Facts You May Not Know About Michelle Phan

With over eight million subscribers, more
than a billion views, a company valued at $500 million, and a net worth of $50 mil,
Michelle Phan is — hands down — a makeup mogul. As she tells her viewers, quote, “I live,
I love, I teach, but most importantly I learn.” Turns out there’s a whole lot to learn about
this media megastar, too! Phan girl A child of Vietnamese immigrants, Phan’s early
life was anything but easy. In a 2016 interview with Mashable, Phan revealed
that her father gambled away most of the family’s money, leaving for good when she was just
six years old. She remembered, “One day, you have a father who’s always around. And then the next day, he’s gone. I was too young to comprehend that. I actually thought he was going to come back.” While Phan originally planned to follow her
parents’ dreams for her, to study medicine, she revealed that as a child she wanted to
work in a nail salon, just like her mom: “I wanted to be like my mother. She didn’t wear a cape. Or shoot lasers out of her eyes. She was someone who wore a smile and made
people more beautiful.” Accordi ng to Phan, her mother was “heartbroken
and scared” when Phan decided to attend Ringling College of Art and Design, instead of med
school. She would be forced to drop out after one
semester because of lack of tuition money, and would later receive an honorary doctorate
from the school in 2014. But it was during that one semester when she
would film her very first video. Reframing rejection When Phan applied for a job at a department
store Lancôme counter, she told ABC News: “I didn’t get the job because I didn’t have
any sales experience and so instead of just shutting that door I decided to open up my
own laptop and film my own makeup tutorials.” That rejection led her to become a YouTube
sensation. She said: “I always tell my followers, you know that
if something doesn’t happen in life the way you plan it, sometimes it’s the universe telling
you to go in a different direction. And that led me to YouTube.” She posted her first video on her Xanga blog
in 2006, when she was studying at Ringling college, earning 40,000 views in just one
week. Phan told Cosmopolitan that’s when she realized
she may have a hit on her hands. Multi-talented Phan’s not just into beauty. She shared with the Wall Street Journal that
she plays the piano and trumpet, among other instruments. She also has a passion for art, telling Nylon,
“I could go into my happy place in my head and occupy my thoughts with my passions, like
drawing and creating.” And how else does Phan de-stress? By meditating in a copper pyramid, in her
Los Angeles apartment. She described its purpose, saying, “Scientists
in Russia discovered that whenever they put medicine inside of any pyramidal structure,
it restructures the molecule’s chemicals and increases the potency by 30 percent.” Michelle’s pyramid is certainly working, but
maybe don’t try that pyramid thing at home. Fresh face The makeup guru admitted she typically goes
light on makeup, telling Racked LA, “Most days, I just wear a little concealer and that’s
it. I have nothing to hide. My viewers have seen me without makeup, so
it’s all good.” Surprised? Just get a load of her top beauty tips! According to Phan, the most important beauty
product is water. She told the Wall Street Journal: “The number one is to drink water. Drinking water can flush out all of your toxins,
it can rehydrate your body, taking water is really good for you.” She also recommends sunscreen — not just
for wrinkles and brown spots, but health as well. And last but not least? “Honestly just smile. Because if all else fails, when you smile,
that’s happiness is beauty.” Express yourself Phan doesn’t view makeup as a way to cover-up,
but as a way to bring out your inner beauty. She described the ritual of applying makeup
to The Huffington Post, saying, “You get to have that moment in front the mirror every
morning and give yourself self-love. You’re making yourself beautiful.” She says makeup isn’t a mask but, rather,
“A weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.” Paying it forward Phan describes her makeup subscription company,
Ipsy, as a business designed to “give back to the community and help them reach success.” She added to that potential by launching Ipsy
Open Studios, in Santa Monica — a space for beauty creators to shoot videos using
all of the necessary tools, for free. She said, “Someone who looks similar to you
and likes your specific style wants to learn from you, not from me or anyone else. It’s about making a connection.” She acknowledged that with the internet, there
is “a niche market for everything.” Phan focuses not on competition, but on collaboration,
saying, “It’s such an incredible journey, and I want
to share this to more people, because if I can do it, people can do it too and they can
probably do it better.” Healing her soul Once she hit it big on YouTube, Phan became
a self-professed workaholic. “The taste of success was like a drug. And I couldn’t get enough. I figured, the more productive I am, the more
successful I’ll become” But her perspective quickly changed. “I spent my whole life chasing after success,
only to find myself running away from the very thing that mattered: myself.” Then, her makeup collaboration with L’Oreal
failed. She wrote in Teen Vogue, “When Em Cosmetics flopped, I was trolled
so hard online. I had Reddit forums dedicated to hating on
it.” She then began retreating from her public
life, writing in the mag, quote “I wanted to be forgotten, so I began posting less online.” By December 2015, she was gone from YouTube
and Instagram completely. She later reflected on her decision to take
a break from social media. “My intuition told me it was time to leave. I took refuge in a place where I could find
meaningful time to heal, learn, and grow.” And that she did. Back at it Phan returned to Instagram in December 2016
with posts for her Em Cosmetics line, which she’d brought back from the dead, prompting
fans to wonder where she’d been all that time. In an interview with Racked, Phan admitted, “I’m actually happy Em didn’t do well, because
I’m happy that I own it. It is my makeup brand, it’s not L’Oreal’s
makeup brand. It’s not for me; it’s for my viewers who have
been there since the beginning.” The first products for her new line went on
sale in April of 2017, so here’s hoping for continued success for Phan. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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