much so that you want to keep this girlfriend around by subscribing aight
girlfriend until next time stay beautiful


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