You know a couple my first real like
race experiences were middle school track and field and then a pretty low-key
7th and 8th grade cross-country meet that I think was about a mile and a half
long in the Kettle Moraine area in Wisconsin. I went to the University of
Wisconsin Stevens Point for college and we were a pretty competitive division
three school and you know I was very much kind of middle of the pack on that
team but it’s definitely where I kind of really learned the most I think about
just real specifics in running. Like how to really kind of periodize training and
the value of the long run. It’s also where I really kind of learned that I
like the longer distance stuff. It seemed like the longer the race the the better
for me. And this is actually my first experience on a track timed ultra where I did the Desert Solstice Track Invitational by Aravaipa in 2013. Four Three Two One Go! This is the best I’ve seen him. He’s very very relaxed. He was actually making some
jokes earlier. Today he’s right on track to break the world record, 100 mile. And he’s right on his game plan. He’s very very relaxed. Pretty weak clap but it will do. Golf clap. It’s what you kind of need in order to learn or make improvements. Like when things go right it’s really hard to recognize what needs to be done to take another step forward. But when things go wrong it’s where you start to really analyze and question like what could I do differently. It’s just too hot. And he’s been running so fast. Get this. This needs to be watered. I’m used to the sun I just don’t know that I managed it properly today. The type of person it takes to go after world records is someone that really gives it their all. He collapsed on the track. Even though he didn’t have a great day he was in it to the end when literally
his body couldn’t go on. To do an all-out 100 miler it takes
something out of you and there’s probably a finite number of those you can do. So I
do think there’s some value in I guess cutting your losses early if you if you
know or it’s becoming apparent that it’s not going to happen that day. He strikes a good balance with knowing when to let something go. You can’t always be festering in something. You have to know when to take a step back and go in a different direction. It’s very important to just have that positive attitude and to know when to move forward. I’m not in a spot where I feel like, you know, just finishing a hundred miles is the goal. Or you know trying to rebreak my american record is
the goal. I kind of went in there I guess a little more all-or-nothing where I was
gonna go for the 100 mile world record and then if that didn’t happen then it
just wasn’t my day and then I would kind of I guess circle the wagons and try
again in the future. Desert Solstice for me historically had
been like pretty ideal like weather-wise. You kind of start to expect it a little
bit and this year a desert solstice I’ve had a bit of a rough patch in there as
the weather got a little warmer than it had been historically and I got a little
bit behind I think on my hydration. Can’t look at it as an absolute negative. You have to look at it as something that’s helping direct you to take a step forward. And ultra running is really a metaphor for life. It gives you that opportunity to reflect
and analyze. Failure is I guess a guide to what your next step is or what direction to head.


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